jdrama's that inspired you

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6yr ago
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permalink ouran high school host club(live action)

6yr ago
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permalink If this topic is to remain open I expect to see people saying why it inspired them. If not, it will be locked.

6yr ago
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permalink Bloody Monday 1 & 2 coz this movie inspires all youths. youth can share success in the society.

5yr ago
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permalink Shibatora because it's an eye opener for those cops who were irresponsible and take advantage of their position.
Gokusen because Yankumi is a perfect character whom teachers should look up to :)

5yr ago
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permalink one liter of tears bcoz i's teach me to appreciate how i am n my life

5yr ago
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permalink Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo because even though Kotoko isn't really smart she works really hard also Kin chan too

5yr ago
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permalink Last Friends - all people hide some dark secrets, but strong friendship can endure anything. Not your typical happy-go-lucky drama, dark secrets, suicide and homosexuality are some of the covered topics.

5yr ago
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permalink every drama i see inspires me in a different way

4yr ago
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permalink hotaru no hikari
because it shows that no matter what kind of person you are, it's possible to change for the better and to find someone who truly understands and cares for you, you just have to see it

4yr ago
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permalink Gokusen it shows that teachers do care for their students and are interested in their lives

3yr ago
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permalink Koinaka
bc it shows that miracles in love and life are possible
and not to give up on your feelings for someone

3yr ago
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permalink I only watched two J-dramas, the first was Hana Kimi which let's say I couldn't even finish but 1 Litre of tears made me literally cry 1 litre of tears, especially the very last episode. That drama is a masterpiece.

3yr ago
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permalink Gokusen, Hana Yori Dango, Binbo Danshi, Rookies, One Litre of Tears, Bambino, Smile, a lot of Jdramas actually are really inspiring..

3yr ago
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permalink many dramas! Biri gal is a good one!

3yr ago
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permalink Gokusen - even though you're on a bad road someone is willing to reach a hand to guide you and to open your heart.

Itazura na Kiss ~in tokyo~ - not all all people are smart but if you will give your best at all times you can reach for your dream

... i think all dramas teach us something ^^v ~~

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