Jrock/Vkei ND piercings/tatts?

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5yr ago
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permalink So we know a lot of artists with piercings and tattoos, but who do you find the most attractive one, or don't you find it attractive at all ? lemme know!

For me I really love a lot of piercings! I think Kuina, Meto and Tsuzuku are the most attractive ^^

5yr ago
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permalink I'm not particularly biased when it comes to Jrock/Vkei styles, but I've always found Meto to have the most oddest, intriguing style. He's just gorgeous. :3 that's just naming one. I have quite a few I like. XD

5yr ago
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permalink For me Tsuzuku and Ruki are the best when it comes to piercings and boy modifications - I adore all of Ruki's ear piercings and I adore Tsuzuku's split tongue and tattoos.
I also like Rena from THE BLACK SWAN, the implant in his hand is awesome!

5yr ago
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permalink Tsuzuku is the hottest *^*)9
And Rena is so freaking hot too. I wish I could look like him x'd

5yr ago
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permalink Oh my god, I love this topic so much! :D

For me, I always thought Kuina (Royz), Meto (Mejibray), Hitsugi (Nightmare), Ryo/Kouryu (MBHI), etc. as gorgeous! I always thought a lot of piercings was weird, but for them and many others, damn, they make it look good. <3

5yr ago
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permalink I'm not a fan of tattoos or piercings, aside from ear piercings. I also don't like those piercings that stretch your earlobe. It's like.... why??

5yr ago
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permalink i like kyo (dir en grey) he has amazing tattoos,
shindo wataru (liphlich) has beautiful tattoos too.
and i adore tsuzuku for his split tongue and tattoos,
ahh... i wish i could have tattoos like their.

5yr ago
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permalink I like Kuina's tattoo's and piercings, also Tsuzuku's :D

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