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8yr ago
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permalink Ok, this is a 2 part question. Please read them carefully and then answer them...

1. If you were to learn Japanese language, what thing could you do that would make you feel it was worth learning it? (In other words, what could you do that would make you feel satisfied about having finally become fluent in the language?)


2. If you reached the end of your days and you realize you never learned it, what would you regret about not having learned it? (In other words, what would you regret not having done with it ever?)

Remember, this is specifically about the Japanese language.[edit]Last edit by MonteCristo73 on Saturday 23 Oct, 2010 at 01:29 +1.6%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink I would be satified with being able to understand the lyrics of many songs that I listen to. It'd be nice to be able to communicate with others that speak Japanese as well.

And If I do age, and don't learn Japanese it would be something I would regret a lot. I'd really like to go to Japan, I'd really like to understand what lyrics mean to the songs that don't have translations, And I'd love to understand manga/anime/books that have not been translated into english..

8yr ago
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permalink I want to be able to understand the siong lyrics and Japanese films/dramas. I want to be able to read Japanese websites and write in Japanese froums. I want to be able to talk with the people. :RBhalo:
I will be happy with my Japanese the day I speak it as well as I can now speak Enlgish. That will probably be in 4-5 years. :RBblush:

If I die without ever learning it I will regret being such an inconsitent person. :RBconfused: To start learning it more than three times and never persisting. :RBcrying: I will regret all the things I never read/saw/understood because I couldn't read/understand spoken Japanese.

8yr ago
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permalink Wow, nice answers!

Anyone else?

8yr ago
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permalink i don't know if its possible for me to be able to be fluent

but i would feel satisfied with being able to hear lyrics or speach and be able to understand what is being said. At present i am able to understand simple sentences and simple lyrics in a general sense

my regret would be not having the opportunity to go to Japan and using what i'd learnt there

8yr ago
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permalink 1. I will be able to understand Japanese lyrics esp. I can understand my super star when they are on TV

2. If I didn't, :RBcrying:

8yr ago
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permalink 1. I could watch anime w/o relying on subs and I could understand the lyrics of the songs I love w/o relying on the English translations. So much stuff gets lost in translation. I don't know how many times I've watched a subbed anime and thought to myself "hmm that sub was a lil off". I can't help but feel that I'm probably not gettin the full intended meaning when I have to fall back on subs or translations.

2. If I die w/o becoming fluent I will regret not being able to go back to Japan and really submerge myself in the culture. I've been there once before but relied heavily on English :( I want to go back and be able to confidently rely on my Japanese. Maybe even get lost and be able to find my way back on my own?! That would be awsome!

8yr ago
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permalink 1) hmmmm..to be able to understand all the words that will my favorite actor will say and understand all the jpop lyrics will make me feel satisfied

2) i think i will accept whatever the result...but before i say that i should try my best first..

8yr ago
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permalink oh my!
i will watch more anime even without the subs
i will understand the Japanese songs i'm hearing (and singing!! :laughing: )
i will go to Japan and have vacation maybe without any doubt! :nod:
i can finally talk with Japanese people here in the net and even personally when i met one.

and many more... i can't realize it for now... :applause: that would be so great
ahhhh... :jangel: :jangel: :jangel:

8yr ago
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permalink im japanese after all.... when i die and with out japanese, my death would be a suicide

8yr ago
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permalink To be able to speek to other people who can speek Japanese and understand lyrics/movies.

Not been able to speek to Japanese people. (I intend to travel there or move there hehe)

8yr ago
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permalink Ummm...wwell I would want to learn Japanese because I want to be a translator and if I relized at the end of my days that I had never earned it it would mean that I never achieved any of my future goals becuase that is one of the main languages I want to learn and I hope to study in Japan when I attend university.
I hope I answered your questions correctly :)

8yr ago
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permalink I'd be able to understand Japanese shows,dramas,movies,lyrics,etc...without subs.and i'm into Japanese culture since I were born so thats why i want to learn it so bad.i also want to talk to Japanese people :)

until the day i die,if i didnt learn Japanese,then i'd regret for my whole entire life.

7yr ago
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permalink i wanna lern japanese, because i want to undrstand the lyrics, read the official homepages and blogs from the musicans I like~ want to travel to Japan one day and best way i want to stay there for a year or more :D

if i didn't lern this, i'll regret for the rest of my life and will feel bad until the end of my life

7yr ago
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permalink I want to learn japanese so when i go back people dont think im wierd not understanding them

7yr ago
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permalink 1) Being able to understand Japanese without depending on / having to wait for others translations.

2) I would regret not being able to learn it at all, and for being too incompetent. xD

7yr ago
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permalink 1) Spending a few months in Japan and not feeling completely lost. Also understanding the lyrics to the music and being able to watch the movies without subtitles.

2) I would feel incomplete. I am intrigued by the culture, the history, the music, the cinema. Why wouldn't I put out the effor to learn the language?

7yr ago
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permalink some one help me....

6yr ago
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permalink I would want to learn Japanese because it is just an awesome language ~~
If I didn't learn it then I would regret it ... :)

6yr ago
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permalink anyone who wants to exchange simple conversation with me? :moved:

6yr ago
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permalink 1. To be able to hold a deep conversation and understand difficult texts.

2. If I were to never become fluent, all the friends I have made and could make would probably not happen. It would be pretty upsetting. T^T

6yr ago
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permalink I don't need to wait for subbed version of certain shows

6yr ago
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permalink 1. it is that i can finally fulfill my dream/goals!
2. yes of course i will regret it! But i would try and learn it from the start! (that is if i regret it a lot and i think that i need it or if it is interesting!)

3yr ago
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permalink I love the way the Japanese language sounds and would love to be able to travel in Japan without the need for a tour guide since I've been many times with a tour. I want to be able to study and work in Japan as well.

I would regret not putting in the time to study more and would be really sad about not being able to gain the Japanese language and completely watch j dramas with no subs and be unable to understand jpop or hey say jump and unable to roam freely around Japan and sightsee without help

2yr ago
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permalink 1. Well, I can communicate with my mom who is Japanese and I want to be able to talk with other Japanese people.

2. There'd be less people I can speak with :/

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