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permalink Dream High 2 (Korean: 드림하이 2) is a South Korean television drama series broadcast by KBS in 2012. It stars Kang Sora, GOT7's JB, 2AM's Jinwoon, T-ara's Jiyeon, SISTAR's Hyolyn, and Park Seo-joon. Like its prequel, it has 16 episodes which ran from January 30, 2012 until 20 March 20 of the same year. Despite of the fact that it is a sequel, Dream High 2 was able to gain viewership rating higher than Dream High.

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permalink This drama I am obsessed with it sooo much!! As you can see with my picture I love JB!! I cant wait for J&J debut to come out!! I actually like DH2 more than DH1 I found some parts just so boring.. lol then again some ppl dont like DH2,yet they like DH1 O:)
oh well their opinions I guess lol either way I love DH2 <3


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permalink Yeah! me too :D :D
Dream high 2 teaches me a lot. It's a really motivational drama. And I love its soundtracks. <3<3<3 Hello to Myself is such a blast. I'm touched :')
Dream high 2 also has a more comedy scenes i think

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permalink Nothing special in terms of acting and storyline (was there even one? ><), the usual school romance thing. There isn't much to write about after watching this type of drama. Even though the first drama had a better plot, I liked this one more, for what it was. Mostly thanks to songs, loved the lyrics, and cast. JB, Jr., Seo Jun, and of course - Jin Woon, oh, he is just too cute for words. I demand another drama with him as a male lead!!!
Female characters on the other hand - meh, Hye Sung was such a pushover, don't like these type of characters. Lian, such a nasty person, wanted to kill her every time she appeared on screen, she was too bad of a person for me to forgive her even after she changed a bit. Nana was the sweetest out of all of them. Ailee was also quite rude.

And maaan, I so loved Hye Sung + JB pairing, why did they have to break up??? And in the end she didn't end up with Yoo Jin either. Ok, they ve separated so that she can study and JB can return to the stage, but in the end he couldn't cause of his leg - why not to get together now??? What the hell?>

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permalink Hmmmm Im watching it now :-)

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permalink i really loved dream high , but trust me the only reason i kept watching dream high 2 was JB and JR <3

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permalink Dream High 2 had it up and down moments. I mostly stayed for Jin Woon's G Minor attitude. He made it enjoyable for me to watch.
I don't know if anybody felt the same way as me but I didn't all couples seem boring. Watching DH2 made me miss Jason and Pil Suk more and more.

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permalink Personally I think I like DH1 better just because I like the storyline better. Not saying I don't like DH2 because I do. The storyline to me seems just more far fetched that company would come in and take over because of some law that went into effect. I loved the English teacher in DH1 and was glad to see he stayed but I wish he has played a bigger part because I always thought he was funny and it seems they toned him down.

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permalink I've watched Dream High.
I learned a lot. Besides the moral value, it made me know how Korean entertainment works at glance.

I want to watch DH2 too...
Is there any BB/GB member there?

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permalink in my opinion the story line a bit lacking compare to dh1

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permalink the first season was better but i like this one too

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permalink I like DH2 more than DH1 which is actually a quite unpopular opinion, hehe :D

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