How to Apply Oshare-Kei Makeup?

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9yr ago
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permalink i never use makeup befor ever so dose anyone know how to do really colorful & girly makeup

9yr ago
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permalink If you search on youtube a bunch of oshare kei makeup styles should pop up as well as a video on how to achieve them:)

9yr ago
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permalink sweet shadows!! huggles sweety:) soo, oshare kei makeup is pretty easy, you are a great artist and I know you would be able to pull if off with your fav colors. So as elen says, on youtube, type in oshare kei makeup, youll see many tutorials of these girls who play with color. Theyll also show u the tricks for the hair ;) youll get the look u desire:)

9yr ago
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permalink Yeah, there's plenty of good tutorial videos on Youtube so that's a good place to start~ Oshare kei-style usually involves bright "happy" colors opposed to the typically darker "punk" colors of Kurofuku/Nagoya kei, but they both use dark/black eyeliner as a base. Sometimes a natural look is prefered like Teruki from An Cafe, but it just depends on preference. And don't be afraid of glitter, it's your friend in this case! XD

5yr ago
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permalink Oshare kei usually has lighter makeup compared to other vkei styles, so even if you just wear eyeliner, that's fine lol.

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