Japanese artists that are similar to american artist

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permalink This is a forum where everyone can discuss and debate who or what artists sound similar or look similar around the world. I made this forum so I could find english music that would be similar to my favourite japanese music.:)

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permalink The closest thing I can find in english music that reminds me of J-Pop is Katy Perry, julijuli146. She's smart, not afraid to take chances, and the chances she takes aren't sleazy. She's having fun doing her music, and that's the quality I like about J-Pop in general.

So now that I've said that, I have to mention that I don't listen to Katy Perry very much, and I don't have any of her albums. Mostly because, even with her coming so close to being similar... it ain't J-Pop... and nothing else really is. That's what I love about it. ^^

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permalink Club S 7 - I've never had a dream come true
Stereopony - Tsukiakari no Michisurube

Music very similar when lyrics are "I've never had a dream come true, until the day that I met you."


"tsukiakari no michisurube"

So similar that I can't help thinking Stereopony's song writer must have had this song his the back of his/her mind when writing it whether consciously or not. Hopefully that's not the case and not lawsuit results. I hate lawsuits.

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permalink Even though this is slightly not relevant to this forum I found it quite amazing.

YUKI's song cosmic box in the intro and Moumoon's Moonlight in the chorus have a similar melody. I was surprised ^^

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permalink Olivia (who was the singing voice of Reira in the NANA anime) reminds me of Amy Lee from Evanescence.

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permalink I agree with this! They both have a hauntingly beautiful voice and a romantic rocker flair.

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permalink ellegarden is similar to blink 182 and other 90's punk

3yr ago
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permalink Matsushita Yuya perhaps..maybe because his music and dance influenced by Kanye West, Mj, and american genre.

6mo ago
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permalink would probably say Young Juju

3mo ago
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permalink MiChi. She's from the Us and moved to Japan. MiChi sings in both Japanese and English. She's got a great rock style.

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