LINE or WhatsApp? Why?

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6yr ago
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permalink Which one you prefer LINE or WhatsApp? What's your reason?

6yr ago
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permalink LINE because if you wanna keep update with some of the Japanese artist like Chiba Yudai , Koda Kumi , Kyary Pampyu Pamyu and Orange Range its easy !! And LINE has more fun emoticons and stickers to use since its a Japanese site !! :D

6yr ago
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permalink line of course.. ^^

6yr ago
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permalink because is more simple and fun

6yr ago
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permalink LINE since it is

A ) Free, even after a year (in contrast to WhatsApp).
B ) Doesn't intrude on my contact list.
C ) It's cross-platform compatible. You can download a Windows and MAC installer and write/call from your PC with the same advantages as you have on the phone.

6yr ago
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permalink i haven't heard of line, but i use whatsapp .... and i agree, it does intrude your contact list

6yr ago
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permalink i used both of them.
because my lectures using whatsapp, and most of my friends using line.

5yr ago
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permalink I use both, but I kinda prefer line, because it's much more fun and it has much better emoticons and things like that

5yr ago
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permalink a thousand times LINE, the stickers are the best and and has much more options than whatsapp :| i think e_e

5yr ago
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permalink LINE for the games and messaging my Japanese friends. Whatsapp for my family and other friends.

5yr ago
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permalink I have only used I am somewhat biased. :P

5yr ago
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permalink LINE because Si won endorse it .. :D :P

3yr ago
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permalink I like line becasue I'm used to it and it has cute stickers

3yr ago
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permalink i like to use both, but i would use one more than the other depending on the region i am in, uk seems to favour using whatsapp. Asia seems to favour line/wechat more.

2yr ago
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permalink LINE, because of friends and following the news, Japanese soccer teams, pokemon, and musicians.

2yr ago
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permalink LINE :)

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