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permalink Dae Jang Geum (Hangul: 대장금; Hanja: 大長今; RR: Dae Jang-geum; MR: Tae Chang-gǔm; literally The Great Jang Geum, aired in the United States as Jewel in the Palace) is a 2003 TV series produced by South Korean TV channel MBC(Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation).

Loosely based on the historical figure depicted in the Annals of Joseon Dynasty, the show focuses on Jang-geum (played by Lee Young Ae), the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea. The main themes are her perseverance and the portrayal of traditional Korean culture, including Korean royal court cuisine and traditional medicine.

The story is set in Korea during the reigns of King Seongjong, King Yeonsan-gun (1494-1506) and King Jungjong (1506-1544). The story begins with Queen Yun, mother of King Yeonsan-gun (the Crown Prince at the time) being poisoned by a group of imperial guards under the order of the king.

After the incident, an imperial guard, Seo Cheon-Soo, who accompanied the group, suffers an accident on his way home. He is rescued by an enigmatic hermit, who tells him that his life will revolve around three women; one whom he doesn't want to kill but still dies because of him, another woman that he will save the life of but will die because of him, and a third woman who will kill him, but who will be the savior of many lives. It does not become clear until much later that the three women are Lady Yun (Yeonsan-gun's mother), Park Myeong-I (Jang-Geum's mother), and lastly, Jang-Geum herself. Psychological distress from the incident eventually caused him to resign. Palace cook Park, an apprentice at the Royal Kitchen, witnesses a conspiracy against the Queen Mother by Lady Choi. Park Myeong-I is in turn indicted on false charges by the inner circle of senior kitchen staff, and secretly executed by their internal procedures (forced to drink poison). She is first saved by Palace cook Han, her best friend in the palace, who mixes antidote with the poison and slips her a letter, and was later saved inadvertently by the retired Seo. The two married and secretly lived in a remote village as low class people, called cheonmin, raising a very bright young daughter, Seo Jang-Geum.

In the year 1504, King Yeonsan-gun orders a massive investigation into his mother's murder, and eventually finds Seo Cheon-Soo and his family, partly because Jang-Geum blurted out the truth that her parents were not low-class people, that Seo was a military officer of the palace. This leads to the arrest of Seo and the scattering of their family. Jang-Geum and her mother fled, but her mother was fatally wounded by their enemies. Before her death, she tells Jang-Geum her last wish, that she to become the Head Lady of the Royal Kitchen and record the injustice done to her, in the Head Kitchen Ladies' journal or record book. This was fulfilled during the later episodes of the series, wherein Jang-Geum was crying while writing this.

Jang-Geum manages to enter the palace. Through her courage, curiosity, talent, kind-heartedness and determination, she helps Lady Han Baek-Young (her mother's best friend, which she does not discover until much later) to become the Highest Kitchen Lady. She undergoes many ordeals and is shunned because she is smarter than the other apprentices. Jang-Geum continues cooking with the philosophy that the goal of cooking is to bring good health and happiness to the person who eats the food. While on the palace, she befriends a young officer named Min Jung-ho, who is in love with her; they become very good and close friends. A conspiracy headed by Lady Choi and her niece Geum-Yeong (who has an unrequited love with Min Jung-ho), as well as high-rank officials and merchant Pan-sul Choi (Lady Choi's brother) to retain monopoly over Royal Kitchen supplies, results in the exile of Lady Han and Jang-geum to Jeju Island as slaves, on false accusations of treason. On the way to Jeju Island, an exhausted Lady Han dies. Back in the palace, Lady Choi replaces her as the Highest Kitchen Lady (called choigosanggung in Korean).

Min Jung-ho is able to track and locate Jang-Geum on Jeju Island. Initially intending to save her from the exile, she refuses, because such action would ruin Jang-Geum's chance to return to the palace to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy and worthlessly risk Jung-ho's military career. Before leaving, he vows to await for her at the palace, confident in that she will find a way to re-enter the court.

While Jang-Geum is on Jeju Island, she meets Jang-Deok, whom she believed was a fellow slave. She soon discovers that Jang-Deok is a famous medical woman. Jang-Deok's frank and pragmatic nature initially offends her, but she learns that she is dedicated to saving lives. Jang-Geum learns that competent medical women can work in the Palace through a vigorous selection process. She realizes that is the only way she can return to the palace to avenge her mother and Lady Han. Under Jang-Deok, she learns medicine, and her hard work and tenacity makes her a competent medical woman. In her quest to become a medical woman, she must rid herself of the hatred in her heart to truly embrace the virtues of being a medical practitioner. This she does, and after being graduated from the Medicine Academy, re-enters the palace.

Dae Jang Geum
Also known as : Jewel in the Palace
on the AZN Television broadcast
Genre :Historical fiction
Format :Television drama
Created by :Kim Yeong-Hyeon
Starring :
Lee Young Ae
Ji Jin-Hee
Hong Ri-Na
Im Ho
Im Hyeon-Sik
Geum Bo-Ra
Yang Mi Hyeong
Gyeon Mi-Ri
Jo Kyeong-Hwan
Lee Hee-Do
Yeo Un-Gye
Park Yeong-Soo
Park Eun-Hye
Park Jung-Sook
Opening theme :Changryong
Ending theme :Onara
Country of origin :South Korea
Language(s) :Korean
No. of episodes :54


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permalink i watched this drama.. i loved it until the last episode.. :RBhalo:
and Jang Geum was a very tough and brave woman.. ow and diligent too, that's way she deserved the title as the first woman became emperor doctor.. awesome!

they showed many different Korean's dishes.. yum yum! :otsu:[edit]Last edit by pichen on Friday 11 Dec, 2009 at 03:14 +11.7%[/edit]

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Quote by pichen
i watched this drama.. i loved it until the last episode.. :RBhalo:
and Jang Geum was a very tough and brave woman.. ow and diligent too, that's way she deserved the title as the first woman became emperor doctor.. awesome!

they showed many different Korean's dishes.. yum yum! :otsu:

zatsuraito! i stared at those food all the time!!! :RBstickout: :RBstickout:

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permalink My first K-drama ever, I loved every second of it. Jang-Geum was the type of woman I dreamed to be after watching this series.

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permalink one of my favorite k-drama.. it's long, but i get to finish watching it, maybe because it was shown on our local channel. tho im not so sure if i still have the interest to re-watch it again... i will try maybe next time...

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permalink This drama is so popular in Asia

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