French penpal (whether you're learning or a native!)

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permalink I've been taking French for 3 years now, and still currently studying, so I thought I'd kick it up a notch by finding someone to speak with frequently!

My main interests are vocaloid, anime/manga, Japanese entertainment. My expertise lies in Johnny's Entertainment, but I also like some Japanese bands such as SUPER BEAVER, UVERworld, and such! Other than hardcore jrock and dramas, I think I'm pretty well-rounded when it comes to Japanese entertainment (youtubers included!!) so please feel free to talk about any of them to me! If I don't know them, I'd like to explore your interests as well!!

Je n'est pas bon à parler ou écrire, mais je souhaite que vous pouvez me comprendre!

// as you can see, I struggle with writing but that's why I hope to get better haha~☆

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permalink Bonjour :)

Je suis Superal, ravi de te rencontrer ! :D
I'm a native French speaker and I wouldn't mind helping you with your French, as it is a very hard language to be fluent in (that's how it really is, that is why we have to encourage people that want to learn it~ :P)
I checked your profile, and saw thhat you liked Clannad and KEY. There you go, that will do it to start the conversation~ ^_^
I'm waiting for your answer, and even though I'm busy with exams at the moment I'll have more free time after the end of the month :)

J'espère pouvoir t'aider à améliorer ton français :)
À la prochaine~ ^_^


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