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permalink I'm gonna make a list of my favorite parts of certain songs...so...if you would please tell me what is you favorite part of songs then go for it! I just want to know what every one thinks and likes. By the way give the name of the song and artist/band.

Guren-Gazette: "Let me sleep by your name."
"The pain is matched with joy."
"Embracing the name which I cannot call out."

Mirrorcle World-Ayumi Hamasaki: "Did you give up or are you holding on?"
"I'm not going to run away like a victim."

Doushite Kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou-DBSK/Tohoshinki: "No matter how much time has passed I still thought you were right here."
"Why couldn't I call out to you at all?"
"And words overflow but I realized that they'd never reach you again."
"But I wasn't the one next to you."
"Why didn't I hold on to your hand."
"You should've always been by my side."
"But still, even if you leave my side, I'm only praying that you may be happy for eternity. No matter how sad that would make me, no matter how lonely."

White Prayer-Alice nine: "Since when did I stop feeling anything"
"Please save me, with a white rose."
"Even the sad songs are never useless."

Maple Gunman-Antic cafe: "Are you, who is grieving acting like you lonely?"
"I look around at me surroundings and get left behind."
"Life is over already isn't it?"

Sakura Mau Kisetsu ni-Ayabie: "I gently stroked youe head two times and casually pinched both your cheeks."
"I pursued the effort, and didn't see what was crucial for the solution."
"All I saw was that when you were next to me, you didn't smile did you?"
"'Sorry,' was said with a forced laugh."
"So until we meet again...ok?"

Wrong Number-DBSK/Tohoshinki: "Who would I be talking with at this time?"
"The extreme restrictions just make love more painful."
"Your words of love scrape me skin.'
"Don't hold onto a person that had left, just let me go."

Obscure-Dir en Grey: "Remembering the memories."
"How deep will it sink inside eating skin that doesn't match?"
"Don't you remember?"

Cassis-Gazette: "Why does it hurt so much to be touched by you?"
"I'll still love you without fail."
"I'm scared I'll lose you."

Well this is what I put up so far. I kinda just want to know what you guys like. Just typed down your favorite part of a song. It's that simple. Up above is what I like most. So just check it out. Hope you guys have fun!!

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permalink Hitomi Shimatani - Angelus :D

"hashiri tsuzukeru nara, tobitateru hazu..."

("If I keep on running, I should be able to fly...")

Hitomi Shimatani - Genki Wo Dashite :smilec:

Namida nado misenai tsuyoki na anata wo
Sonna ni kanashimaseta hito wa dare na no?

(You’re a strong person who doesn’t show tears
So who’s the person who’s made you this sad?)

that's all for now :tongue: :)

^_^ u E k I k O s U k E ^_^

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permalink uhh...yurie likes:-

Lady - Big Bang:

"[i]To be honest, my heart beats fast, my sweat drips down, my heart beats I don’t know, don’t know Big steps with big strides, one step stealthily, our love line is sunny sunny[/i]"

But I Love U - Big Bang (G-Dragon)

"[i]With bitter beer and the cigarettes that i quit because of you Because of you I smoke them again goes out to you It will goes out to you baby To you who left without a word Can you hear this song right now?[/i]"

Nuna, You Are So Pretty (Replay) - SHINee

"[i]Nuna, you are my M.V.P I know your nerves makes you a bit stiff Me with you is so cool Don’t let go of my hand this promise I made to you i know that it became a lie[/i]"

Step By Step - Battle

"[i]I love you never let me go My mind goes crazy not knowing Never let me go, I cannot do it, I must leave[/i]", "[i]I want my mind, Everybody just get down I want to reach this moment together, Slow down Everybody just get down just say that word Please do not leave me for a long time[/i]"

Tell Me (Malhae!) - Battle

"[i]I can only watch you How frustrating and pitiful I can't find it today, of all days The emergency funds that disappear only at times like these[/i]"

There ish still more by the way. XDD

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permalink i'm very remember this part,


"daijoubu sou itte mita kedo,
sonna hazunai deshou"

i'm tried sayin that i'm alryte,
but thats not possible isn't it?

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permalink Awesome! I got more than I thought. But anyways let me see, I think I have alot more. trust me I got alot of songs, and new ones waiting for me to listen to them. (laughs nervously) But anyways. Thanks guys I'll be sure to post up more, when I can. By the way, I'm not sure whether I should lock this up, there was one like this before...maybe I should wait. But yeah anyways. Hope to get back on soon.

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permalink Hmm... I have quite a few, but I'll try to keep it short. :)

Gackt - Speedmaster
"kimi no koto o aishiteiru yo
kurutta kao mo utsukushii
boku ga ishiki o nakusu hodo subete"
[i](I love you
Even your insane face is beautiful
So much that I lose consciousness, everything)[/i]

Miyavi - Fuuminshou no Nemuri Hime
"sono ue usupperai namida ja fukinshin kashira?"
[i](On top of that, are my fake tears a bit indiscreet?)[/i]

Miyavi - Itoshii Hito
"Anata no tame nara shineru" janakute
"anata no tameni ikiru" koto ni shita yo"
[i](It's not "I will die for you,"
but "I will live for you" that you should do.)[/i]

Miyavi - Joushou Gaido
"...menkyo nee no wasureteta."
[i](...I forgot my license.)[/i]

Miyavi - Sakihokoru Hanano Yoni ~Neo Visualizm~
"Fumi nijiraretatte mushiri torarettatte sakihokotterya ii
shinji tsuzukereba ii ame funnakuttemo hi ga atannakuttemo"
[i](You are trampled, or plucked,
You can blossom again, just keep on believing in it.)[/i]

SuG - Love Scream Party
"Daikirai dakedo suki, kokoro no mama ni majiwaritai"
[i](I hate you but I love you, I want to change the way of my heart)[/i]

YUI - Life
"Aisaretai aisaretai bakari
ATASHI itte ita yo ne
Motomeru dake ja dame ne"
[i](I want to be loved, I just want to be loved
is what I said. It's no good just to ask for it.)[/i]

Okay, there are plenty more but listing them all would probably take me the rest of the day. :RBstickout:

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permalink Oh, now that I think about it, here's another one. :)

Gackt - Sekirei
"Kono doko made mo tsuzuku shiroi daichi wa tooku
mou harisakebu koe wa dare ni mo todokanai"[i]
(Far off in this endlessly continuing white earth
My voice that's crying out can no longer reach anyone)[/i]

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permalink some of my favorites

One Day - m-flo loves Miliyah Kato
"Ain't no perfect world till we're all in heaven... Imagine that"

