How much manga have you read??

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7yr ago
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permalink Hi guys I know that anime tends to be more popular than manga but I am a big!! manga fan who gets disappointed when the anime doesn't follow the manga T.T
Because I am a addict XD I have read 224 different manga's, What about you??

Plus I wanted to ask which do you find better Anime or Manga? :)

7yr ago
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permalink Well, in my case, I prefer the anime. My country is so far from Japan, then I can't follow as I'd like... I'll read them throught sites! :)

7yr ago
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permalink Me too I read manga online unless I can afford to buy them, Where are you from? :)

7yr ago
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permalink lost count XD

7yr ago
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permalink I watch more anime, but I would like to read more manga! So far I've only read the first 13 of Bleach (though I'm much farther along in the show ;) ), and a few Higurashi. I know you can read 'em online, but I like to actually have it in front of me. Anyone know a good place for cheap manga?

7yr ago
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permalink Amazon is pretty good for cheap manga or Ebay :)

6yr ago
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permalink I've read too many manga to count...but I'm pretty sure I've read less than 200 series.

6yr ago
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permalink i don't count... and i lost count lol

6yr ago
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permalink a lot. over 100 i'm pretty sure though

6yr ago
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permalink I don't really keep track. >_<

6yr ago
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permalink I read very little manga, although I would like to start reading it more frequently.

6yr ago
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permalink I've read 229 manga.

6yr ago
-6,918 jpops
permalink Almost 200 I supposed :undecided:

6yr ago
422 jpops
permalink may be just 20, i forgot,

6yr ago
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permalink When I first started reading manga, I was reading shoujo. Since all my friends and sisters were into shoujo. I later found out I didn't really liked that genre and moved onto yaoi. I actually liked that genre better. But, that is only my opinion.
I started reading A LOT of manga lately.

6yr ago
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permalink Hmm, about 120 so far, maybe even more

6yr ago
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permalink Over 100, I didn't try to count them XD Composed 80% Shoujo mangas (Series & One-shots) and 20 % Shonen mangas. My life wouldn't be complete if I don't read my daily dose of manga.

6yr ago
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permalink Around 150! >.<

6yr ago
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permalink Around 200, but a lot of them are still publishing (> <)

6yr ago
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permalink I haven't kept count, and I haven't finished many.

6yr ago
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permalink Well I think that manga is better than anime. It's more detailed, story is more complex and some seiyuu have tendencies to use irritant screeching voices for female characters. And because of that.. I didn't count it but I guess that I have read more that 200 (if I count oneshots). But it's dificult to tell because I prefer longer ones such as Angel Sanctuary, One Piece, Fruits Basket or Hana Kimi... so my mind is telling me that I have read a lot even though it wasn't so many different titles.

6yr ago
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permalink I don't keep track! I have read many manga though. :P

6yr ago
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permalink ^x^ i don't remember... actually i don't i even count the number of manga i've read, but I have read at least 100.

6yr ago
70 jpops
permalink never kept count, many and more, i never new the names of some of the manga i read

6yr ago
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permalink I'm not really sure anymore! I read a lot, but I completely lost track. It's been a while since I last read any, so yeah

6yr ago
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permalink Anime is prefered as i'm dyslexic, but i've read over 200. Best thing about manga is you get more out of the stroy. You decide what they sound like and let your imagination loose :D

6yr ago
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permalink I havent really read much, I have read...

Inyuasha (1-14 & 20 Volumes)
Fruits Basket (All Books)
Meri~Puri (All Books)
Girl Got Game (All Books)
Tsubasa (1-10 Volumes)
thats about it.. my friend has passed me some manga but I havent gotten around to it though to read lol

6yr ago
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permalink i have read 321 different mangas.............

6yr ago
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permalink I read a lot of manga online probably more than 150 during my life...? Anways i read and watch anmes! I read them first and if they are good then i watch the anime!

6yr ago
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permalink i don't count...

6yr ago
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permalink sadly not much

6yr ago
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permalink not much....................

6yr ago
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I've been reading a lot of manga lately. The majority of it was yaoi.
To tell you the truth, I prefer manga. I don't really like manga based animes, except for Bleach and Inuyasha. I do LOVE the works produced by Studio Ghibli, which still counts as anime.

6yr ago
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permalink i dunno O.O i lost count XD

6yr ago
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6yr ago
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permalink About 200? I lost count >.<

6yr ago
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permalink uncounted.... :D

6yr ago
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permalink pretty much a lot, and most of them is still continuing

6yr ago
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permalink I used to read a lot .... but now I just don't have time. :(
Same for anime ....
But I've read my fair share! :D

6yr ago
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permalink so many lost count over 200

6yr ago
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permalink i have read soo many on my ipod!!!

6yr ago
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permalink don't know i can't count that also

6yr ago
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permalink Between 100 and 200 XD

6yr ago
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permalink Dunno xD Too many >.<

6yr ago
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permalink Lol, i dont know, i dont count them anyway, haha

6yr ago
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permalink Well I'm not too much into readin, but for now I finished one, and currently I'm reading Naruto.

6yr ago
-167 jpops
permalink How much? lol. Didn't keep track, but I feel that I have read quite a lot of mangas~

6yr ago
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permalink Not as much as I would have liked to

6yr ago
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permalink I don't know XD

6yr ago
13,120 jpops
permalink I read manga and watch anime. I think I've read about 130-ish manga and watched 50-ish anime?

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