Is there a PROBLEM with GAY or BISEXUALS??

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7yr ago
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permalink really, there is no problem with them, i dont see why people are all fussy about it, i mean come on guys GET A GRIP ON LIFE AND GROW UP!!! :3
Like.. full on im straight<<< its like im fighting with myself>>>>>

anyways~~ Being able to admit your a gay or bi is like.. WOW!!! these people are very confident and people should like them!! i dont feel awkward around them.. unless they touch me inappropriately.. and then its like.. -please~ dont touch me there, i dont like it- you know what i mean??

Tell me your opinion on bisexual, gay and lesbians~ i would like to know
-does aegyo- :3

7yr ago
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permalink In my country those kind of relationship is deemed as taboo.

I, by myself, am not uncomfortable around them. Though it's less amenable, but it's still okay for me. Yes, I don't feel awkward around them. :)

The main problem, as always, is custom.
When you live in a country with strong religion influence on custom like mine, you'll find that it's not the people didn't want to grow up and tolerate, but the custom grip is too strong. Furthermore it's going really dangerous when you face an anarchist-radical religion group here which don't know how to tolerating.

7yr ago
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permalink i dont see an issue with ppl who are gay or bi, they r just ppl searching for love and it just happens to be with some one in the same gender. it doesnt matter. i dont understand y ppl r so against it.

in my country, we have many races and people, and we can accept them, and yet most of us cant accept ppl who r gay or bi. siriusly, racism has stopped, but they still discriminate... i hate it and think that they should have the same rights as everyone else

7yr ago
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permalink no......ppl hav the right to love whoever they want, it doesn't regards other ppl. gender is not a problem if the couple is happy..

7yr ago
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permalink I see no problem with gay or bisexual people whatsoever. It seriously angers me that people make lewd comments about it and that the social construct often belittles and ostracise those who do not fit in with the norm. A person isn't determined by their sexual orientation at all!

Those who make fun of gay people are just immature. Expressing any feeling of discontent towards gay or bisexual people is homophobia and honestly speaking, homophobia has no place in this world and that the world would be a much better place without homophobics and that includes using the word 'gay' as a negative connotation

It is rather unfortunate and sad that people nowadays still think that gay and bisexual people are a joke that people can point and laugh at. They are human and they have feelings. They are not much different from straight people and it is good to know them better.

7yr ago
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permalink I see no problem with being homosexual or bisexual. I never feel uncomfortable around them, unless they hit on me or something. My boyfriends sister is bi and we get along great. I used to converse with a gay guy during gym and get advice from him.
I don't really understand why it should be a big deal. Love is love, and it shouldn't matter who you love. I feel like sometimes people just want something to complain about or people to hate. I can kinda understand how some people dislike it, since they were raised to believe in certain things. But I don't think its right to be so hateful towards them at all. We are all equal in my opinion.

7yr ago
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permalink the best comment i have heard yet :)

thats all true though... hate it when seeing bisexual or gay getting bullied..

7yr ago
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permalink I really dont get the big deal either my bestfriend is gay and it hasnt affected anything

7yr ago
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permalink I don't have a problem with it. Probably about half my friends can identify with gay, lesbian, or bisexual. I think that those people how have the people with it are either too steeped in their religious views to see straight (ha) or they are too unsure of themselves and can't stand those that are "different".

But in my mind, how different are we as people when science says we came from animals millions of years ago. And about 10 or so percent of animals if they could, would say they viewed themselves as gay or bisexual... so really, you tell me... how is the human population being gay or bisexual really all that bad... think of it as a built in population control. And I don't mean that in a bad or mean way. I mean that it is less likely that they will have biological children.

6yr ago
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permalink no problem.. every one has the right to fall in love~

6yr ago
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permalink I totally agree.