Niji - Masaharu Fukuyama
"Tada chizu o hirogete, Tada kaze o mattetanda kotae mo naku"
(I just opened the map, I just waited for the wind, without answers)

Neko ni fuusen - Otsuka Ai
"suki na toki dekakete suki na toki ni amaete"
(go out whenever I please, nestle up to people whenever I please)

Love Parade - Orange Range
"Ima wa sukoshidake ai o shinjireru, Dareka ga irukara tsuyokunatteiku"
(Now I can believe a little in love, we can grow stronger because of someone)

Setsuna - GReeeeN
""koukai nai you ni iki teru ?" tte hohoemi sukoshi nai ta"
(“Are you living your life so you wont regret it?” I smiled and cried a little)

"kanashii toki wa kareru made naki
ureshii toki wa hara kakae te warai
setsunai toki wa kaze o kanji te"
(When times are sad, cry until your eyes are dry
When times are happy, laugh until your stomach hurts
When times are painful, feel the wind.)

Kiseki - GReeeeN
"Itsu mademo kimi no yoko de waratte itakute
Arigatou ya ai shiteru ja mada Tarinai kedo semete iwasete shiawase desu to"
(I want to be laughing by your side forever
thank you or i love you may not be enough but at least let me say that I'm happy)

"Nanjuunen nanbyakunen nansennen Toki wo koeyou Kimi wo ai shiteru"
(Even if tens, hundreds, or thousands of years pass I'll love you)

Ayumi - GReeeeN
"donna ippo mo muda ni wa naranai
Taisetsu na ima hibi no naka de tada mune hatte Ayumi tsudzukeyou"
(each footstep is not in vain
In these important days Just be proud and let’s continue our “walk”)

"kobushi kakagete Ayumi tsudzukeyou"
(Raise your fist and let’s continue our “walk”)

Monochrome - BENNIE K
"But I'm trying to fly dokomademo
muchuu de oikaketa kedo todokanakute
nasakenai jibun wo kakushite itsuwaru koto bakari shite demo ienakute"
(But I'm trying to fly to somewhere else
I lost myself always chasing after it but I couldn't reach it
I've hide my pathetic self And keep on telling lies But I couldn't say it)

Mikansei - AAA
"Bokura wa mada mikansei"
(We are still incomplete)

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permalink NEWS - Forever
Kimi to no jinsei dattara sen nen datte tari nai
Ironna keikaku tatete takusan no yume wo
Douka itsumo genki de waratte ete hoshi i
Donna kanashi koto mo okinai you ni
~If it’s a lifetime with you, even a thousand years wouldn't be enough
With all sorts of plans, and so many dreams
I hope we’ll laugh and always be happy no matter what
So that there won’t be any sadness we can’t rise above~

YamaPi - Colorful
Nando kotae sagashite mo
Kangaeru hodo wakara nai
Me ni hairu hikari wo ukete
Ippo zutsu aruite miru ka
Tsuki wo miagete miru
~No matter how many times I search for the answer
The more I think, the more I don't know!
Shall I just try letting some light into my eyes
And walking one step at a time?
Try looking up to the moon~

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permalink ah, remember when i say there ish some more? well, here it ish...

Last Farewell - Big Bang
I’m a wanderer trapped in a maze who’s lost his way
I still can’t do it, I’m at my end
I’m just waiting, hoping that you’ll softly come to me girl
Just like when we first met, like that eager time
Oh my, oh my, oh my
Don’t ever let go of the string between you and me [/i]"

Next Day - Big Bang

"[i]I keep dialing your number to apologize about last night
But I keep hanging up out of fear that you will actually answer
I hesitate, but then I get the courage and wait, only a minute passes
But it feels like a year[/i]"

Oh Ah Oh - Big Bang

"[i]loud alarm sound, your repulsive voice
i wake up again this morning with a pain from thinking of you
whether it’s because of him or some excuses[/i]"

This Love - Big Bang

"[i]Do you remember? When I passed the night outside your house
I grew nervous as I waited for you
While holding a dozen roses I was already excited
But contrary to my expectations you didn't come out; the rain fell
It was only then I decided to let go
Inside your heart there must be someone else; comfort me [/i]"

Remember - Big Bang

"[i]when i get tired and fall asleep, you never sleep at a distant place, without a word
why do you have so much tears, separated times, just wait a bit more
the reason i can breath it’s you miss, you, you’re beautiful[/i]"

Just Break The Limit! - UVERworld

"[i]This heart that think continuously illustrates:
the 100 pages of wishes that I want to accomplish
I believe the true victory or defeat,
can definitely be found there[/i]"


"[i]The notebook thrown high up,
at that page that that opens by chance,
I tried writing everything that comes to mind;[/i]"


"[i]The dream I grasped hold of that day,
it's here now
toward you who thinks
about being alone somewhere
even the pain that pierces my chest
“I don't want to forget”
I couldn't express that,
at least the feeling[/i]"

Kaze No Mukou E - Arashi

"[i]Because you believe, your tears flow
When things don't go the way of
The words written on the notebook in your heart
The words you let out into the blurring sky
Become the path that forms behind me[/i]"

Sorry Sorry - Super Junior

"[i]People around me all say you work to hard
In this world, a person like that isn't just her
They don't understand
Not speaking from their heart
If they're jealous of me, then it's their failure (fault)[/i]"

I guess that this ish all...but, i don't think it ish...i think i posted enough too.. XDD

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permalink Hmm..

Sayonara - Orange Range

ima sara dakedo arigatou wo kimi e arigatou wo kimi e
shizuka ni sotto sasaete kureteta ne
jikan wo ima koete arigatoutte kimi e
sunao ni nare nakute tojita mama datta kokoro no naka no arubamu hiroge
boku ga mae muitara omoide tachi ga waratta

It's a little late now, but I say thanks to you, I say thanks to you
Because you quietly supported me
Passing over time now, I say thanks to you
I shut myself away, unable to be myself; opening up the album in my heart
And facing forward, the memories smiled

I like that part!!! ^^

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permalink Real Face - KAT-TUN

"giri giri de itsumo ikite itai kara
Ah koko wo ima tobi dashite yukou ze"

[i]I always want to live on the edge
So ah, I'm going to fly away from here, right now [/i]

Namidairo - YUI

"namidairo koe ga kikoenai yoru wa
komarasete shimau hodo wagamama ni naritai"

[i]During nights when my tear-stained voice cannot be heard
I want to become wilful even if it means being a nuisance[/i]

*Actually I like the tempo here...at this lyrics... :STbigSmile:

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permalink One more...one more...

