Foods you wouldn't eat as a child that you eat now?

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4yr ago
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4yr ago
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permalink Hmm, I can't really think of anything. I used to eat everything. I guess oatmeal porridge would be the closest.

Otherwise is a bit reversed now. I used to love certain food when I was a child, but now I find them utterly disgusting. xD

4yr ago
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permalink Broccoli. I used to hate it.

4yr ago
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permalink fried squash

4yr ago
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permalink It would have to be broccoli. But now that I am older, I love it!

4yr ago
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permalink When I child, mum buy me a slices of cheese. But I don't eat it but play with it like squeeze it to the wall. Then she never buy me any cheese anymore.

But now I like cheese a lot. I'm eating it with bread or raw. Don't play with it anymore. lol

4yr ago
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permalink Squid! Before, I hate looking at the black thingy that comes out of the squid even though it's cooked. I get totally grossed by it. But now, it looks very appetizing. Weird!

4yr ago
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permalink Spinach. Just the smell was enough to make me terribly ill. It was my kindergarten's fault. Their spinach looked like someone was ill before and something... was the result. They forced us to eat it.
It took me almost 10 years of fighting but now I am able to eat and actually enjoy spinach as long as it is as leafs and not that disgusting slush.

4yr ago
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permalink spinach... and mushrooms... the first experience were awful... but now i love it ^^

4yr ago
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permalink Vegetables

4yr ago
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permalink Cheese... I didnĀ“t use to like it at all >.<

4yr ago
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permalink Broccoli.... I LOVE IT NOW!

4yr ago
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permalink Squid... I always hated it... It's one of my favourite sea foods now~~~

4yr ago
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permalink It's not really a food but I'd refuse to eat gravy as a child

4yr ago
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permalink Mushrooms ^^

4yr ago
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permalink Beans, Mushroom, Broccoli

3yr ago
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permalink Onions, Egg plant and string beans

3yr ago
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permalink For some reason I wouldn't eat shrimp.. but I love them now

2yr ago
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permalink Chicken ... a long story but I like it now :D

2yr ago
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permalink Broccoli.

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