japanese comic artists!!!

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7yr ago
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permalink So I really like Rumiko Takahashi because of Inuyasha and her art work is just great!!!!!! I love her alot also because her birthday is October the 10th and mine is the 7th!! :D

7yr ago
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permalink Would you be speaking about mangaka? :P
But that's so cool! To have your birthday so close to your favourite mangaka's (>w<) Doesn't someone who has a birthday close to yours just sort of stick out? xD
I've only watched Inuyasha but I haven't read the manga.

7yr ago
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permalink Aoyama Gosho and Tamura Ryuuhei

7yr ago
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permalink Shiumi Saki and Yagami Chitose

7yr ago
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permalink Aoyama Gosho (wonder how Detective Conan will end), Rumiko Takahashi (love Inuyasha) and Ito Junji for his great horror masterpiece.

6yr ago
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permalink Man, if you're gonna mention magaka, I'll list all my favorite Yaoi artist.
Their drawings are pretty good.

But let's get serious.
I have many artist that have done beautiful artwork.
- Usamaru Furuya (ALL TIME FAVORITE)
- Ayumi Kasai
- Asano Inio
- IGARASHI Daisuke
- Urushibara Yuki (BEAUTIFUL!!)

6yr ago
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permalink ^ Ohh~ All those mangaka's work are amazing~

Hmm, I'd say Amemiya Yuki. I love her 07 Ghost series. :)
Also Yakou Hana. I like her/his manga Malicious Code, sadly I don't think she/he's going to finish it. :(

4yr ago
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permalink Hiro Fujiwara and Kazumi yumoto

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