Hi, I'm New Here!!!

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3yr ago
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permalink Hi, everyone. My name is Rolanda but you can just call me Raye. I've been a J-Pop fan for a long time and K-Pop fan since 2012 when I was introduced to B1A4 by an online friend.

2yr ago
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permalink Hi everyone, the names Zoe, nice to meet you all. I hope to make good friends with you sometime. :D

3yr ago
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permalink hi and welcome to JPA! Hope to see you here more often..
I also like Jpop, so what is your favorite jpop band?

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to JPA!

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to JPA! :D

3yr ago
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permalink Hello Raye!

Welcome to JPA from a fellow j-pop fan!
Hope you have a nice time here :)

Yoroshiku ne

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to JPA and have fun :3

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome! ^ ^
There's more to talk to here ^ ^

3yr ago
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permalink Hello! Welcome welcome. ^ - ^

3yr ago
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permalink WELCOME TO JPA!!! O:) O:) O:) O:) :naughty:


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