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7yr ago
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permalink Do you ever show your friends your favorite japanese actor or singer, and they say that they look like a girl?

6yr ago
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permalink my favorite actor in japanese is Seto Koji

my friend once told me he was like a girl, because he's cute... <3

5yr ago
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permalink My favorite Japanese actor is Takeshi Kaneshiro, but no one said that he looks like a girl.

3yr ago
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permalink yes, sometimes they say Matsumoto Jun looks like a girl, specially in his younger years... and also Koji Seto, Yamada Ryosuke and Hideaki Takizawa..

3yr ago
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permalink My favourite actors are Miura Haruma and Yamazaki Kento ^^
But i am starting to like Yamada Ryosuke these days

3yr ago
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permalink yeah some people tell me yamada ryosuke is very feminine but well its just because he's so beautiful

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