How Did You Get Here? (Part 2)

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6yr ago
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permalink Well how did you get here? the last one reached fifty pages for here is part dos.
only post once in this topic

6yr ago
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permalink I was searching lyrics and voila!~
what made me sign up was some funny comment i read while reading a news related to a new boy band XD

6yr ago
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permalink I came in the TARDIS

6yr ago
288 jpops
permalink me too same here
i was searching for lyrics and i knew my most amazing band spyair and become come here sometimes

6yr ago
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permalink I was looking for videos of Kat-Tun. :)

6yr ago
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permalink I was searching for videos of Naruto openings :)

6yr ago
207,821 jpops
permalink I discovered that there were the lyrics of my favourite Japanese band Baiser, and I regostered!

6yr ago
948 jpops
permalink i stumbled upon it through a search lol

6yr ago
710,940 jpops
permalink I got here by logging onto the comps at the local library!

6yr ago
883 jpops
permalink I came here looking for the charts :I

6yr ago
518 jpops
permalink Well, searching for some videos, I found this site. Cool :)

6yr ago
1,730 jpops
permalink i was searching for some lyrics and translations ^^

6yr ago
826,791 jpops
permalink From the FB page

6yr ago
2,817 jpops
permalink a friend -who I met online- told me about it :)

6yr ago
72,872 jpops
permalink Using the internet~~

6yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

6yr ago
190,721 jpops
permalink I was looking for some Jrock lyrics.

6yr ago
29,917 jpops
permalink I was searching for lyrics for plasic tree

6yr ago
3,322 jpops
permalink I typed in "Jpop" onto Google search, and then magic took it's toll on me, and thus lead me to here.

6yr ago
537 jpops
permalink I was searching for lyrics.

6yr ago
1,181 jpops
permalink Well, I was just looking for info about UVERworld and other Jpop artists and stumbled upon this site.

6yr ago
256 jpops
permalink when I tried to find lyrics and some info from EGOIST :3
and I joined to here ^o^

6yr ago
18,119 jpops
permalink haha! everyime when i'm serching something about Jpop, this page pop out...1 day i found out there is a sign up button there...LOL! and i'm attracted by all those Jpops, shares& houses...of course i like the most is TRUE FANS!!!! <3

6yr ago
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permalink Looking for a video

6yr ago
2,123 jpops
permalink XD i guess that must've been convenient

6yr ago
25,553 jpops
permalink Searching for a kanji version of a Malice Mizer song, then the site became a reference for me in that matter. But I only created an account when I felt the urge to add more lyrics which I had acess to.

6yr ago
116 jpops
permalink searching for lyrics and discography of my favorite asian bands... and here i am :D

6yr ago
4,259 jpops
permalink looking for piano sheet music, and from curiosity and boredness :P

6yr ago
452 jpops
permalink Found through Do As Infinity songs on google, got addicted to Nightmare's and couldn't leave this site

6yr ago
500 jpops
permalink searching for lyrics in kanji, pinyin, and its translation. and here i was.

6yr ago
316 jpops
permalink i was looking for more japanese here I am...... :)

6yr ago
19,679 jpops
permalink while i was searching for L'Arc~en~Ciel info~

6yr ago
2,040 jpops
permalink If i remember correctly I found this site while I was searching for the gazette kanji lyrics.

6yr ago
10,180 jpops
permalink yay the gazette!

6yr ago
2,390 jpops
permalink I was searching for lyrics and ended up here on JPA and I am glad I did! *w*

6yr ago
77 jpops
permalink wanted to find latest news from my idols!!

6yr ago
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permalink *JPA is updated very fast. Me Gusta

6yr ago
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permalink Was looking for songs by UVERworld and I ended up here :)

6yr ago
2,009 jpops
permalink It was a few years ago I was on a children site asking for websites that have places where I can listen to jpop and kpop. They gave me this site's adress and I went on here alot but never made an account until two months ago. :)

6yr ago
8,328 jpops
permalink I was looking for more info on a J-rock band and found this place. ^^

6yr ago
1,716 jpops
permalink I came here by searching up lyrics when I was bored in school

6yr ago
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permalink I was trying to find the songs of BACK-ON... and I ended up here... and now I am a daily user o.o

6yr ago
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permalink I was looking for some videos and translations

6yr ago
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permalink When for the very fist time, watched the Jdrama *actually it belongs to my friend, I just bought that cuz feel curious* and waa!! super luv to the actor lol so was searching it on google, strolling site to any site, then tada! found this site, with all complete information, true fans, share, concert, newz, etc, sign up and became a member ;)

6yr ago
3,100 jpops
permalink I was looking. for lyrics and pv of naruto ed and op

6yr ago
2,458 jpops
permalink well, i can't really remember in the long stream of my internet consciousness but, i'm pretty sure i came here while looking for asian dating sites or something. .__.

6yr ago
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permalink I'm using the google to find some musics and I found =)

6yr ago
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permalink searching lyrics for KAT-TUN :)

6yr ago
42,597 jpops
permalink I was finding out info on a band and decided to sign up. This is a great community for all asian music!

6yr ago
27,599 jpops
permalink Mhm... I was looking for lyrics and I always ended up on this site so I just decided to sign up!! :D

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