Japanese Pen Pal?

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3yr ago
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permalink Hey there. I'm currently a rookie in Japanese and I would love to make some friends who either are from Japan or are part Japanese. I've been interested in the Japanese culture for the past 10 years and I'd really love to talk your language. Here is what you need to know about me to start of with:

Name: Nichola
Age: 20
Birthday: June 11th
Gender: Female
Country: England
Language: English
Want to Learn: Japanese (so badly... <3)
Contact: I can Skype you or we can email. It's up to you. Whichever is easier for you.

NOTE: I would prefer someone to talk to who is close to my age. I'd feel more comfortable talking to people online who are 16+. It doesn't matter if your boy or girl.

Thanks to anyone who replies back!!! <3

3yr ago
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permalink hey honey? I know a good website that you can find japanese penpals at. I found mine there ^-^ And I am happily able to send them gifts and letters~ if you want to know the site, just ask! and ots free to use, you just need an email address. o-o

3yr ago
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permalink I want Japanese panpals too.

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