Precious One - KAT-TUN

"Sometime toki ni nazeka mune ni semaru loneliness
I don't want to be all alone setsunakute
One day itsu no hi ni ka mitsukaru sa precious one
Sora miagereba hora ne hitotsu no shining star"

[i]Sometime, sometimes the loneliness overwhelms my heart
I don't want to be all alone, it's so bittersweet
One day, one day you'll fine your precious one
If you look up at the sky, there's a single shining star[/i]

*This song really catchy me...

Anniversary - Kinki Kids

"kimi wo ai shiteru" sonna hitokoto ga
kazarazu ni ieta nara donna ni raku nan darou
mou nido to kimi wo nakasetakunai kara
nanigenai kyou to iu hi ga bokura no kinenbi

[i]Those words, “I love you”
How much better I would have felt if I’d just come out and said them
I never want to make you cry again
So today, this random day, is our anniversary[/i]

:STbigSmile: :STbigSmile: :STsmile: :STsmile:

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permalink BURIED!!! I agree with all of your lyrics....For the songs that I know, at least. Heh. ;)

Lee Jung - Geudaeman Bomyeo(When I Look Only At You)
nareur bwayo nae mareul deureoyo
geu nuguboda deo geudael saranghaetjanhayo
oraen shigan hamkke haetdeon uri
nae jashinboda deo geudael saranghan nainde

(Look at me, hear what I'm saying
I have loved you more than anyone ever has.
The long times we have spent together
I love you more than I love my very own self.)

Dir en Grey - Kodou
When did my eyes become dead?


Don't kid yourself and don't wound yourself.

Actually...The whole song...Yeah...It's awesome.

KAT-TUN - Rescue
Naka-chans beatbox!! Heck yeah! :RBheart:

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permalink Nevermind about locking this up. I see I've got people who want to post lyrics up XD. But anyways here is a little a bit that I could remember don't have my lyrics book with me ^^;

Yokan-Dir en Grey: "You're the eighteenth girl."
(Don't know why I like that part...I guess it's kinda funny. *Shouldn't be laughing*)

Rescue-KAT-TUN: "I don't want to cry alone."
"We'll survive."
"Until my heart stops I'll rescue you."

Saku-Dir en Grey: "You walk a mountain road made of corpses, smiling."

Esacapism-Antic Cafe: "Ah slutty bunny shaking your hips like I thought you would."

Distress and Coma-Gazette: "Hello dear my bride."

Butterfly-Jin Akanishi & Ueda Tatsuya: "Me muero por tenerte, tu amor eres como un herida. Te queiro." (I'll die just to have you, your love is like a wound. I love you.)

(Yeah, I know spanish!!! But I don't like it XD.)

Yorokobi no uta-KAT-TUN: "AND I'LL NEVER STOP!!!!"
"I love you, I love you."

I guess that's all for right now. But keep your posts coming ok guys? I'll be updating a bit more and by the way...would you guys care to say why you like that specific line? Well, it's ok if you wish to, but if you don't that's ok too LaterZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... :RBconfused:

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permalink difficult topic... so many song sentences I love...

flumpool - hana ni nare

itsunomani boku wa jibunrashisa to ikikata no reshipi sagashite irun darou
"suddenly, I'm searching for myself and the recipe of life"

kazoekirenai hodo nandomo kimi no na wo yonda [...]
yozora ni hanatta bokura no koe wa kesou no naka kiete
yasashiku bokura wa tsutsunde yuku
"I called your name countless times[...]
our voices, set free in the night sky, are swallowed in the noise
that gently wraps us"

flumpool - lost

kono sora no mukou made ikeru ka wakarazu ni
tobitatezu iru boku wa sou yatte ushinatte kita
[...] soshite I lost my world.
"not knowing if I'd make it beyond this sky
I didn't take flight and in doing so I missed my chance
[...] and then I lost my world"

keitaku - kimi wo omou

machi wo yukeba ano michi mo konna ni hito de afureteru no ni
doko ni mo kimi no kawari nante inai... mada kimi wo omou
"if I walked this town, even that street that's so crowded
no matter were I look I see no substitute for you... I still think of you"

hora boku no me wa muishiki ni kimi wo sagashite irun da
hora boku no te wa kimi no mukumori wo wasurete kurenai
"hey, my eyes look for you unconsciously,
my hands will never forget your warmth"

greeeen - kiseki

ima mo konna ni suki de iru no ni kotoba ga dekinai
"then again, even though I love yo so much, I can't put it into words..."

bokura no deai ga moshi guuzen naraba? unmei naraba?
kimi ni meguriaeta sorette kiseki
"whether our meeting had been mere chance or destiny,
the real miracle was finding you again"

arashi - boku wa boku no subete

ari no mama de, mou ikkai arukidasou, kanashimi koete
dare no demo nai, na mo naki michi wo
ashita mo sou, yume ni, mukatte, nayande, waratte, waratte
ima koko ni iru, boku ga boku no subete, sore dake wa kawaranai

"let's start walking again, upfront, overcoming sadness.
in this nameless road devoid of people,
tomorrow too, facing my dreams, worrying, laughing, laughing.
this is where I am now, I'm all I have, and that's the only thing that's not about to change"

and loads more I just don't remember now ^^'

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permalink Love in the ice..Tohoshinki..i love all of its words

:RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

Sametai sono te kimi no sei ja nai
Osanaki hibi matta kizu kakae
Dare ka wo aisuru koto osoreteru no
Kotoba no uragawa sei wo mukete

Dakishimeta kokoro ga koori no you ni sotto tokedasu

Dare mo ga dare ka ni aisareru tame ni
Kono you ni inochi wo kiramekaseru no sa
Sore ga moshimo boku nara mou ichido kimi no kokoro no wo
Towa no yasashisa de atatameru yo...

Unmei no itazura (kokoro wo itametemo)
Sono namida no saki ni wa
Hitosuji no hikari ga (yami no naka maiorite)
Bokura wa kizuku sa

Kurushii hodo ni tsuyoku kanji aeru hito no nukumori

Dare mo ga motteru kanashimi ya kodoku
Iyashite moraeru basho sagashite iru
SO... kimi ni wa sono basho ga koko ni aru sa osorenai de
Mou mayowanai de boku ga mamoru

Setsunai hodo (My heart) utsukushii
Ai dakara (Don't be afraid)
Hakanai hodo (Let you know my love) uruwashii
Kono toki wo... (You know... Let you know my love)

Dare mo ga dare ka ni aisareru tame ni
Kono you ni inochi wo kiramekaseru no sa
Sore ga moshimo boku nara mou ichido kimi no kokoro no wo
Towa no yasashisa de atatameru yo...

