[JMovie] 20th Century Boys (Live Action) -Chapter 1 & 2-

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permalink http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_dwvfQBxt9d8/SiLpIEa9DmI/AAAAAAAABVI/MNrBi4eVYVg/s400/20th_century_boys_poster.jpg
it's an interesting movie

please watch if possible and comment here :)

Based on the hugely successful, award winning manga series created by Naoki Urasawa (Yawara; Monster), 20TH CENTURY BOYS is the first instalment of the mind-blowing, three-part live-action adaptation of the epic sci-fi fantasy adventure originally inspired by the T. Rex song 20th Century Boy

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permalink ah! cliffhanger endings! they really do keep you on the edge of your seat in these film adaptations of the manga. i think the cast is great. the adult really do look like their child counterparts. it's AMAZING. O_O

there are so many characters, that i recommend watching each movie more than one time, just in case you missed some details the first time around. it helped me out tremendously.

i dont want to talk too much about the film as i dont want to reveal too much of the plot and potentially spoil it for someone. but YES! great movies! can't wait to see Chapter 3!

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permalink i relly enjoyed this movie!
that's cool!

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permalink i have all 3 :D all brought from an anime expo over here :D

one of the best story lines ever :cool:

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permalink I rented the movie not quite seen. Only to Nightmare came because I had to laugh so I could not continue watching xDD But is a good movie

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*calms down*

Ahem, well yes, I really love 20th Century Boys! It was so gripping, but funny and a little sad. The movie even grabbed the attention of my mum! I loved seeing Nightmare in it, and I couldn't help but scream xD I love the transvestites, but it was so sad when 'Sophie' died ;-; I relate so much to Kenji its not even funny, and for the fact that he thought that dying at 27 was the perfect age got me. Omg oh and OTCHO looked more badass in every movie! He really did look like a samurai xD My mum thought he was hot lmao. The connections to all the characters were really complex, and at times a little hard to keep up with. OH AND I really love the song Kenji sings, "Goo ta la la so la la la" (its called Bob Lennon, actually) and omg, I love this movie a lot. One of my favourites.

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