6yr ago
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permalink by the way I have a lesbian friend. we know each other since 12 yrs old and both of us are 38 this year! 26 yrs of friendship~

6yr ago
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permalink That is far of being a problem. The true problem is the people who discriminate them. I hate when I realize that is happening. Most of times they are great people who I identify myself with, and have got amazing virtues.

6yr ago
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permalink "Sometimes, boys like boys, and girls like girls. Now shut the hell up."

Anyways, I do not think there is anything wrong with being lesbian, gay, or bisexual.
I am actually pretty open-minded about a lot of things. Truth be told, I am bisexual and proud.

6yr ago
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permalink no problem here. i have friends who are bi and gay.

6yr ago
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permalink I have no problem with any of it... You are who you are ...
I have plenty of friends with everyone who wants to be my friend they don't care that I am straight....

6yr ago
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permalink Well I don't have a problem since I'm bi myself and got a girlfriend at the moment but I never say no to have fun with guys. If someone has a problem, hey they have the right, My best friend is gay and been with his partner since he was 15, Hes 30 now. 15 years, can a lot of straight married people say that?

6yr ago
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permalink I don't understand why people do make a difference.
People shouldn't be judged because of their sexuality (as long as it's not criminal xD).
Gay people are just normal people like everyone else!
Bisexual people are just normal people like everyone else!
Straight people are just normal people like everyone else!
We are all human.
I am a bisexual myself and I don't give a fuck whether someone is gay, bi or straight.
As long as you're nice to me, I'm nice to you.

6yr ago
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permalink Lets learn to respect our difference. No matter what your customs or religion taught you, remember this: "if there are words that is factual, true and yet not beneficial, not endearing and not agreeable, do not say them. Should it be true, factual, beneficial but not agreeable and not endearing, find the right time to say it." As far as i'm concerned, free speech is not the same as free insult. And honestly, those who don't agree to a condition but aims to change such conditions by mere words are completely ignorant, oblivious and self-righteous. Action influence others more than a crap package of speech, insult and debate.

6yr ago
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permalink They're's no problem at all with being gay or bisexual!! They're just like everyone else they just perfer the same gender. :) I'm not uncomfortable around them at all! I don't understand how some people don't like another person just beacuse they're gay or bisexual!! It doen't change anything about them. >.<

6yr ago
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permalink there is absolutely nothing wrong with gays or bisexuals! at all!
i find gay boys to actually be highly attractive same for bisexual boys.

:) although girls, are abit different because its my gender :L still nothing wrong with it. you like who you like, its you and nobody can change you, be yourself and you'll be fine!
but im happy with boys liking other boys :D

6yr ago
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permalink Absolutely not ... We are who we are...

6yr ago
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permalink The problem w/ non-heterosexuals is that a lot of religious books - which a lot of people do take very seriously unfortunately - are highly prejudiced against them. There may be some aspect of culture that are against them as well.

But culture and religion are really the stupidest reasons why people hate each other - yet people have been murdering others over the centuries because of it.

6yr ago
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permalink I'm cool with gays and bisexuals,its there life and their choice like leave them alone,i myself am bi,and i don't care what others say so yeah,people need to learn to accept others for what they are and get over it :)

6yr ago
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permalink love knows no bounds

6yr ago
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permalink I don't care. It doesn't bother me.

6yr ago
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permalink While I'm fine with gays and bisexuals, I think some people are uncomfortable with what they do sexually and want to keep with the "tradition" of families having a mom and dad. For some reason, they think kids who have two moms or two dads will end up being freaks or be gay/bi themselves, which I think is a ridiculous notion.

If two people of the same sex love and care for each other, how is that any different than the love between a man and a woman?

I just think everybody deserves to be happy and it's not our place to judge other people.

6yr ago
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permalink I don't see any problem with it. I mean just because a person is bi or gay, doesn't mean they actually like you. And if they did, so what? Just tell them that you aren't interested. One of my closest friends is a lesbian and when I found out you don't see me running away.

6yr ago
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permalink no there is not, i mean you cant change them so leave them and stop judging

6yr ago
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permalink I don't really have problems with them.

