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permalink It's almost sacrilege that a topic for this game hasn't been created yet, so looks like it's high time this series gets an official JPA thread since Xenoblade Chronicles X has been released last month! :D

This thread will cover the entire series so please don't create a separate thread for X or it will be locked.

I'm wondering if any JPA-pons has played the game before? ([i]Riki really sad if JPA-pons haven't played game before! Riki bitey-bitey! xDD[/i])
If so, what did you like about the game? What didn't you like about the game? Who is your favorite character? Dare I even say, which characters do you ship? Post all things Xenoblade here! :D

SPOILER ALERT!: If you haven't finished the game before, then I would advise that this thread isn't for you as it probably will contain some major spoilers.

I've fallen in love with the series and I've been completely hooked onto X since I was lucky enough to receive the game for Xmas. The gameplay, the plot and the soundtrack are original and top-notch! :D

My fave character will have to be Melia~ sorry Fiora fans but I'm more Team ShulkXMelia. Don't get me wrong, Fiora is an awesome character :D If I had to summarize the original game in two words: POOR MELIA!!! T_T

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