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9yr ago
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permalink The Rule : Say it as fast as you could.

1. Buta wa buta no uta o utau.

[i]The pig sings the pig's song.[/i]

2. Niwa no niwa ni wa, niwa no niwatori wa niwaka ni wani o tabeta.

[i]In (Mr) Niwa's garden, two chickens suddenly ate a crocodile.[/i]

3. Bozu ga byobu ni jozu ni bozu no e o kaita.

[i]The monk drew a good picture of another monk on the folding screen.[/i]

4. Hyoko pyoko pyoko mi pyoko pyoko awasete pyoko pyoko mu pyoko pyoko.

[i]Take two sets of three chicken cakcles add them together and they make six chicken.[/i]

5. Kono take o kono takegaki ni tatekaketa no wa, take o tatekaketakattakara tatekaketa no desu.

[i]The reason I have leaned this bamboo against this bamboo fence is that I just wanted to lean a bamboo against it.[/i]

6. Kono ko ni tokonatsu no kokonatsu kokonotsu, ano ko nimo tokonatsu no kokonatsu kokonotsu.

[i]I give nine coconuts from a tropical island to this child, and I give nine coconuts from tropical island to tjat child too.[/i]

7. Torawo torunara torawo toru yori toriwo tore, toriwa otorini torawo tore.

[i]Instead of catching the tiger, catch a bird, and use the bird as a bait to catch the tiger.[/i]

8. Oyagame no ue ni kogame, kogame no ue ni magogame.

[i]Nine ever-lasting summer coconuts for this child, nine ever-lasting summer coconuts for that child, too.[/i]

9. Kono kugi wa hiki nuki nikui kugi da.

[i]The nail is hard to pull out.[/i]

10. Tokyo tokkyo kyoka-kyoku kyou kyuukyo kyoka kyakka.

[i]The tokyo patent office hurriedly rejected the permission today. [/i]

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permalink A few of them are simple for me -_- haha

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9yr ago
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permalink nice post.. :)

9yr ago
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permalink wow i'm all tongue tied :D i can only say couple of them

9yr ago
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permalink Haha, failed in all of them miserably.

9yr ago
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permalink I can say js a few of them !!! =)

9yr ago
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permalink :RBheart: this is fun~

9yr ago
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permalink nice.. :D

9yr ago
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permalink wow,that's good!!! those sentences r funny,make me remember a twister tongue sentence from my languange:
Ku kikis kikis kuku kaki kakak kakekku Karena Kata kakak kakekku,kuku kaki kakak kakekku kaku kaku
(i cut my grandfather's bro's feet nail coz he said his feet nail is so stiff :RBsarcastic: )

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permalink Haha those are awesome! :) I could only say the first one. :D

9yr ago
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permalink wow even after studying Japanese for 3 years I still got tongue twisted :D

9yr ago
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permalink at the begining sound simple but at the end it's geeting more hard to say :RBconfused: :RBconfused: btw suddenly i remember about junsu's oyaji gag :D :D :D :D share more :otsu:

9yr ago
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permalink the first 3 are easy but the rest are a bit hard :otsu:

9yr ago
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permalink the last one a bit hard XD

9yr ago
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permalink I can say them all fast! :D I've always been good at that stuff. :RBstickout:

9yr ago
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permalink Hahaha it reminds me alot junsu's oyagi gag lol im not sure if im saying them right but i think i can say some of them :RBstickout:

9yr ago
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permalink HAHA! This is fun.
Some are hard and some are simple. >.>

and at #4. I saw yumehito did it in a comment. lol :)[edit]Last edit by Hollyx on Monday 01 Mar, 2010 at 14:33 +49.2%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink the fist one is funny

9yr ago
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permalink wow this is awesome!

9yr ago
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permalink ^^ :D :D :D :D :D :D :high5: :high5: nice...

9yr ago
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permalink Yeah!! I've also found some.

Kamoshika mo shika mo shika da ga, tashika ashika wa shika de wa nai.
The Japanese serow (a kind of antelope) and the sika deer are both deer, but certainly the sea lion is not a deer.

Shinkansen shurushuru shurushuru, senro ni sotte hashiru.
The bullet train goes along the tracks saying "shurushuru" (onomatopoeia).

Koshou shoushou, shio shoushou, shouyu shoushou.
A little bit of pepper, salt, and soy sauce

migi me migi mimi, migi mimi migi me
right eye right ear, right ear right eye

9yr ago
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permalink [size=9]omg japanese tongue twisters are WAY better than english lol :D its more fun :)[/size]

9yr ago
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permalink >nice post!!!

>haha. :RBhalo:

>i enjoy reading it... :RBangry:


8yr ago
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permalink the last ones were confusing,A LOT!!!!!!!

8yr ago
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permalink Whoa. Tongue twister no. 5 really tied my tongue! :RBstickout:

8yr ago
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permalink WOW!*o* That's amazing!XD I LOVE IT!~♥♥♥~
It'll take some time for me to say them, though...u_u But I'll take it as practice to be able to speak Nihonggo better!n_n Arigatou!

