I want friends from all over the world!!

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9yr ago
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permalink Is that possible? Because I want to learn about other cultures and other people too. Asia is one of my all time favorite continents but I would love to have some friends that are from other places too. I'm not a mean person, I'm really caring and I listen to what others have to say. I might not talk a lot at first because I'm really quiet and shy so please, take pity on me? :RBhalo:

3yr ago
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permalink Hello, I'm from no where special, california to be exact. I would love to have friends. from all over, even from the U.S because everyone is different, and unique, even if they are from the US
Nice to meet you -bows- I go by Roxy. I hope to be friends with you.

8yr ago
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permalink well im from the middle east if you rinterested? haha

8yr ago
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permalink Sure^^ It would be nice~ :D

8yr ago
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permalink hiiiii im from usa prefferebly dallas i like meeting new people to! but like you im quit and very shy hahaha but i think i can be easy to talk tooo:D so uhm well hii im erika!!:D

8yr ago
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permalink hello^^~
glad to meet you~

8yr ago
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permalink All over U.S. but im pakistani decent. :) pleasure to meet... talk to you lol

8yr ago
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permalink I come from France, near Paris ^^! Nice 2 meet U!

8yr ago
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permalink Ohai, I'm from Australia~~
I ride a kangaroo to school(: lol jk

8yr ago
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permalink I'm an asian but you may not know my country.
I'm from Cambodia.

8yr ago
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permalink Hello!
I'm Asian! :RBhalo:
I come from the country that was named, "Pearl Of The Orient Seas". :RBhot:
It's the Philippines! :RBheart:

8yr ago
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permalink I'm from the USA but I hope that you'll be my friend anyway :RBhalo:

8yr ago
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permalink heii :wave:
im from indonesia..
do you know indonesia ??
:giggle: :giggle: :giggle:[edit]Last edit by plophrayvaughan on Tuesday 11 Jan, 2011 at 03:12 +5.3%[/edit]

8yr ago
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permalink Yeah, I do :)

Anyone, from anywhere is welcomed :D

8yr ago
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permalink Im from Estonia. Usually nobody don't know where it is, but I can tell you, it is near to Russia and Finland. Maybe u find it.

8yr ago
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Quote by Hanachan459
Im from Estonia. Usually nobody don't know where it is, but I can tell you, it is near to Russia and Finland. Maybe u find it.

I looked it up and from what I can tell it's a really beautiful place :RBheart: It looks like the place where you can relax or something. Anyways, welcome and nice to meet you~

8yr ago
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permalink hey..im asian..
im from indonesian
hwhwhw :D

8yr ago
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permalink Hi. I'm a Pakistani from Denmark ^o^

8yr ago
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permalink Hi, I'm from Belgium. :) (it's situated northern of France)
I'd like to meet people from all over the world too, I study tourism so that would be a great opportunity. :)

8yr ago
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permalink interested in a peruvian friend???
many people say i'm adorable :D, just kidding.
if you want to learn some spanish then i'm perfect.
te veo por alli!!!!!!!!!

8yr ago
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permalink hi!!!
i'm from Philippines...
i can be your friend :)

8yr ago
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permalink hello :) I'm from germany :D magdeburg, if you are interested in my town xD not beautiful, but anyway, i like it. :D

8yr ago
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permalink Hey^^ I'm from Germany too. From a town near Stuttgart ♥ I wouldn't mind writing with you as well :)

8yr ago
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permalink Belgium again! :D

8yr ago
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permalink And this dutch girl would also like to be your friend! :]

8yr ago
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permalink Hi :) I'm from Russia. Nice to meet you

8yr ago
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permalink Hello there Endlessmomo, I'm from Portugal, the little tiny place at the tip of Europe, it's nice that you want friends from all over the world. And there is no better place then here to get them.

8yr ago
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permalink Konnichiwa!
I hail from Sweden, just put me in the basket with the others ^^

8yr ago
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8yr ago
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permalink Hello EndlessMomo,
I am from the Philippines!
I am new hehe so nice to meet you! :)
Let's be friends! :)

8yr ago
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permalink i like the idea,amy be my real love is in some place over the seas :)

8yr ago
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permalink Hey!!
I'm German!
I think it's a nice idea you had!
To have friends all over the world must be really cool!!

Please feel free tp ask anything you want about the German culture^^

8yr ago
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permalink Hello, Poland here.

8yr ago
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permalink Hiiiiii :D
I'm Arabian girl
From Yemen
If u dnt know it it's in the Middle east :P
Wanna be frnds of urs
this is my facebook acount:
add me :)

8yr ago
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permalink Lives in Philippines..
let's be friends ^^

8yr ago
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permalink I'd be happy to be anyone's friend. Southern US... btw

8yr ago
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permalink Heya~!!!!! ^__^
i'm willing to be your friend too~!!!! :)
I'm from the Philippines ^_^
feel free to visit my wall and post a message or something ^_^
see you around :)))

7yr ago
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permalink hey XD
i havent met anyone from my country till now here [besides my friend who i forced to make an account]..
nice to meet you im from Bhutan XD [its a small country in Asia]. if you are into Kpop, MANY people are into it in my country,, but im not,...
im the only person i know who is TOTALLY into Visual-kei and Jrock from my country,..

7yr ago
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permalink I´m from Vietnam, living in Germany :)

7yr ago
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permalink hmmmm,sad song,so manyyyy

7yr ago
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permalink Hi there
I`m from Brazil
I`d love to be your friend =)

7yr ago
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permalink Yo! Im from Sweden^^

Would love to chat with you =)

7yr ago
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permalink ---from Brazil---

7yr ago
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permalink no one from Canada yet... EHH...
WOOT!!! From the Slurpie capital of the world WINNIPEG..
also known as winterpeg..., windypeg and winny the pooh peg... [--__--]

7yr ago
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permalink I'm American, but I live in Japan. Please add me as well!

7yr ago
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permalink Im from Spain; you can add me too ^^

7yr ago
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permalink i'm from the U.S. Chicago to be exact want to be friends??? :)

7yr ago
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permalink I'm half Japanese and Half German :3 living in Germany T_T (WHY NOT IN JAPAN MUM?!!)

7yr ago
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permalink Also looking for friends to chat with from all over, especially Japan and Korea! :-) Fill free to add me.

7yr ago
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permalink I'm from germany:) add me^^

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