6yr ago
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permalink nope. being a gay is pretty normal..

6yr ago
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permalink i don't mind but i afraid if one day one of them cried.., :( :( :p :p

6yr ago
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permalink noo!!! no problem at all!! haha bi's are lucky no matter what dorm u place them in they will be happy!! haha usually they say NO boys and girls together!! but haha try doing that with a bi... not so easy....

6yr ago
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permalink No, unless your boyfriend/husband suddenly turns gay (or girlfriend- a lesbian). Then you wouldn't be saying that would you?

I generally don't have a problem with gays and lesbians/bi except the gay pride thing. I hate people rubbing it in your face, gays or straights.

4yr ago
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permalink Seriously!
I heard of a guy who cheated on his wife with his wifes brother.
I wouldn't feel comfortable marrying someone who is Bi, because you'd have to worry about them cheating with a guy or girl (o.o)

6yr ago
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permalink No problem...I accept just the way they are!

6yr ago
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permalink First off, I'm Christian. Yes I know what your thinking:
"All Christians are hypocritical." No, absolutely not. I know it's not apart of my faith, and it is a sin. I still love all who are gay/bi/transgender....... Matter of fact, I have a lot of gay and bi friends. I love them all.

4yr ago
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permalink I am Christian as well, and I agree with you 100%!

6yr ago
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permalink Lol..we are all humans...i REALLY don't care who is dating a boy or a girl, or both. I am bisexual -.- i or two times i had a crush on some girls, and I was in a relationship with one of the *NOT a sexual relationship,lool* yeah xD. but nevermind... I hate rasist people. I HATE them ! I think some really needs to look at themselves. It's not anyones problem others sexual orientation! And actually, I love gays xD. I always thougth they are so cute, and hot when they kiss each other! >//////< . So the boin is..nobody should hate a human, only because he/she's different!

6yr ago
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permalink No problem with it at all... Being gay or bisexual isn't anything strange and I don't really understand the problems some other people have with it...

6yr ago
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permalink no, not at all
humans are humans right?
we have to be treated equally

6yr ago
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permalink I've just started accepting myself as a lesbian and i think it's a shame that (in my country at least) that no one educates you about there being nothing wrong with being gay/bi. I had to find out myself :( (through glee)
pretty much everywhere i've been around as i grew kept implying that it should always be girls and boys together only. e.g. movies, love songs, religion, sex ed. No one told me its ok which is really pathetic in our society i think. Not only that, when i hear people saying "that's gay" or actually being offended by being called gay it makes me upset to hear. especially hearing it from my friends who i've hesitated so much to come out to and still yet to do so.
I sometimes think that i'm being a bit dramatic and that i should just not hide it any more without telling them. and it's not only that, pretty much everyone i meet assumes that i'm straight. I want to live in a world where we're all equal. It should be rude to assume that EVERYONE is straight rather than the other way round. (Not that there's anything wrong with being straight, it just makes it awkward when people assume that i am.)

6yr ago
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permalink I don't have a problem with it at all. I support them. Love is love right? In my city, many are open and welcoming about it but not so much at school and certain people make jokes about it. :( But other than that, people are nice about it.

6yr ago
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permalink Of course not! My brother is bi! Gay people are one of the most nicest and accepting people. Love is love anyone has the right to love anyone or anything

6yr ago
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permalink Of course, not! I have lots of gay friends and I love them all :)

6yr ago
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permalink no. my uncle is gay and my friend is bi. I don't mind except I just don't want to be one. Being friends with them won't make you bi or gay though. So im straight. :)

6yr ago
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permalink no problem with them. i really don't care.

6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink I think people should stop caring about who sleeps with who! If people respected and loved each other instead of hating someone for whom they love or share bed with, this earth should be a better place for everyone!

6yr ago
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permalink there's no problem on it as long as that gay/bisexual concerned knows how to control him/herself in public ^^

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