Is it Love or Obsession?

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7yr ago
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7yr ago
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permalink lol idk how to start... but agree to that statement of urs... love is not an obsession, but it can turn to be one if ones don't know how to control themselves...

7yr ago
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permalink Love ... I don't know what is that thing called really is. All I know is "Love is just to Love", but I am sure that's not obsession. :)

7yr ago
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permalink I just love how you used Playful Kiss as the display picture for this topic. That drama displayed the confession very well even though she was obsess over him at one point then grew a bit as the story went one. But I totally agree with about the different between them.

7yr ago
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permalink These words are true :D

7yr ago
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permalink how about if you're obsessed with love? :D

6yr ago
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permalink If you are talking like that it is probably not healthy and someone is going to end up chained in a basement somewhere

6yr ago
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permalink obsession is a feeling i get when i like the little things. when you are in love, it's not obsession. it's a feeling that you long for when you finally with the person you're in love with.

6yr ago
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permalink I'm not sure if it's obsession, but I love this one guy very much^^ And sometimes stalk him~~ Jk..

6yr ago
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I'm not really good at this thing called 'love'

Just wanted to add, [i]Is it Love or Lust?[/i]

6yr ago
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permalink that's somewhat a bit close too..lust is lighter than obsession ^^

6yr ago
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permalink it's very dangerous when that love becomes obsessed...better cure that before it explodes :)

6yr ago
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permalink That is very, very true!
If it's an obsession then it could become dangerous...

6yr ago
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permalink Hmm.. I do agree abit with stefy.. :) obsession is just so dangerous, I mean mostly is always one-sided.. :x

6yr ago
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permalink hmm... idk about this stuff but love can be obsession :) :)

6yr ago
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permalink maybe both, who knows?

5yr ago
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permalink There is definitely a fine line between love and obsession. You can love someone and then become obsessed... But I think once you are obsessed it is not really love anymore..Meh. Mind blown. BOOM.

3yr ago
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permalink If it passes the initial stages then it should not be an obsession

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