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permalink Di ho! hey guys, and to my fellow filipino-chinese. i'm a quarter chinese, not a half. but yet i still know how to speak Chinese Fookien/Hokkien. My gua kong (grandpa in mother's side) is the only chinese in my family, nd he was the one to tell me to speak chinese sometimes, and my mother is the one who taught me to. aha. no more intros let's talk fookien here, and of course let's teach those who wants to learn

* sorry if my Pinyin is incorrect, i will just follow how i speak it and hear it.

it/chit - one
di/nang - two
sa - three
si - four
go - five
lak - six
tsit - seven
pue - eight
kaw - nine
tsup - ten

pa - hundred
chien - thousand

56 - go tsup lak
333 - san pa sa tsup sa
2011 - nang chien tsup it
9999 - kaw chien kaw pa kaw tsup kaw (lol !!)


Sha mi tiam? - What time is it?
5 o'clock - go tiam
7:45 - tsit tiam si tsup go

Tsa dit - tomorrow
Ki na - now
Bi na dit - yesterday

Common Conversation
Di ho bo? - How are you
To sha di - thank you
Tue put tsi - sorry
tse tse - sit down
Huy sin di - please
Ho tsa ki - good morning
Ho am po - good afternoon
Ho a mi - good eve
Gua ai di - i love you
Tsai kien - goodbye

Family Ties
Lao pe - dad
Lao bu - mom
a tsi - sister
a hya - bro
sio ti - lil bro
sio be - lil sis

ang kong - grandpa (father's side)
ah ma - grand ma (father's side)
gua kong - grand pa (mother's side)
gua ma - grand ma (mom's side)

^ i think that's okay :)[edit]Last edit by satosama on Friday 21 Jan, 2011 at 04:02 +25.6%[/edit]

4yr ago
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permalink ahm hi your post is a big help for me but i have a question my dad said grandfather is called yeye, is it still fookien? hope you understand my eng. because I'm a half pilipina and half Chinese and I grew in the philippines thanks hope you understand my nonsense question haha

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permalink yo! le hou bo? xp

8yr ago
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permalink ^ yo ! bo ho T_T haha ! wait a sec, you speak hokkien from what country...
is it malaysian? le ho bo, is the same as di ho bo, kiam si? gua um tsai nia T_T

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permalink hi, can you help me translate some of fookien words? i need to know what is it all about. please. I truly appreciate if you'll reply. thanks

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permalink @jenzon ye ye is not fukien word but it's mandarin.

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