I'm new to JpopAsia and need some help

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3yr ago
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permalink So I'm brand new to how this all works. I have some questions. Excuse me if I do sound dumb, I'm better at understanding somethings when it is explained at times.
1. When you become a true, do you have to constantly keep paying "jpops" for being a true fan?
2. How can you make a news article about something that relates to your favorite band?
3. When you bookmark a band, is there any way you can make it so you DON'T get e-mails about them, but only notifications on here?
4. How do you add videos to a band's album?
5. How do you add the artwork picture to it?
6. How can you edit their bio page?
I would love it if someone answered my questions. Thank You in advance!

3yr ago
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permalink you can ask the crews:
miki, elenko, weeblikespie

3yr ago
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permalink 1. No. You do not have to continue paying jpops to stay a true fan. If you however wish to remove true fan from the artist, you are able to do so, but do note you would not get any jpops back.

2. Only the news crews are able to make news article. If you however wish to have any news picked up by JPA, you can use the tip us which is found on the bottom of the page.

3. It is not possible to do so.

4. You need a minimum amount of 500 jpops before you are able to add anything to the site. Afterwards, you can click on the song title and a window would pop out, just add the information accordingly. If the song already has lyrics added, you would be redirected to another link, from there click add video and add the information accordingly.

5. Only certain crews are able to change the profile picture. You can request for a change in this topic.

6. This function is only available to the crew. You can request for an update in this topic.

If you do have any other question, please do read the FAQ before starting another topic.

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permalink 5. In case you meant the album cover - just click the empty image, a green button "select new image" will pop up, then you select a picture on your computer.
The album cover needs to be minimum 300px wide.

3yr ago
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permalink I need help from jpop crew. Please help me....

Query failed: SELECT n.* FROM contentRelations r RIGHT JOIN news n ON r.relationID = n.id WHERE parentRelationID = 22813 AND r.relationType = 'content - news' AND online = 1 ORDER BY publishDate DESC LIMIT 5

Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sql_7d6e_0.MYI' (Errcode: 28)

What are those? I can't open the artist file....

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