JpopAsia 1 Year!

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1decennia ago
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permalink Today is our first birthday for JpopAsia! :jangel:

Starting in 2006, 16 of December with about 300 unique visitors a day we set the goal for 2007 to have at leat 2,000 visitors a day.

In the beginning of April 2007 we reached an Alexa ranking in the top 100,000 sites of the world.

This year we upgraded from a shared server to a Virtual Private Server. A VPS has a little more capacity since there are running less websites on this server. Since last week we had to upgrade our VPS to a Dedicated Server which means our own computer without having to share it with other users or websites ^^ This is quite expensive though so there goes all our money we earn monthly by running JpopAsia :onetooth: but this is necessary for the increasing traffic :D

Beside the server changes this month we also redesigning the whole video add- and replace section. The replace section is up and running and you can replace a video with only one click! Amazing we think! Please check it out ;)

For the adding videos section we are experiencing a lot of bugs since this is very difficult to program. Also it's a whole new system and not based on the old one so that brings some more bugs with it. But it's almost finished :D

The lay-out of JpopAsia didn't change much in 2007 besides some little graphical improvements. Although in the beginning of 2007 we redesigned the source codes of JpopAsia to make it easier for us to edit. We never get complaints about our designs or navigation structure (we also put a lot of thinking in this) so why change it ^^

But we think the greatest improvement for JpopAsia this year is that we welcomed many great members who share a part of their life with our site, which we think is really wonderfull! We hope we can welcome more great members next year, which we think wouldn't be a problem since we have the greatest members on the web to welcome, chat and help them on the way through JpopAsia!

As said before our aim for 2007 was at least 2,000 unique visitors a day but actually we welcome 6,000 a day now! This is really beyond our expectations and makes us want to improve JpopAsia more! With an Alexa ranking in April of 100,000 we our now ranked as 22,695th website of all websites in the world! :D Unbelievable!

For next year we want to focus more on the community aspect of JpopAsia. We will try to redesign the whole public profile section since we have a lot of great ideas!
In the beginning of 2008 we will start our first JpopAsia Awards where you can vote for your favorite artists, songs, videos, you name it ^^

We hope you enjoyed JpopAsia during 2007 because it was really a great Jpop year! We will review this later on when the end of year is approaching, for now happy holidays and

Merry Christmas!!!

everyone! :otsu:

1decennia ago
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permalink well.... HAppy 1st Birthday to JPA :applause: :king:

wish u all the best.. :wink:

i'm so proud for this site.. in this past 4 months since i joined, JPA has a great improvements.. congratulations!! :applause:

(and.. Merry Christmas too)


1decennia ago
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permalink Sugoi!! Omedetou!! :applause: :rock:

Wishing JPA live long n prosper!! :high5:

May the 'Pop' be with you!! :joops:

Merry Xmas n happy holidays to all jpop, kpop, cpop fans out there :wave: n keep on enjoying this wonderful site :otsu:

1decennia ago
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permalink Happy 1st Birthday JPA and for many more to come!! :high5:

I agree totally about the number of great members that have joined this site this year. To each and all of you please have a safe and Merry Xmas. :otsu:

May JPA be back in 2008 bigger and better!! :rock:

And to you JPA many thanks for bringing us this awesome site and allowing us all to connect in a common interest - JPop, CPop and KPop music. :pray:

Merry Xmas JPA. :wave:

1decennia ago
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permalink Is it true that the site is hosting a NYE party at the top of the Tokyo tower????

(Just kidding. :lol: )

1decennia ago
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permalink Man that's really something..... well happy birthday (2 weeks late though) and happy new year to you all :D
Glad to have found this site and to help it grow even more from now on ;)
Hope bext year will be even greater for the site ^^

1decennia ago
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permalink I'm late but Happy belated Birthday Jpopasia :D

1decennia ago
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permalink who knows you'll probably be higher on the list as u continue to improve the website as we tell people about

1decennia ago
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permalink Yeah! Congrats :applause:

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