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permalink Oh wow the whole song XD, where can I find that song? if you could share by any chance.

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permalink [i]What About Now- Christ daughtry

:RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

Shadows fill an empty heart
As love is fading,
From all the things that we are
But are not saying.
Can we see beyond the scars
And make it to the dawn?

Change the colors of the sky.
And open up to
The ways you made me feel alive,
The ways I loved you.
For all the things that never died,
To make it through the night,
Love will find you.

What about now?
What about today?
What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?
What if our love never went away?
What if it's lost behind words we could never find?
Baby, before it's too late,
What about now?

The sun is breaking in your eyes
To start a new day.
This broken heart can still survive
With a touch of your grace.
Shadows fade into the light.
I am by your side,
Where love will find you.

Now that we're here,
Now that we've come this far,
Just hold on.
There is nothing to fear,
For I am right beside you.
For all my life,
I am yours.

What about now?
What about today?
What if you're making me all that I was meant to be?
What if our love never went away?
What if it's lost behind words we could never find?
Baby, before it's too late,
Baby, before it's too late,
Baby, before it's too late,
What about now?

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permalink Here is some more by the way XD.

Haru haru-Big bang: "Because I have no regrets from loving you, take only the good memories."

Bolero-DBSK/Tohoshinki/TVXQ: " As I continue to hope to protect you."

Glass Skin-Dir en Grey: " My somehow faded voice is more important to me than my guilty counscience."
"I bleed as my compensating to you."
"How heavy is blood?"
"And it touches my heart more than any shallow words combined."

Hanakotoba-Gazette: " But before I knew it, you disappeared I'm still just one flower (blooming) in vain."
"Was it a dream created by my desires? It seems that soon I'll wither away without knowing the answer."

Kare Uta-Gazette: " A poem in my heart was insane."
" Searching for the past it will be seperated from me. I thought I understood yet, why does it hurt?"
" This should be the same loneliness, and yet what am I searching for?"
"We support each other, laugh together, cry and hurt each other. Let's walk together in a dream of the same color."

There we are, this is all I have for right now. Thanks for the support.

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permalink Rei Okamoto - Teenage Days
Thank you for my teenage days!
Kiss my asu and say good-by[/i]

"asu" is said as "ass".

I'm really easy to please. Puns are great.

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permalink gee gee gee gee[edit]Last edit by bluesweater on Tuesday 31 Mar, 2009 at 09:03 -1.6%[/edit]

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permalink okey doke, yurie got new ones! xD here it ish:

My Love - J-Walk ft. Eun Ji Won

[i]"If I started missing you, started thinking of you
What am I supposed to do?
I guess I would think about the way we used to shout
And how you just needed to get out
I'll forget
All the times that we fought
I'll just throw them out"[/i]

Love Like Oxygen ~You are like Oxygen~ - SHINee

[i]"Love like ice, the anguish that was sweet
My sincerity like a wave
Jealousy like ice, the tears that were sweet
Beautifully, it takes me by death"[/i]

Bad Woman - F.T. Island

[i]"Because of you, I was happy
Because of you, I loved you
I believed that I was the only one you would love forever"[/i]

Beautiful Life - V.O.S. (Voice Of Soul)

[i]"Surprised by my change
even cutting off my long hair (mm)
I really don't know
if I'll be okay like this?"[/i]


[i]"For you I will change this world I live in
Only now do I begin to understand love
do I start to feel happiness?
Yeah, I feel the love"[/i]

Insonmia - Wheesung

[i]"I'll be waiting for your permission
no matter how many years, how many lifetimes
I'll be existing for you"[/i]


[i]"This burning love
even if it gets wet in the tears that fall like tears from the longing
it doesn't grow cold"[/i]

Gee - Girls' Generation

[i]"So so suave. My eyes are so bright
Stop, I'm going crazy. I'm nervous
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
Oh so shy, I can't look at you
I fell in love. So timid.
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
gee gee gee gee baby baby baby
What do I do (uh-oh~)
Nervous me (nervous me)
(thump thump thump thump)
thump thump can't sleep at night"[/i]

How Come - Brown Eyed Girls

[i]"You're so handsome handsome
Watching you makes me dizzy dizzy (oohh~)
You're mean mean
You just smile ignoring my feelings (baby)"[/i]


[i]"No matter how calm I pretend to be
you''ll know what I'm like
I used to be well known for being arrogant
but, I've changed because of you
So you should turn back to what I was
Warning You, Red Alert
Whenever I am next to you, why is it so?
My heart stops beating"[/i]

Baby I Love You - H-Eugene ft. Ye Eun (Wonder Girls)

[i]"I have now escaped from the solo life
The one that saves me from all of this,
you are my partner
Sweet dreams, light and salt
I can't believe this happened to me, such an ugly duckling
I am grateful to you"[/i]


[i]"Hide and hide well
I don't want to see my hair out
I see the men after my girl
"A-yo, come on man, stop"
don't worry, i will protect you
I am your assistant, standing around just for you
"Don't worry baby, i got ya'"
From head to toe, it's all mine
You are so pretty, it is driving me crazy"[/i]

haha, i think there's more~ :\

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permalink All lyric by jay chou.
Love jay chou a lot..

10yr ago
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permalink Everything here from Gackt (except Vanilla - don't like that one)

Love Letter:
Eien wo aruite yukeru
Korekara mo zutto futari de
Kono mune ni tsuyoku dakishimeta
Omoi wa kawara nai tatta hitotsu dake no

[i]I can walk all the way,
Because we are together... now and forever.
In my heart, there exists never-changing affection for you. It's all yours.
The one-and-only "I love you."

Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume:
kimi ga kanaetai yume nara
utsumuite naitarishinaide n
emurenu yoru ni wa yume ga mireru made
soba ni ite ageru
sonna ni hazukashi garanaide
kimi no egao wo misete okure
dare yori suteki na boku no taisetsuna sono egao wo

[i]If it's a dream that you want to grant
Don't hang your head and cry
On sleepless nights, I'll be there for you
Until you can see dreams
Don't be so embarrassed
Let me see your smile
It's more wonderful and more precious to me than anything else, that smile

You've got to find the help of God

That's just a few - Oh and every time he says "Yasashii"

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permalink Because now I'm addicted to this KAT-TUN songs...so here is the part I like most!

