Hi all!

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permalink Hi! My name is John but my friends call me Jollis. I'm one of those nerdy types and proud of it. I own a software development company. I play piano, guitar, drums, flute, and clarinet, I'm into video games, anime, retrocomputing, manga, and music of many genres. I'm a history and philosophy and politics buff, and I've practiced many religions (Christianity, Shinto, Judaism, pantheism). I'm a pacifist, and I enjoy cooking.

I'm married to (and deeply in love with--6 years this April) a beautiful woman from Mexico who is a geek-in-training, and have 2 awesome kids.

Just recently got into this awesome Asian music. So far my favorites are Jolin Tsai and Nami Tamaki.

Looking forward to meeting as many awesome people as possible, and excited for joining what appears to be a super friendly community!

Peace and love!

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permalink I'm new here also, and already like the site.
Welcome and have a good time here :)

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permalink Eyyy anime! High five XD
Welcome ^ ^

3yr ago
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permalink Hello, welcome to JPA!!

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