How Soon Is "Too Soon" When It Comes to Love?

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permalink Hey everyone!

I have a question, and it's about something that I'm personally going through: [i]Is there such a thing as "too soon" when it comes to stronger emotions like love in a relationship? [/i]

I'm sure we've all seen or heard stories about "love at first sight" or people getting married after being together for 2 months or even sooner than that.

However, are these situations a good thing? I feel like I'm in love with someone, but it hasn't even been 3 months yet! With emotions so strong and serious, you would think your brain would slow you down a little better! With that in mind, it's sort of terrifying to me having these emotions so soon, especially since I've loved and lost in the past already (I'd like to think I learned my lesson, but clearly not!) [i]How would someone slow down an emotion they actually want to have eventually?[/i]

Thank you for reading~ :)

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permalink I think it depends greatly on the people involved, thus there's no real "answer".

That being said, scientist have stated the increase in hormones and the chemical reaction which occurs when you're in love slows down after 3-6 months. At least this is what several reports say on the matter.

I'd say just go with it as long as you're not going to do something you'd regret once the "high" passes. So for instance, don't get pregnant until you're it will last or move in together before it has all reached its culmination and calms itself down. You don't want to be stuck with a person you might not have any feelings for. :p

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permalink You don't want to be stuck with a person you might not have any feelings for.

and that tooo sooon stuff, you can not control it, it just happend, do you think much of him? maybe he thinks much on you? that could be an answer, still....

and yeah it feel terrible being in love with someone and not know how he/she will react, try keeping positive, that may help

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permalink I can kind of relate, and in general, I think when you spend a lot of time with someone knowing there are mutual feelings for eachother, it's hard to stop those feelings from growing pretty quickly, but I heard it really takes 6 months to a year to get to know someone well enough, so even if it does become true love eventually, at this point it is probably just infatuation.

Personally, I won't kiss a guy until I'm married, and think anything more than that is especially dangerous, because if things don't work out and you've already been with someone like that, you're going to get hurt worse, and probably regret it.
I think it just takes self control, and it really depends on your own morals and values. Just keep in mind not to do anything you know you'll regret if things don't work out.

If you want to set any boundries with this person, like not doing something until you've been together for a certain amount of time so that you both know you're not making a mistake, you could always try and talk it over with him. It might also be a good test to see how much he really cares for you, if he waits until you're ready, you know he's serious about you, and If he has a problem with waiting for you, maybe he's only out for one thing?
May be an uncommon way of thinking in this society, but if you're worried about going too far too fast, it might be something to consider setting out to do.

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permalink Sometimes love moves really fast and other times it progresses at a slow pace. Whatever makes the couple comfortable

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