I hate my friends

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6yr ago
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permalink They exclude me from everything just because they are Kpop and i'm Jpop/rock. And i wait very patient for their videos to go off to play my Jpop and they just yell at me and blast Kpop. ._.

6yr ago
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permalink hahaha i understand how u feel
my friends are just like ur friends :(

6yr ago
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permalink aww... dude.... i have a friend who plays rap songs. . . im also into j rock.....

tell them how you feel, if you cant,. .

ignore them. . and indulge into music...cuz they aint taking your hobby away.

6yr ago
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permalink Same here...but because they are always with me so sometimes i really cannot say anything...

6yr ago
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permalink Today, some friend just insult Fahrenheit again...she said that Fahrenheit already disbanded.. at first i'm trying to say something..but i ended up...this is just waste of breath

6yr ago
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permalink I don't have friend that I hhate, because friends like gold for me.....

6yr ago
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permalink One of my friends started hurting another one of my friend's feelings. I don't understand why :(

6yr ago
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permalink dude my friends can never do this to me or i will kill them

6yr ago
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permalink thats cool 2 say u know anime77

6yr ago
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permalink same here but i switch off their songs when they play it~ they are mad at me, but soon we are friends again

6yr ago
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permalink they are cry baby

5yr ago
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permalink Those don't sound like real friends. No matter what your friends should accept what you like even if they are not big fans of what you like. Friends should always be willing to compromise. And if a friend disrespects you then they really are not your friends.

5yr ago
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permalink yes Sometime i hate my bestfriend bc they told my story to other people.

5yr ago
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permalink it really hurts when they lie..

5yr ago
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permalink my friends betrayed me....so i guess that's bad!!!!

4yr ago
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permalink well if they exclude you they aren't friends...

4yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

4yr ago
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permalink I feel so sorry for you :O i think they are not your real friends because real friends accept you for who you are even if they can't relate to your likes or interests. . .

4yr ago
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permalink My friends and I listen to totally different music, so we just dont talk about music at all xD

3yr ago
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permalink WEll sometimes my mind goes blank due to my friends. At that time i just have one thing in my brain "kill those bastards" XD

3yr ago
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permalink My friends do something similar, except they'll just disregard my taste in music entirely (even though I'm easily more open minded than them).

3yr ago
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permalink Hmmm thats really sad
Are there no better people you can find?

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