First love break ups.

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permalink I'm going to write in his fave color.
Hey guys... Ive been kinda bummed because.. well..
My first love, broke up with me not to long ago.
We would have been dating for.. 7 months this month. He sent me a txt the day before halloween saying "I have to break up with you, because I need to grow up before I can have a relationship like this, and Maybe when I get my stuff together we can try again"
He said he still loves me, and that was the last I heard from him since then..
:( we were each others firsts for everything ya know? And it hurts so bad that..I cry myself to sleep everyday..

I told him, I'd wait for him ti the day I die, and he will never find a girl like me. I believe in my heart he's my soulmate. -sighs-
I just wish people would stop trying to blow out this tiny ember of hope that I have about us being together again.. :(
I just.. dont know what else to do. :(

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permalink I know this is an old post, but I hope you are doing better.

There's a saying that if you let love go and it comes back to you then it's meant to be. I know the parting is difficult but sometimes it's necessary. It's not always easy but you have to try to stay positive. :)

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permalink First love break up is the hardest thing you'll need to get over, most likely. Its a needed thing, in my opinion. It changes your point of view in life. Allows you to see that not everything out there is sunshine and flowers. Takes off you being so naive and so on. And yes, ive experienced such a break up myself, thats why i talk this way, hahaa
The only advice I can give is dont run away from the person who left you. Running away, "trying" to forget will only make it worse. Just accept the fact that it happened, be depressed and sad for as long as you think its needed. Take note that you shouldnt just lay under a blanket alone in your room. Meet with your best friends and when the time is right, start going out to parties or just public places. In short, be open to new people, friendships etc and things should get better in no time :)

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permalink I agree that really changes your views on a lot of things.
And I definitely spent too much time hiding under a blanket in my room lolol

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