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3yr ago
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permalink Actually, I signed up some time ago but I just realized that I still haven't introduced myself here, so now I go. :crazy:

My name is Ivana. I love Japan and South Korea. ^^ I am an Otaku and I also love J- and K-dramas. ^^

And about music, I like VK/J-rock, J-pop and K-pop. And I also listen to some American rock and pop. ^^ (and screamo too)

It is nice to meet you all~

Oh, and I am a cat fanatic. :moved: :moved:

3yr ago
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permalink OHAYO!!!!!! AND NICE TO MEET YOU TO !!!

3yr ago
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permalink Hello, welcome to JPA and nice to meet you!!

3yr ago
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permalink wow, we have almost the same interests.
I also love Japan and I am growing a slight interest in Korean culture. I love Jdramas mostly. And anime and manga.. My whole day is spent reading and watching it.
I like Jrock, VK and Jpop too. For Japan music is really interesting. Hope to get to know you well. see you around here.

3yr ago
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permalink welcome to jpa!

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome Ivana :)

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to JPA!
Hab dich ja noch nie hier gesehen :p

3yr ago
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permalink welcome to JPA~~ ^^v

2yr ago
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permalink Oh hello dear, haven' t been here in a while. Finally you make an intro here :crazy: :crazy:

Welcome to JPA :crazy: :crazy:
A cat fanatic.. He2 now allow this twisted granny to spoil your peacefil day. :crazy:

2yr ago
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permalink You haven't introduced yourself?
Well, look at me! Nearly 3 years and haven't introduced myself XD

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