How to keep a long friendship?

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10yr ago
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permalink what do u think about a friendship? be friend easy but how to keep it long?

10yr ago
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permalink Trust them. Friends are suppossd to be ur most trusting people.
U should b able to tell u anything.

Being urself is good too.

Keep in contact with them too or u will forget them.

10yr ago
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Quote by ya soshla s uma

Keep in contact with them too or u will forget them.

Yep this is key, I wished I would have kept in contact with more of my high school friends since we all go to schools far apart and it's really hard to communicate therefore we aren't very good friends anymore. And more often then not it's them forgetting you not the other way around :RBfrown: .

10yr ago
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permalink hmmmm ill say trust and hope that they are the same as you guys are even since the day you guys became firend hmmm yeah trust is mostly the key also help them out alot to ok see you

10yr ago
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permalink uhm..if u want to talk with someone but u cant speak their can u have a friendship?

10yr ago
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well how to keep a long friendship..
their are so many ways for that..

first is trust..
if you trust your friend with all your heart..
im sure he/she will trust you for good..

second is help in trouble..
always be ready to help your friend in any ways as much as you can..

forth is share and enjoy..
you should share your stories in life, like your saddest part in life..
and also both of you should enjoy everytime you succeed in life..

i run out of words..
thats all!..

10yr ago
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permalink For me these are some:

1.Two friends trust each other.

2.They are ready to help each other in any condition.

3.They share whether it is happiness or trouble and try to solve the problem by consulting with each other.

4.They are ready to make understanding if there is any misunderstanding between them.

5.They remain good friends even after long time, change in social, personal, financial status.

9yr ago
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permalink Well....I think that friendship is one of the most important things in the whole world...
If you want to have a long friendship, u have to keep contact with your friends.
Call them sometimes, invite to go outside with you...Or just hang out in parties.. :)
Another importent thing is that you need to trust them and when he/she needs your help u have to give support.
But u cant make anyone a great friend.....U need to know your friend and have some interests that u share......

9yr ago
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permalink it easy :D
just don't hurt your friends feeling ;)

9yr ago
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permalink It's not very hard...You have to trust each other and show respect to your own but at the same the other one desires. You have the accept the defects and always be there when she/he needs you.

9yr ago
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permalink Hmmm...what if you're two best friends feel comfortable being friends alone leaving you behind? Will you do your best to keep it or just look for new ones?

9yr ago
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permalink Communication, common interests, and trust/reliability/caring are big factors I can see in a lot of good friendships that last a long time.

9yr ago
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permalink be yourself and show what you are..
listen to your friends and in return let them listen to you..
give advice if needed..
laugh with them..
cry with them..
get crazy with them..

9yr ago
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permalink It's hard to keep your friends in a long time.... but i guess... what someone needs in order to keep their friendship strong in a long period of time are...


these two must always come together... these two things can really strengthen the bond that is within you... Although you don't see each other that often as before... at least you should have time to exchange hi's and hello's to each other... and TRUST in each other... that even though you meet new people and make new friends... you are still attached and still treasure the memories you once shared.... :D

9yr ago
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permalink I think it is really important to trust and listen to each other. ^__^

9yr ago
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permalink be as honest as possible no matter how painful it will be.

8yr ago
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permalink to have along friendship make sure you and your friends have this mutal thing of liking eachother for who you really are, always tell your friends the truth even if it hurts because its for their own good. Never betray your friends be there for them in their toughest times cry with them dont just share smiles, dont listen to the rumors people say about them and respect them always

8yr ago
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permalink Trust them, Spend more time with them and believe in them

8yr ago
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permalink Love them.
Talk to them.
Trust them.
Listen to them.
Care about them.
Hug them.
Laugh with them.
Cry with them.
Trust them.

Tell them what they mean to you.
Show that you care.

♥ :)

8yr ago
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permalink Well, my best friend and me are best friends since 21 years now and our secret to keep the friendship alive was, I could do whatever I want and she forgave me everything. ^^ Yes, I was a very bad friend as a kid, but I completely changed and apologized to her properly.

Why we stayed friends even though I was a bad friend? Unconditional love. You like/love the person with the bad sides as well. My best friend knew that she meant everything to me and she is very gorgeous, that's why she could forgive me my bad habits.

7yr ago
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permalink I think that to have a good friendship, you have to understand if the person wants space or not. Some friends might want you around all the time, and some just might want their space. It all depends.

7yr ago
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permalink *shrugs* I can't make friends or keep them so I wouldn't know XD

6yr ago
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permalink listen to your friend. . . apologize when you know its your fault. . . trust is needed too. . . . dont be to down when a problem between you arises. . believe that you can solve it in any way possible. . .

6yr ago
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permalink hurmm give and take... and trust too.. that's the simple rule in every relationship u're in

6yr ago
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permalink communication is always necessary i think

6yr ago
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permalink Respecting each other's way, keeping the contact and helping each other if possible.

6yr ago
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permalink being open and accepting his/her weaknesses :)

6yr ago
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permalink The key to keeping a long relationship is persistence and communication. I am still best friends with the people I grew up with. We have been friends for 20+ years, and I intend to be friends forever. There were times gaps in our friendships. Specifically in the awkward transitioning time of life, middleschool and high school, but at the end of high school we got in contact with each other and we all still talk to this day. It is awesome and one of the most rewarding things ever. I love going back home and meeting up with them. I would not give it up for anything. Sure we don't talk everyday, but it is comforting to know that they are only a phone call away.

Just remember that if you really want to keep the friendship, you must do whatever is in your power to do so. If that person truly does not want to stay in your life, let them go and if they come back it is truly meant to be. I feel like that saying can be applied to friendships as well as romantic relationships.

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3yr ago
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permalink The way to get long Friendship is never make your friends angry bloody fool :P

3yr ago
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3yr ago
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permalink There should always be compromise in a healthy friendship. This involves respecting the opinions and views of your friend, understanding their agenda and maintain good communication. Listen to them. Help them if you can and have trust between you. Without trust, there can't be friendship. Also keeping in touch is important.

3yr ago
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permalink Be honest and be true to who you are. If they're your real friend, you should be okay.

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