How many times have you fallen in love?

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4yr ago
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permalink The topic's title is self-explanatory.

4yr ago
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permalink Only twice..

4yr ago
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permalink Twice, both of them didn't end well...

4yr ago
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permalink True love never ends so I haven't really been in love, but I've really liked 2 people. lol

4yr ago
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permalink Three times. Sometimes I wonder if I should consider the second one...but I suppose I am going to. The first two didn't work out, but I learned a lot and grew from it so I'm not too sad about it. I am happy now so that's all that matters. :)

4yr ago
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permalink Never....

4yr ago
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permalink Once or twice...

4yr ago
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permalink Never I guess...though I'm utterly infatuated with someone in particular

4yr ago
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permalink Only once. and that was good enough for me because the heartbreak and pain that followed after it was just too much for me, so never again...

2yr ago
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permalink I believe you can only truly fall in love once.

2yr ago
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permalink Are we counting J-Rockers and anime characters, because if so thousands of times (>u<)

If we're only counting real people though, then only once <3

2yr ago
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permalink Once? I don't really understand what is the feeling of "true love", so... I don't really know haha :P

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