Crazy Love

Tada kimi dake wo kowashi sou data
Nani mo nakute aishi sugite
Maybe we will fall in the crazy love

[i]I just almost hurt you alone
It was nothing and I loved you too much
Maybe we're fallin' in the crazy love

* I like most this part coz Akanishi sing this part in their latest concert and he make me melt to him everytime I heard it!!!

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permalink YAY!!! I got more supporters! But well, here I go with some more.

Yubisaki (fingertipd)-Ayabie: "The familiar coming and goings on the street...always diffrent and next to you, our fingertips will always touchy."

Green-Ayumi Hamasaki: "I'm staring at my dear person. I might tell him of this feeling around the time the wind changes."

Someday for Somebody-Kamenashi Kazuya: "The painful grieving for not being able to do it."
"Even if we're separated from each other, even if the time passes by, if we could trust each other, it would be great."
"I hope the day, wehn these memories arrive will come someday."
"I wonder if I will be able to go somewhere from here."

Well, that's all I have up for now. I'll post more up when I have time.

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permalink I got another one - I just listened to Utakata by Kagrra and its simply beautiful - you have to check it out!

Negai wa anata ni furisosogu
Sotto kanashimi wo koete
Itsuka futatabi deaeru to
Naiteita anata no yokogao wo omouyo

My wishes pour down on you,
Softly passing over the sadness.
Someday, if our paths might cross again,
I will think of your tear-washed face in profile.

Beautiful!!! :RBheart:

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permalink hmm my fav sentence of course from Miyavi most emotional and lovely song..itooshii hito..

Itoshii hito
[Anata no tame nara shineru] ja nakute [anata no tame ni ikiru] koto ni shita yo.
Mochiron anata mo goissho ni, kono saki mo, sono saki mo.


Beloved one...

Not 'For you I would die' but 'For you I live'
Of course, we'll be together
Before this, before that...

side..the full lyric of the song really lovely..

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permalink I found another one: "Hanauta" by Duel Jewel

sakura sakura yoi wo kasanete
kireina hana ni naru wa
sakura sakura itoshisa yue ni
tsubomi wo mama haru wo matsu

sakura, sakura the nights add up.
I will become a beautiful flower.
sakura, sakura you are beloved,
therefore I wait as a bud for spring

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permalink This is my fav. :)

K - [b]Only Human

Nigeru tame ja naku yume ou tame ni
Tabi ni deta hazusa tooi natsu no ano hi

("[i]The purpose is not to run away,
It's to chase after dreams
We should have gone out to travel
On that summer day so long ago[/i]")

K - Dakishimetai

Masshiro na mado wo
Suberu chiisana amatsubu wa
Hitotsu ni nare sou de
Hanare nagara ochite yuku yo

("[i]A small raindrop slides down the
white windows
Now I’m used to be alone
and though I left you, I didn’t let you fall[/i]")

K - Girlfriend

Arekara zuibun tsukihi wa nagare
Boku wa tada hitori de ikite kita kedo

("[i]Moonlight keeps flowing forth
and I keep on living on my own[/i]")

I'll post more if I found some more. :)[/b]

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permalink Hmm...yesterday I just heard for this song...and I'm really addicted to it now!!! :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

The part that really touch my heart is this one :

Kiss~Kaerimichi no Love Song (Tegomass)

Aa Mujaki na sugao no mama Kimi wa iu
"Nee Obaachan ni nattemo KISU shite kureru no?"
Nee Sono toki ni wa boku datte Onaji da yo
Tsunaidate Hanashi wa shinai kara

[i]Ah~ with your innocently honest face you say:
"Hey, if I turn into a grandma, are you still going to kiss me?"
Hey, when that time comes, it's the same for me.
Our joint hands; I'll never let go of it so,[/i]

Aaaah~ It really touching me....long lasting love... :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart: Until being oba-chan and oyaji! :RBstickout: :RBstickout:

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permalink Aloha - COOL

Cause your love is so sweet you are my everything
This is not a sweet word just for this first night together
I’m not going to be changed
I’ll see only you always

In My Fading Memory - Park Ji Yoon

Difficulty comes to be sad in the memory which becomes more distant,
Appeared the thing to be being eternal
Even until valuable reminiscence
Will depart and alone will carry the case to leave lonely

Laugh Away - YUI

Worrying about the trivial things
Suddenly I felt like seeing you

The smell of fresh spring
The petals of the blossoming sakura
I will never lose to it.

Flavor of Life - Utada Hikaru

When you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesn’t
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness
The flavor of life

Hoshi Wo Mezashite - NEWS

Is everybody here?
Aim for the stars!
I want you to lead me to there
While we keep on singing
Taking one step at a time
We've come too far for looking back
On all the painful scars
That we left behind long ago

..there's more, i just forgot them

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permalink OOOHHH! MORE MUSIC!!! Sweetness, by the way Unifantasy07 and AqiluvsHyde who is that as your avvy? I'll post more lyrics up when I have time, but mean while continue to do so!

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permalink Hitohira No Hanabira - Stereopony
"hitohira no hanabira ga mai ochita boku no tonari de ima
machigatta koi datta nante wasurerareru hazu wa nainda

suki datta suki datta ima datte sugari tsukitaku naru hodo
sore nanoni te ga todoku saki no kimi ga mienaku narisouda"

[size=9][i](One flower petal fluttered down beside me now
I don't want to believe
our romance was a mistake
I loved you, I loved you
so much that I want to hold you right now
Even though my hand reaches out,
you seem to be fading away...)[/i][/size] :RBcrying:

Ecstasy - Anna Tsuchiya
You can go and tell your friends
About my past and how you hate me
You can't help it
I`m your ecstasy" ;)

Flavor of Life - Hikaru Utada
"Arigatou to kimi ni iwareru to nandaka setsunai
sayonara no ato no tokenu mahou awaku horonigai
The flavor of life

tomodachi demo koibito demo nai chuukan chiten de
shuukaku no hi wo yumemiteru aoi furu-tsu
ato ippo ga fumidasenai sei de
jirettai no nan notte? baby~

arigatou to kimi ni iwareru to nandaka setsunai
sayounara no ato no tokenu mahou awaku horonigai
The flavor of life

amai dake no sasoi monku ajike no nai doku
sonna mono ni wa kyoumi wa sosorarenai
omoitoori ni ikanai toki datte
jinsei suteta mon janai tte"

[size=9][i](When you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesn’t
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness.
The flavor of life

Stuck midpoint between friends and lovers,
like an un-riped fruit dreaming about the day of harvest
because of being unable to just move one more step forward
what’s causing this frustration baby

