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10yr ago
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permalink Who thinks that Kyo's (Dir en grey) lyrics are too explicit???
Or not explicit enough??
Everyone express you opinions please!

I happen to love his lyrics. They come from the heart and soul of the tormanted little boy that is inside of my favorite singer and writer.

10yr ago
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permalink I love Kyo's lyrics.

They are twited, fucked and brilliantly expressing what he can't say. For sure you'll never know what it means cause he refuses to talk about it, but somehow, it makes it mean what you want it to. Somehow.

Tormented and beautiful, that's Kyo.

10yr ago
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permalink Oh, and lately I have been totally sucked into and attracted to Embryo lyrics.

It's somewhat a sick story, but I love that. Genious.

10yr ago
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permalink Kyo's lyrics are amazing
i love the fact that he's not afraid to hide what he's feeling and whats in his heart at the time :) and he sings the lyrics with such emotion

10yr ago
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Quote by mika
Tormented and beautiful, that's Kyo.

I surely can't put it any better.

I like it when he's expressing explicit ideas without using explicit words in a sense. The imagery is still there, but not every line contains something along the lines of say rape or mutilation. I think those lyrics stay with me longer because he's not immediately revealing his intentions with the song. It builds up and reveals itself. His lyrics as a whole I find to be just right, striking a balance of haunting, but not really offensive.

10yr ago
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permalink i think Kyo make some really amazing lyrics ..
and he puts so many feelings in it .. everytime
i hear Mushi i starts to cry.. that song is just
so so .. woow.. there isn't any word for it :RBcrying:
i just love it alot ! ..
but i also think that there is some of his lyrics
that could be better tho :RBsealed: but i still
love most of them ;) :RBheart:

10yr ago
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permalink I love Kyo's lyrics. They are really deep and it seems that he brings out deep feelings. His lyrics make me want to understand the song. :}

9yr ago
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permalink I love Kyo's lyrics - they're amazing and beautiful in a raw truthful sort of way. I think he leaves it up to the listner to determine the meaning behind them a lot of the time and it takes real talent to be able to get away with doing that. I've heard people say that his lyrics are just pointless and fucked-up ramblings but I don't believe that at all - I don't even think Kyo is as twisted or fucked up as some people claim him to be. I think his lyrics are just out there, open for anyone to decide their meaning.

9yr ago
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permalink His lyrics are storys, so I like them *___*
They are difficult to understand (I think only himself know what they mean)
it's always like a quiz, you can try to find out what he means.
but honestly I think no one really will knows what he wants to sayxD

They're also very poetic and creative *.*
He writes how he feels and makes stories of it: )
I so loovvee this way^O^
But I totally hate it when ppl say they exactly understand what he means and they feel with him>< maybe yes, but I guess no one really can imagine what he's feeling when he write something like this
There are to much signs which can mean so much
He thinks so creative so I love his way to write lyrics :)

9yr ago
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permalink to me all of KYO's lyrics r very beautifully created...even the 1s which cannot be said to be beautiful....wht i mean is all his lyrics speak to me and i can totally feel to the heart...

9yr ago
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permalink Waaa~! I totally love Kyo's lyrics :RBheart: they are totally awesome! I'm really glad that he share hiss feelings with us~ I think his lyrics are some of the better lyrics I've ever read,I have even cried reading them! I think it would be horrible if Kyo stopped writing that kind of songs because that's one of the better thing that exists in thi world :D

9yr ago
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permalink wooaW! I love Kyo's lyrics and himself.I think, he put his pain,love and tears into his lyrics.If you listen his songs, u will se it.He can describes feelings really good.For this reason, his songs will be wonderful

9yr ago
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permalink I totally love Kyo's lyrics (poems too)..... he is so realistic, and I'm realist by myself...... he's such an amazing writer.... one of the best! ^^V

9yr ago
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permalink -sigh- Kyo's lyrics...
There is something that is tried to be understood that can't be.
There is torment, sadness, happiness, sexualness, mixed all together and something... just something that makes you want to try to look away, but you just cant.
Personally, Ain't Afraid To Die makes me cry everytime i listen to it. (i try to avoid it at all costs)
For people like me who don't really care what they are saying, just as long as it sounds good... I am a really hard-core Diru fan, so when it came to actually understanding what the song meant, i really put actual effort in finding translations for them.
Most of his lyrics are messed up to the normal mind.
But are we, his listeners, the ones with normal minds; also?
We enjoy them simply because they can fit into our lives somehow. And if not, you take a look at them and you find a deeper part of his soul which is complex to most people of this world.
I really enjoy the vulgarity in the lyrics, it shows us our true character through him. The swearing, sexualness. It all comes out of us or in our brains one time or another.
His lyrics are truely that of a visual kei (post, in their case) band, but not only that; but of a man that has some of the most deepest feelings about this world we live in or our lives that can't be shown simply.

Simply put,
I <3 Kyo and his wonderful mind.

