Greetings New Friends!!!

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3yr ago
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permalink Hello friends,
I guess i should start by saying im new to this and dont really no how to introduce myself but here i go im gonna try. I love japanese culture. I mean all of it i love the food there dramas there movies.I love japanese music like down to earth. I like watching anime and playing games. I am very kind person just shy at first hehe :D >_<

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to the humble abode! :D

I hope you enjoy you enjoy your stay here and feel free to ask if you have any questions~ O:)

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome ^ ^
Hope you enjoy it here :D

3yr ago
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permalink name is Neiruno and i like japan. i like to read manga watch anime and hear j pop song. andddd im new here

3yr ago
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permalink welcome here! hope you enjoy and become active. feel free to post on my wall.

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome! :D I was new here three weeks ago, and I already love it. The community is so welcoming and nice, and you get to meet lots of friends. Hope you enjoy JPA~ :)

3yr ago
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permalink Welcome to JPA, and have fun!!

3yr ago
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permalink WELCOME TO JPA!!!

3yr ago
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permalink Hi! Nice to meet you :moved:

3yr ago
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permalink hello there!

i also love japanese culture, music, and entertainment
yoroshiku ne
and welcome to jpa!

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