When you say thank you to me,
for some reason it hurts,
Like a magic spell that doesn’t
get undone even after the good bye.
a hint of bitterness
The flavor of life

Sweet talk and tasteless conversations.
it sparks no interest in me
even when things do not go the way you want
it doesnt mean you’ve thrown your life away)[/i][/size]

A little pain - Olivia
"Travel to the moon
kimi wa nemuri yume wo toku
dare mo inai hoshi no hikari ayatsurinagara

tsuyoku naru tame wasureta egao
kitto futari nara torimodosu

I'm here waiting for you
ima to wa chigau mirai ga attemo
I'm here waiting for you
kitto kokoro wa tsunagu ito wo tagutteru
ano koro no watashi me wo samasu you ni
no need to cry"
[size=9][i](Travel to the moon
You're sleeping, solving a dream
while the light of the deserted star pulls the [puppet strings]

I forgot to smile in order to be strong
I'm sure that if we're together, I can get it back

Realize that
I'm here waiting for you
Even if the future is different from now
I'm here waiting for you
continuing to shout
Surely my heart is reeling in the string that connects us
No need to cry
in order to wake me up that time)[/i][/size]

There are probably some more but these are first that I remembered. :D

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permalink here are some...

Beautiful Days
by Arashi

Tanoshikute mo kurushikute mo
Mou bokura wa aenai
Donna ni negattete mo

[i]"Even if it's fun, even it's painful
We won't be able to meet again
No matter how much we wish"

Mayonaka No Shadow Boy
by Hey! Say! JUMP

kizutsukezu ni aishitai
kizutsukezu ni aishitai

[i]"I want to love without getting hurt
I want to love without getting hurt"

by Tegomass

Renai no sensei ga ireba ii na
Kimi tasu boku wa LOVE ni narimasu ka?

[i]"It would be nice if a teacher for love existed.
Does you plus me equal LOVE?"[/i]

by Mika Nakashima

Naita no wa boku datta
Yowasa wo misenai koto ga sou
Tsuyoi wake ja naitte kimi ga
Itteita kara da yo
I believe

[i]"It was me who cried
Not showing your weakness doesn't mean that you're strong
Because you told me. I believe"[/i]

Be with you
by BoA

itsuka ne
kawashita yakusoku wo chanto
oboete imasuka
itsuka kitto
hadaseta toki
motto fukai kizuna
te ni dekiru no dakara
futari wa koko ni iru

[i]"I remember exactly the day when you made a promise
Sometime in future, when we make it, we can be closer to each other.
That is why we are still together.. "[/i]

Only Human
by K

Kanashimi no mukou kishi ni
Hohoemi ga aru toiu yo

[i]"On the other shore of sadness,
It is said that there is a smile"[/i]

by Shota Shimizu

imasara kaerenaiyo anobashoha
donna sutekina omoidemo
kokoroni shimatteokubeki nanosa
imademo omoidasuyo sorede iinda
shinpainaiyo mada utaeruyo
itsuka kaeruyo bokudakeno HOME

[i]"After all this time, I can't go back to that place...
Whatever wonderful memories I have,
I should keep them in my heart.
I still remember to this day. That's good enough.
Don't worry. I can still sing.
Someday I'll go back. The home all my own."[/i]

Koi no ABO

YOUtachi, Nani gata?

[i]"You guys, what's your blood type?"[/i]

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permalink I'll start with two haha, I have so many songs to go through.


"Ima hashiridasu dokomademo arata na tabiji wo yuku
Keshite furikaeru koto naku
Kono kagirinai jounetsu de arashi no hibi wo koeru
Itsuka harewataru you ni"

"Now we start running, anywhere, embarking on a fresh journey
Never looking back
With this endless passion we'll cross the tempestuous days
So that one day they'll clear up"
"Ima utaidasu kono sora ni kokoro wo yurashinagara
Kitto tsukamitoru shinjitsu
Kono munashisa wo kirisaite chihei no kanata made mo
Tsuyoku kanadeteyuku yo"

"Now we start singing while swaying our hearts to the sky
We'll surely grab and take the truth
Tearing this emptiness to pieces all the way until the other side of the horizon
We'll strongly play this song"



"Shiroi tsubasa nante
Ira nai bokura wa tenshi ja nai
Kitto kono senaka ha
Daiji na dareka wo mamoru tame ni"

"We are not angels so we don’t need white wings
Surely this back exists to cover and protect someone dear to me"
"Bokura wa itsu datte hitori ja nai
Koko ni iru yo
Mirai ga donna tooku te mo
Sekai ga mezameru ano yoake ni Te o nobasu yo
Afureru hontou no omoi kasane te"

"We are never alone, we’re right here
No matter how far away the future is
The world awakens, I’ll reach out my hand to that dawn
And gather the true emotions that pour out"

These are just clips, but really the whole songs are worth displaying. THE BACK HORN's songs all have excellent lyrics.[edit]Last edit by spiegelscythe on Friday 15 May, 2009 at 18:22 +6.6%[/edit][edit]Last edit by spiegelscythe on Friday 15 May, 2009 at 18:21 +5.8%[/edit]

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permalink Orange Dream [An Cafe]

egao de arigatou sayounara genki de iteneto
(thanks for your smile goodbye and take care)

Hajimari no Kaze [Ayaka Hirahara]

anata mata aeta nara ano egao misete
(if we meet again show me your smile)
Ryuusei Rocket [An Cafe]

setsunasa ni HELLO! nani shitendaro? watashi baka dayo
(hello to lonliness! what am i doing? im so stupid)
White Prayer [Alice Nine]

so many lies, so much pain
And cry, with love wasureteru hazu sa
guree ni somatta sekai ga riaru janai to
nemutte mo nemutte mo asa wa konai kara
ima kono te de kagi wo akeyou
(And cry, with love We're sure to forget
That the world which was dyed grey isn't real
Even if we keep sleeping and sleeping, morning doesn't come, so
Now, with this hand, let's turn the key)

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permalink Just want to share just a few...

Here you go:

"dang shin eun, sarang bat gi wi han te oh nan saram"

You're the person born to be loved...

Too Far Away

We are apart in such long distance
Yet my heart goes through the sky
To live this life is not that hard
if there's nobody but you
When you get sick I'll hold my breath
and pray with all of my heart

Too far away to be in love with you
but if there's a hope of light
That's all I need
Invisible thread ties us together
I want that kind of promise
Mediocre that is but I only love you in this world
If you are the wind then I become the star and cherish you

"Seo Yak"

My precious... I will watch over you beautifully

You are now my wife, now I am yours
We will go through death together
We will always be together under the same skies,
In the same time, in the same place...

