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permalink I haven't seen any topic related to LGBT so I decided to make one. :)
So lets make friends! ^^

Introduce yourself with following info:
• gender
• what are you in lgbt, if any?
• do you support lgbt if you're not necessarily a part of it?
• when did you realize you're any of lgbt?
• do your parents know? if yes, do they support you?
• do you have a partner?
If you'd like to make any friends in this topic write some of your interests and contact info. :)

Okay, I'll start.
Hi! I'm Zuko, a transgender lesbian. I'd appreaciate if you refer to me as he/him/his, please. Thank you. :)
I realized it like a year ago or so when I noticed I had no interest in men whatsoever and I fell in love with one of my classmates (girl of course) when I was 13.
My mother knows I'm gay and doesn't really support me, but I'm avoiding to tell my father cause I already know his extremely negative opinion about lgbt community.
I have a girlfriend at the moment and we're happy together.

I'm new here and I want some friends. I'm into j-rock, k-pop and anime/manga. I made this topic to meet new people who understand me and support me since I can't expect that from a random person that finds me and starts talking to me. It doesn't end up well most of the time...
I prefer talking on this site only, so feel free to add me and message me. ^^

Thank you.

4yr ago
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permalink Interesting topic :) you can always check the index or as a forum mod if this topic is ok.

Let's see...

Hello ~ O:) I'm Alice!
I'm female
I dont really fall under any of these. I'm straight but I fully support LGBT. I have an uncle who is gay, I have two friends (boy) who are guy and I have a niece how is gay as well. She recently came out in the open with family and they support her. It's only been I think a year or so... but she hid it for a while. She is a transgender (just like you - has a gf as well).

I can understand your dad's feelings, well maybe not - but its your life and he should support you (along with your mom) It's who you are and there is nothing wrong with that. It just happened and there is no stopping it. If you want to talk - you can message me :D I'm all ears lol.

4yr ago
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permalink I'm gay, male. ^^
I do not support LGBT and I'm against the obscenity propagated by the movement—people bring movements to life and let's just say I am against the street porn—, which does not mean I'm against the organization.

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permalink I'm male, & gay~ :)
I guess I realised when I fell in love with some guy in my class :undecided:
My parents know~ My mother supports me fully & respects the fact that I have no shame in my sexuality, my dad never supported me, but he's no longer part of our family so I don't worry about that
I have a boyfriend, Ayumu~ I love him♥.. :blush:

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permalink I'm Night and I'm a straight male but I totally support LGBT! Especially since my best friend who is like a brother to me is gay so I take it kind of take it personally when people hate on the LGBT community

4yr ago
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permalink Hey, i'm Grace, i'm female and i'm panromantic bisexual (all those labels oops) I've known that i've been bisexual since I was very young, but never really gave it a second thought as it just seemed normal. I live with both of my parents and they both know, my mum's very supportive, my dad doesn't really agree with it but he still tries to support me which is very sweet, although I think they both hope that I stay with a man to avoid hate. At the moment I do have a boyfriend and he means the world to me <33

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permalink Hey~ I'm female & gay~ and also thinking about getting a sex change in the future, but I can't be sure of that yet~
I used to be pansexual, only recently I decided that I'm gay (I prefer to use 'gay' rather than 'lesbian'), it was probably a few weeks ago I thought about getting a sex change.
A few of my friends know, not all of them, but I don't see the need to tell them or hide it from them, so they'll all find out eventually. My parents don't know. I think I could easily come out as gay to them, but not so easily transgender. My parents support LGBT, but I know they'd still judge me if I came out to them, even if they said it's fine.
I don't have a partner, I guess I'm pretty picky & quite confusing :confused:
I think crossdressing girls are cute, & attractive so I'd only really want to date a girl like that, but if I did get a gender change I'd then be attracted to guys :undecided: I guess the girlxboy thing just doesn't appeal to me..

I'm actually quite confused about my gender identity currently, and when making accounts on websites I never know whether to put 'male' or 'female', like on this site, I'm still not sure that "I'm a girl" is quite right :undecided:

Feel free to talk to me whenever.. it's not exactly easy to talk about this sort of thing :undecided:
I really do wish this site had a 3rd gender option though.. :undecided: maybe I'll suggest that >_<

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permalink Too bad this topic isn't more active!

I'm bisexual.. I have a boyfriend. I support peoples' rights to be themselves but I don't go to the parades. I'm a little turned off by the attention-seeking behavior. Basically I think you can support gay pride without having to take all your clothes off.

My family knows, yes, but there was no surprise when I brought a boy home. I never officially 'came out' to anyone.

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permalink I'm not sure if OP is still around, and I don't mean to ask something offensive so I'm sorry if it is, but if you're a transgender man, wouldn't that make you straight instead of a lesbian?

• dfab woman
• bi/pansexual
• at 14-15 or so, kind of self-questioned for a month or two and then just came to the conclusion that i was bi. been debating labeling myself pansexual on and off over the last few years. bi is fine too though, idk.
• yes although i think they STILL think it's a phase sometimes even though i'm 26 lol...
• yes, bi boyfriend of 9 years.

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permalink well generally if a transgender man liked girls he'd be straight :undecided: but it's your own decision what sexuality you identify yourself as, so if he says he's a lesbian than that's fine too~ :)

3yr ago
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permalink It seems it's been a while since the last post, but I hope it's ok for me to still post :^)
• I'm cis female (I think)
• I'm panromantic, and possibly asexual\grey-sexual\demisexual
• Earlier this year, I realized that I could relate to asexuality, though I still don't know for sure if I'm ace or not. Then fast-forward a few months, and I realized I was panromantic as I got a crush on an agender person.
• I haven't told them I'm pan, but I think they know I'm not straight. And I know they will support me, no matter who I like
• Been single 4ever and it's probably going to stay that way

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