8yr ago
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permalink GOSHH..!! This is FUN..!! He he.. :D :D :D

I really like no. 7: Torawo torunara torawo toru yori toriwo tore, toriwa otorini torawo tore.. :laughing:

No. 10: Tokyo tokkyo kyoka-kyoku kyou kyuukyo kyoka kyakka.. sound yakuzaish to me.. ^^ ^^

No 4: Hyoko pyoko pyoko mi pyoko pyoko awasete pyoko pyoko mu pyoko pyoko and the new posted one: migi me migi mimi, migi mimi migi me, reminds me of one part (the ending..) in My Tutor Friend II. He he.. :)

Oo, I also like koshou shoushou, shio shoushou, shouyu shoushou.. :D :D :D

Hope to see some more. He he he.. :) :D :)

8yr ago
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permalink haha...That was fun to read... I think I got the first two right... the other ones twisted my tongue so nothing came out right :RBcrying: oh well... gotta keep practicing :giggle:

8yr ago
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permalink I showed it to my younger siblings, they just LOVE it. Hehe.. :) :D :) [edit]Last edit by harensama89 on Tuesday 24 Aug, 2010 at 13:03 -4.7%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink i love the first three~ it's easier... hehe... but i love the:

Shinkansen shurushuru shurushuru, senro ni sotte hashiru

love that~ hehe... i might memorize it t0o~ :D

8yr ago
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permalink it's really tongue tying![edit]Last edit by Ryan85 on Sunday 29 Aug, 2010 at 10:06 +3.2%[/edit][edit]Last edit by Ryan85 on Sunday 29 Aug, 2010 at 09:33 -47%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink weeeeeeeeeh.... this so nice.... i am not really speaking Japanese.. but this twisters are so cool!!!!!!! :)

8yr ago
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permalink Wow! So fun to say! Nice pratice for when you actually have to say this stuff

8yr ago
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permalink nama mugi
nama gome
nama tamago


Raw wheat
Raw rice
Raw egg.

8yr ago
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permalink Niwa-san no niwa ni wa niwa niwatori wa niwakani wani o tabeta.

It reads "Two chickens in Mr. Niwa's garden suddenly ate an alligator". In the romaji above I've made pipelinks to the English translations.
* 東京特許許可局
(tokyo tokkyo kyoka kyoku)
Tokyo patent permit office.

* バス、ガス爆発
(basu, gasu bakuhatsu)
Bus, gas explosion.

* カタカタ肩叩く肩叩き機
(kata kata kata tataku katatatakiki)
The shoulder massaging machine that goes "kata kata".

* この竹垣に 竹たてかけたのは 竹たてかけたかったから 竹たてかけた
(kono takegaki ni take tatekaketa nowa take tatekaketakattakara take tatekaketa)
The reason for placing bamboos in this storage made of bamboos is because I wanted to place bamboos, so I placed bamboos.

* 隣の客はよく柿食う客だ
(tonari no kyaku wa yoku kaki kuu kyaku da)
The neighboring guest eats a lot of kaki persimmons.

* ブタがブタをぶったのでぶたれたブタがぶったブタをぶったブタ!!
(buta ga buta o butta node butareta buta ga butta buta o buttabuta)
Since a pig beat another pig, the beaten pig beat the beater pig. Oink!

* お綾や母親にお誤り
(oaya ya haha oya ni oayamari)
Aya, say sorry to your mother.

* 赤パジャマ青パジャマ黄パジャマ
(aka pajama ao pajama ki pajama)
red pajamas, blue pajamas, yellow pajamas.

* 李も桃も桃のうち
(sumomo mo momo mo momo no uchi)
Plums and peaches are of the same family.

8yr ago
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permalink I can practice speech with this. hahaha :D
thanks :)

8yr ago
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permalink I like these a lot! Most of them were hard for me, because I read them too fast, and because of that, I become almost dyslexic.

8yr ago
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permalink lOL That was really fun :totallylove:

8yr ago
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permalink that was soooo fun :D:D

8yr ago
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permalink kinda fun.

8yr ago
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permalink O.O OMG I just died from trying to say these xD

8yr ago
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permalink Those are so funny!! :D

8yr ago
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permalink I didnt try to say them fast at all<--being totally honest! But they're fun to say, I wanna challenge myself after I attempt to teach myself japanese for free and easily over the internet :D

8yr ago
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Quote by anisahuri

4. Hyoko pyoko pyoko mi pyoko pyoko awasete pyoko pyoko mu pyoko pyoko.

[i]Take two sets of three chicken cakcles add them together and they make six chicken.[/i]

That is like the most fun thing to say EVER. I'm going to say it everyday now.

8yr ago
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permalink I will have to practice saying them slowly before i can say them fast :RBohNo:

8yr ago
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permalink Haha, that was amazing. I just got pwnd to hysteria by a post~
It's a bit awkward for me (admitting it) and my Kansai-ben, but I survived!! Because I speak TWO *peace sign* dialects! XP

8yr ago
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permalink i love the pyoko pyoko part!!! haha

8yr ago
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permalink this is so much fun :)

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