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6yr ago
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permalink I would really appreciate it if people would stop posting google translate lyrics on videos and taking the credit ^_^
It only makes it harder to translate because it'll show it's all translated so I won't try to fix it because I'm to lazy to check if it really is translated.
Also if anyone could report those google translate lyrics to me or some other person that could translate that would be awesome :)

6yr ago
3,061,781 jpops
permalink I think we have been at war with these lyrics since the day Jpopasia was founded xd
For the time being we can't delete them, but we soon will be able to do so. That's why I would suggest to bookmark them or something, so that we can get rid of them later.

6yr ago
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permalink thats a really nice idea you are a truelly crew

5yr ago
163 jpops
permalink LOL google translate just doesent work. period. why would anyone even use that? XD

5yr ago
220 jpops
permalink How do you submit actual translated lyrics? I've been working on some.

5yr ago
1,717 jpops
permalink You will need at least 400 Jpop in order to add the lyrics I think

5yr ago
2,852 jpops
permalink There should be an edit button, or add lyrics button when you go on the album/video thing

3yr ago
183,108 jpops
permalink One does not simply trust any online translator XD

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