I promise you...

"Take Hold of Me"
Alex Band

Just take hold of me
Yeah, take hold of me
Well take hold of me
I've got nowhere left to go

Well take hold of me
Take hold of me
Well take hold of me
And never let me go

I'll be alright

"You First Believed"

How many times did I pray you'd find me...
How many wishes on a star,
Gazing off into the dark
Dreaming I'd see your face
Safe at home unafraid,
Captured in your embrace.

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permalink Nagareboshi shooting Star- Home Made Kazoku
When I look up at the sky
The stars, see, are sparkling
Each giving off its own light
Like the people on this planet
Yeah, so I, too
Want to shine particularly bright
I close my eyes and make a vow in my heart
And entrust my dreams to that shooting star

Weeeek- NewS
From tomorrow, it's back to Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Look, after Wednesday & Thursday come around, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Let's cherish these days of our dreams
One more time
From tomorrow, it's back to Saturday, Monday, Tuesday
Look, after Wednesday & Thursday come around, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Let's enjoy ourselves in these days that belong to us
Come on, let's go

Special HAppiness- KAT-TUN
You try to be strong, but you look at me with the eyes of a child
I'll wrap you up, accepting everything, including your tears
I'm unreliable, but I love you more than anyone
Even the littlest things are a special happiness

New Home- Fahrenheit feat...S.H.E.
Please get your luggage ready
Throw away the useless sad, old memories
The diary in the mind begins anew
It only has our exclusive happiness

Angels- David Archuleta
and through it all she offers me protection
a lot of love and affection
whether I’m right or wrong
and down the waterfall
wherever it may take me
I know that life wont break me
when I come to call she wont forsake me
I’m loving angels instead[edit]Last edit by hotaruhaku on Thursday 18 Jun, 2009 at 12:01 +5.6%[/edit]

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permalink here's more great songs:

Faraway by GACKT:

nemuranakute sabishisa ga kesenai yoru ni
kimi no koe ga kikoeta ki ga shita
toozakaru te wo furu kimi ga chisaku natte
ano toki no setsunasa ga yomigaeru

on a night when I couldn't sleep or extinguish my loneliness
I thought I heard your voice
Waving your hand as you grow distant, you shrink out of sight
resurrecting the hurt I felt back then

Oblivious by GACKT:

torimodoshita kioku ga naiteru
hitomi wo tojireba
futari wa tada hohoende yasashiku kisu wo shita...
shizuka ni tada yasashiku boku wo mimamoru sugata ga
ima wa modokashikute
nando mo koe ni naranai koe de
boku wa naiteta

Once my memory comes back
I close my eyes
We were smilling, then we kiss gentlely
I gentlely and quietly followed you
Now under the oak
There are no voices, but also many
I was crying

My Father's Day by GACKT:

You can find the Neo Universe
without tears nor any words.
Dry your tears...You can go forth alone."

I'll take on the Neo Universe
without fears nor any doubts
The many things you have left for me
Good-bye Dad

(yes, those two versers are sung in english - w/ a very cute asian accent :D)

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permalink YESH!! So it's been about 3 months since I posted on here. In that time, I've fallen in love with F.T Island. :RBheart: Ok...So maybe not 'fallen in love', but they're pretty fricking sweet. :RBhot: Anyways...The following songs are all by F.T Island:

She is Love

[i]Even if you hurt me
Even if you sadden me
There is no one like you.
You think you know but you don't. That is love
Even if you're hurt but you miss it. That is love
Even though I try to forget you
Even though I try to throw it all away
You are my only love.

Miwohago Wonmanghago/Hate and Resentment

mamedo om-neun mal
haengbokhara-neun mal mothaeyo
ajikdo geudaen nae saranginikka

chugodo anin gonkayo
chugodo anin gonkayo
tashi bogo tashi pwado

na-neun anin-gayo
miwodo dashi hanbonman
a-neul sudo om-neun gojyo
ta aljiman anh-dwineyo
keudael saranghanikka
[i]I couldn’t even put myself up to telling her to be happy
because she is still my love
Even if I die, am I not for her?
Even if you keep looking, am I not for her?
Even though I resent her, I can’t even hold her once more
I know that but I can’t help it
because I love her.

Sarangira Boreneun/A Name Called Love

keudaenun nae salm sogui bit
eodubdeon nae geelul bahlhim.
[i]You are the light of my life that brightened up my dark path.[/i]
sarangira hajyo
nae keudael sae gyeonohun ireum
gasum sok gipi saegyeonohun saram
keudael bureunun ireum.
[i]It’s called love.
The name I engraved you with.
You are marked deep in my heart.
It’s a name I call you.

Saranghajimayo/Don't Love

Miryoni nunmuri dwel-teni.
[i]Affection will turn into tears.[/i]
Sarangmankeum apeumyon twi-neun chulman
in-neun chulman arat-don gojyo
anijyo su-chonbae-neun do apayo.

gobnayo nuntteugo sa-neun-ge
chajado boji mothal-teni
charari keudael keuriwohadaga
jichyo chamdeun chaero sa-neun-ge nat-jyo
[i]I thought that this would only hurt
as much as I loved.
But I was wrong. It hurts a thousand times more.

I’m afraid of living with my eyes open
Because I know I won’t see you even if I look for you
It seems better to fall asleep exhausted
After longing for you
Pabo-chorom honja mar-hae-yo.
[i]I cry out like an idiot to myself.[/i]

Yeojaneun Molla/Girls Don't Know

Jjiteojin nae mam banhae
keu mamkumdo molra neonun
neo bakkeh molra.
[i]You don't even know at least half of my torn heart.
You don't know anything but yourself.[/i]
Sangcheoga hyungteoro nama
son kkut hana garil su eobnun
naegen oojik hana bbunin saram
keunyeorul bonaeyo.
[i]The wound becomes a scar.
I can't even forget the touch of your fingers.
You are my only one. And I'm letting you go away.[/i]
[edit]Last edit by HaruhiNakamaru on Monday 22 Jun, 2009 at 05:20 +6.6%[/edit]

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permalink Mmm...Parts of lyris I like...