8yr ago
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permalink i LOVE his lyrics. He's the only person i know who can have lyrics like that and not have them censored. :RBhalo: NOBODY CENSOR MY IDOL! Hehehe.. ^^ i love his twisted/intellegent mind and his amazing/shocking creativity. Mitsu to Tsuba and Agitated Screams of Maggots are good examples, dontcha think? ^^

8yr ago
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permalink Cross - 쿄 (Kyo)

(Now your plays'll finish from here.
No strings attached on me)
Hey KYO! Hey KYO!

벗어 날 수 없을 만큼 더럽혀진 미로 속에
갇혀버린 너와 나는 Round & Round & Round
Babe Can`t Stop. 이젠 더 이상
남아 있는 아픔 따윈 없도록
한 순간의 실수라도 Say Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye.

Bitter taste your lips.
돌릴 순 없어.
Bitter taste your lips.
날 멈출 수 없어.
Now! Break it out!
착각 속을 헤매던 난..

(Hey KYO!)내게 해준 말은 전부 진심이라 믿었어
(Hey KYO!)모둘 속였다고 해도 나에게는 아닐거야
(Hey KYO!)익숙해진 습관 뒤에 숨긴 진실을 볼 수 없던
(너에게) Come to my eyes (말할께) 내게로 와 Cross

Round 2

너에게서 가까워진 거릴 원한 나에게 넌
조금씩 더 멀어져서 그대로 날 떠나갔어.
널널 원할때면 날날 거부하고 널 가지면 난 사라져
(Hey! That's why I made you the end)

Bitter taste your lips.
돌릴 수 없어.
Bitter taste your lips.
날 멈출 수 없어.
Now! Break it out!
착각 속을 헤매던 난..

(Hey KYO!)내게 해준 말은 전부 진심이라 믿었어
(Hey KYO!)모둘 속였다고 해도 나에게는 아닐거야
(Hey KYO!)익숙해진 습관 뒤에 숨긴 진실을 볼 수 없던
(너에게) Come to my eyes (말할께) 내게로 와 Cross

볼 수 없어 네 눈동자 나만을 속인 입술
거짓 속에 맹세하던 네 손의 반지마저
나에게 더 오지 않던 너의 발걸음들도
Now! Break it out!
내 심장을 찢었던 널..

(Hey KYO!)아무 말도 하지 않는 그대 앞에 서 있어.
(Hey KYO!)모둘 속였다고 해도 나에게는 아닐거야.
(Hey KYO!)끝내 믿어서는 안될 너를 믿었던 가장 큰 벌
(Bitter taste your lips) Come to my eyes
(Bitter taste your lips) (내게로 와)
Hey KYO!

(Hey KYO!)내게 해준 말은 전부 진심이라 믿었어
(Hey KYO!)모둘 속였다고 해도 나에게는 아닐거야
(Hey KYO!)익숙해진 습관 뒤에 숨긴 진실을 볼 수 없던
(너에게) Come to my eyes (말할께) 내게로 와 Cross

8yr ago
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permalink i like them as they are

8yr ago
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permalink kyo's lyrics are amazing
graphic violet explicit or whatever they're amazing

8yr ago
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permalink I absolutly LOVE his lyrics. They're beautiful, yet pain-filled poetic stories. I love that he covers so many topics in his songs that others are afraid to talk about. He's a genious. Deffinatly my favorite lyricist and artist of all time, I truely do admire him.

8yr ago
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permalink Kyo's lyrics are extremely deep

He does include vulgar things... but think about how honest he is being, the world is harsh, cold, and a sad/vulgar story; Diru's lyrics roxs, I love em for being untouchable

8yr ago
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permalink i like how hes not afraid of whats on his mind
most people will hold back their feelings in a song so that they are acceptible for the masses. i appriciate that

7yr ago
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permalink They show some very true parts to life that others are afraid to sing about.They may be really explicit but someone has to do it.

7yr ago
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permalink The one posted above is not that explicit though. Well I like it anyways,

7yr ago
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permalink Kyo's lyrics changed a lot of my views on a few things, whether big or small.
I dunno how he comes up with such disgustingly amazing lyrics. I can't even describe his lyrics -_-
He has talent, and he knows the truth is all.
Tsumi to Batsu is so... gross but it has something that I really like about it :|
I love all his lyrics. But some a really weird O_O

7yr ago
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permalink I really love the lyrics!! :)

7yr ago
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permalink Kyo has been my idol for a while now. I love how his voice can change just to fit to a song. All of the lyrics I've read have made me realize how talented that man is and to know that he never went into high school makes me think that he's amazing just the way that he is. <3 I would never change anything about Kyo because if he changed then he may not be the same Kyo that we all know and love.

6yr ago
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permalink Ooh Kyo Kyo Kyo. :D

He's very clever when it's comes lyrics even if some are explicit. He is possibly my favorite [i]both[/i] Singer & lyrics writer right next to Ayumi Hamasaki.

5yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

5yr ago
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permalink After reading a few of Kyo's lyrics, I soon came to realize how sick and twisted the man is, and thus, I love him even more for that! I can appreciate sick and twisted lyrics even more so because I listen to Death Metal; if you can handle Death Metal, then surely you can handle Kyo's lyrics. xD

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