Good methods for learning Japanese?

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4yr ago
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permalink Im trying to study Japanese by myself at the moment and need help finding good methods that will help me learn properly! Im actually half japanese so I know greetings, basic conversation, pronounciation and sentence structure roughly. im not fluent though so i would appreciate advice from anyone! thank you. at the moment im practicing writing katakana and making cue cards with common phrases. what else should i do?

4yr ago
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permalink it's better that you have a companion in learning Japanese... it's not just easy but it's more fun than learning it all by your self...

4yr ago
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permalink While i'm learning mine i try to use game apps to make sure that I know what i've been learning well. I also follow some Japanese musicians on Facebook and translate what they've said with what i've learned.

4yr ago
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permalink I'm not entitely fluent either, but I've learned that with any language, incorporating it with the language you speak improves your ability to speak and think in that language a lot faster! (So in this case, I think Japanglish) Some people might call you a weeb, but I don't think it's a bad idea at all. It's helped me a lot in both Japanese and French!

4yr ago
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permalink for learning foreign language, my experience was to mingle with foreigners (Koreans as for my experience) and i learned a lot from them

4yr ago
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permalink You should learn Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.. :D

4yr ago
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permalink What I am doing is this:
First I learned hiragana and katakana.
A few gramatic mechanisms, like sentence structure, numbers, some words now and then.
Then when I felt like I had it memorized, I started to learn words and expressions, then full sentences
Now I moved to Kanji, as I learn the words, how to say, I also learn its kanji.

Surround yourself as much as possible with japanese culture, only listen to japanese music, watch japanese tv, anime if you like it. Try to use what you learn in your everyday life.
People will think that you are crazy, at least thats what hapenned with me :D
Check out a series of books called "Remembering The Kanji", its concidered to be one of the best methods to learn kanji.

I hope that I have helped :D

4yr ago
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permalink I'm currently just using Genki, and JapanesePod or Class101
Both are good but first learn Hiragana then Katakana and then Kanji, since from what I've seen Kanji is the hardest so I'l learn it last

4yr ago
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permalink Start by learning the basics first like simple greetings and some hiragana and katakana don't jump into Kanji right away and maybe get a good Japanese text book (the one I used was Genki) Those are usually really helpful!

4yr ago
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permalink i agree with Night, first thing first, learn some hiragana and kata, kanji only if your gonna see them daily if not things are gonna get pretty rouf

4yr ago
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permalink I use hellotalk, and Skype, and pretty much learn everything through speaking with natives. Of course you have to stick with it and use the language every day or you won't see much of an improvement.
Also, this method is good for learning conversational Japanese, but if you plan on taking the JLPT or something, it might be better to study vocabulary and such according to that...

4yr ago
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permalink -Download free Apps that teach japanese

-If ur into anime it subbed ..that's how I learned a lot of words ( not the best way to learn how to write or read japanese though) Learning anime through anime was perfect for me because I'm doing something I enjoy while leaning japanese i didn't get bored fast and still learned a lot

-i-talky (or i-talk not sure xP) is a good website too

3yr ago
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permalink everyday learn a set amount of words, lets say 3 words, keep repeating them throughout the day until they are stuck in your head, next day new words but the same thing and so on, by the end of the week set a day to study the words you learned that week, keep repeating them the whole day, do the same for next weeks, by the end of the month, set a day to study all the words you learned that month, do the same for next month but set an extra day to study the words from the past month, and keep doing that..
I hope that helped

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permalink I've been learning Japanese the past few years through anime/manga and songs.
For manga, it is best to learn hiragana and katakana before trying to read it (unless it's translated into your language). There's kanji also but how you read it is usually written (in hiragana and katakana of course) and you can learn how to read that way.

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permalink Use the website to get the basics down.

3yr ago
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permalink when i started obssessing over hey say jump and watching many variety shows, listening to songs, which helped with kanji and word knowledge

3yr ago
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permalink I'm taking a Japanese class at school and what we use are textbooks, online resources and constant revision with palm cards and word lists. Also, listening to Japanese music or watching Japanese shows/movies helps.

3yr ago
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permalink I agree with most that you should really learn all Hiragana and Katakana then gradually learn Kanji.

I have tried many different methods and resources - books, youtube videos, audio lessons and aps.

I have had the most luck with the Genki series of textbooks and an ap called AnkiDroid which gives you electronic flash cards. You can download pre-existing ones or make your own. This is great when out and about.

The thing I would recommend more than anything else however are the Pimsleur Japanese Lessons. They are pricey (a lot cheaper if you download them from the site) but I have noticed a drastic improvement in my ability since. I am currently at lesson 31 of 120. They really work and worth the investment if you are serious about learning.

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permalink 1.Try to get a Japanese speaking pen-pal or Facebook friend, with whom you can chat in Japanese.
2. Read Japanese on-line newspapers, articles on what interests you, watch Japanese movies (or English movies with Japanese subs, which worked for me equally).
3.Try to write a diary in Japanese. It does not need to contain some serious, in-depth analysis of your emotions and thoughts, just some basic sentences about what you did.
4.Try to translate Japanese songs or articles to your languages with the help of a dictionary.
5. Set small daily goals that you know you can fulfill: you can start with 5 words and 1 Kanji a day and as you progress you can increase the daily goal.

I found these tips pretty useful for me and you don't have to be fluent or even intermediate to do them. There are also a bunch of free online resources, like Anki or Memrise which I personally found quite useful in learning a new language.

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