Hello Everyone! :)

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3yr ago
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permalink Hello all! :) My name is Nick. I just came across this forum and thought it would be fun to sign up. I am a British guy that is a bit of an Asia fanatic. I am teaching myself Japanese and I hope to live there some day in the future.

I've been listening to Japanese music for over a decade and I absolutely love it!! There is an energy and sense of fun that you just don't get with other music. My favourite artists/bands are M.o.v.e, Every Little Thing, Utada Hikaru, V6, M-Flo, T.M.Revolution, Tamaki Nami & Koda Kumi. I also really like Chinese and Korean music too but I kinda listen to the same artists and bands a lot and need to broaden my choices.

What else...I love video games, travelling, theme parks and eating out.

I look forward to posting more and meeting new people. :)

3yr ago
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permalink Hi. Welcome. Nice to meet you.

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome! ^ ^

3yr ago
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permalink welcome and have fun

2yr ago
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permalink hello my name is john worne.

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