Heavy visual kei bands?

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3yr ago
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permalink I really only exclusively listen to Japanese metal/punk etc. and recently I have been wanting to find more heavy bands. I just found Dezert and DADAROMA which are pretty good, but i want to know if there are any similar. I like UnsraW and Gregory's sound the best when it comes to V-kei. Anyone know any good ones? I don't really delve too much into V-kei and i usually only stick to Dir en grey, deathgaze, lynch, etc.

3yr ago
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permalink I'd recommend DIO ~DISTRAUGHT OVERLOAD~ if melodeath is what you're after. If you're after deathcore I'd go NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST~ though they've softened up a little these days.

NEGA also springs to mind since they have a similar style to Unsraw and Dir en Grey.

3yr ago
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permalink Scapegoat, Disreign and Mejibray are really good. You should check them out if you haven't

3yr ago
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permalink Xaa-Xaa and Grieva

3yr ago
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permalink SCAPEGOAT and maybe Killaneth

3yr ago
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permalink not sure if xaa-xaa counts as heavy, but they┬┤re really good!
same thing with DIAURA and Kiryu...

3yr ago
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permalink The black Swan
Deviloof <3

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