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permalink Maybe I am simply dumb and I can't see it...
But.. there isn't a place where I can see the list of the last journals that were written as it was used to be in the community page??

3yr ago
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permalink yeah the JPA site is a little bit different now. No more journals and live feeds sections on the community page.. I think almost old people here don't like the change :(

3yr ago
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permalink Those two features were removed for god knows what reason. Which I think made this site a lot worse. There was always an option to keep your journals just for yourself or for your friends. Why change it like this? It would nice to get some answers from CREW about this

3yr ago
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permalink As far as I'm concerned, I've never been informed about the reason either. I can only guess that it has something to do with our switch to a cloud server. o.O

3yr ago
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permalink In response to Lunatic, the function to only have journals open for friends only never worked - so the removal of the option didn't actually mean the option was removed, just the illusion of it. Besides, the members are solely responsible for what they publish on the internet. If you don't want something for everyone to read about, don't post it but inform your friends via the PM system instead. Chances are your xxxx friends wouldn't have seen the journal entry anyway.

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