'Watashi no ude ga mou sukoshi nagaku, subete wo tsutsumetanara, fuan wo aseri wo shikori wo torisaru, mahou wo kakete ageru koto mo dekita' --> 'Which of the things I have can I bury and leave behind? If my arms were just a little bit longer, I could've held everything, even I could've worked magic, and taken all the anxiety and panic and bad feelings' Hisui, Amano Tsukiko

'Sasenai tsumori, shitenai tsumori' --> It's not my intention to make you do it, it's not my intention to do it' Black Guitar+Berry Garden - Amano Tsukiko

'Eien to wa nanika wo kanjisasete ne' --> 'Make me feel something eternal'
'Tobira wo ake, te ni ireta subete oite dete yukou' -->Let's open the door, and leave, leaving behing everything we got.
- Hakoniwa~Miniature Garden~ - Amano Tsukiko

'Because I have someone whom I love so much, I'm by your side protecting you, That I was born on this earth that conects me to you, I'm glad' --> Sayonara Solitia

'Will your smile always be beautiful even if you hide your true self?' - Kanashimi wo yasashina ni - Ikimonogakari

'There's no aswers, no one can give it to you' - Startin' - Hamasaki Ayumi

'Everybody waits for the days with no strife' - Rakuen - Do As Infinity

'All the days that have passed up to now, have me the current me, it's because thing aren't simple, that I can go on living' - Life - Yui

'Oh wind! I will stand and face you!
Oh wind...I'm not afraid of you! It's my joy to believe in you' Kiseki no Umi - Sakamoto Maaya

'I saw a dream no one saw, and I threw everything that I didn't need away' - Allumina - Nightmare

'It's okay if you smile just for your sake' - Alones - Aqua Timez

'If the rain doesn't stop,where should I go to? When I want to see you, how should I call you?
'Don't say it, more than words...till the end' - Ame ga furu - Sakamoto Maaya

''Which are the important things?' I asked myself, 'Is there something I want to protect?' Even if I knew the truth...' - Taiyou no Hana - Okui Masami
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Sweetness!!! Well, I'm back thanks for all your support I hope you guys continue to post!! But here's my fresh batch of lyrics some songs are repeated by the way...but they have new lyrics XD.

Kodoku Ni Shisu, Yueni Kodoku-Dir en Grey: -"I want to disappear more than forget."
-"I Laugh back at people like you, who act like you understand."
-"Just wishing it wasn't real is my only negative way to escape..."
-"I am just garbage with an umbrella, so give me my dream."

Kare uta-Gazette: -"I thought I understood yet, why does it hurt?"
-"To the one who showed me when the pain was unbearable. The one who supported my weakness and believed in me. I can only say it with awkward words, but until my withered voice runs out I want to stay here."

C-Dir en Grey: -"Even if you don't know the answer to the simple question of 'C' the eyes to see reality is far more important."
-"I will scream as much as I want and if my voice dies, then let my voice die."

Itoshisa ha Fuhai Nitsuki-Dir en Grey: -"Say goodbye as we torch the fire to the victims stacked up."
-"The endless love the little girl with happiness on her sleeping face is gone."
-"The decomposed dress and the leg of the little girl, I carry."
(It must have a deep meaning behind it...I was kinda scared of it...but now I like it alot.)

Taion-Gazette: -"Freedom, was taken."
-"An understanding is impossible."
-"Why was I chosen? Someone should answer..."
-"To what extent should I shout, writhe, and suffer till it's alright?"
-"With a voice that seemed broken, I cried out over and over again."
-"Surpressing my voice and ordering my withered self to live on, to not lose sight of the living."
-"Surpressing my voice, I'll remember the trembling night in pain."
-"In the end, I just want to try and laugh once more."

Signal-KAT-TUN: -"In this town even basic commonsense is crazy."
-"Being healed is not enough..."
-"Trying to be alone won't save us..."
-"Cut that moment out of your heart forever and try diving fearlessly into trouble."
-"Your heart your certainly not alone."
-"Each of you hides your own possibilty."
-"We're still aliver today, right?"

Kodou-Dir en Grey: -"I am alone I linger on to this fate."
-"I can't handle it anymore."
-"What is waiting for me tomorrow as I sing and live without meaning?"
-"Alone in my room as my heartbeat screams."

Love in Snow-Ueda Tatsuya: -"Will this painful road to return continue forever?"
-"Even if my wish for love doesn't come true 'I love you' I want to see you...thats is all I wish for."
-"Will you be able to understand?"
-"As for me, I'll always be looking up to see the snow that will not cease..."

Plenty more where this is coming from folks!! Plenty more!

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Here's some more by the way!

Maple Gunman-Antic Cafe: -"Recall when you were innocent the time when you ran not knowing fear."
-"Instead of drowning in yesterday that you can't go back to swim in tomorrow that you can't predict."
-"Aim for the shining future."

Wrong Number-DBSK/Tohoshinki/TVXQ: -"I want to forget you; I'll make sure you don't appear on my phone again."
-"You're always worried about who I am with, as if it's for me."
-"I want to escape from you now, don't call me again."

Obscure-Dir en Grey: -"The stain is the moon that's fulfilled, and the vomiting at night begins."
-"Colour of tears...remembering the memories."
-"Colour of pomegranite...sting with a prick and disappear far away."

Mirotic-DBSK/Tohoshinki/TVXQ: -"You are my slave, I got you under my skin."
-"With a single kiss~the day revitalizing~a powerful pull."
-"The second kiss; it sent a blow to your heart and it feels hot."
-"In your dreams I order you under my spell."
-"My devil's ride, you now don't have time to breathe."

I think that's it for now I'll post more up later.

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permalink okay I know I was just here last week but I finally listened to my friends and I simply fell in love w/ L'arc~en~Ciel and here's some of my favorite lyrics by them:

I want to shine on you
And always like that dazzling sun,
I will defend you from all the darkness,
This is the truth from my heart.

My Heart Draws A Dream:
Our Heart draws a dream
yume wo egaku yo [I heart draws a dream]
yume wo egaku yo [I heart draws a dream]
yume wo egaku yo...hora [I heart draws a dream...look]

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With Me

Kono kyori ga futari no
omou kokoro wo
umau no wa yamete hoshii
kimi ni aeru toki wo itsumo yume miteru yo

it was describing my feeling as a fan!! I often cried when I listen to this song! espesially this part :RBcrying: :RBcrying:

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permalink K.Will feat. MC Mong - Love 119

Mungdeun gaseumeun ni ileumman wechuh.
[i]My bruised heart is calling only your name.[/i]
Ne sarangeun dan harudo mot shwiuh
ne gaseumeun nuh ubtshineun mot ddwiuh.
Nuh ubtshineun mwul halsoo eetgessuh?
[i]My love can’t rest a day,
my heart can’t beat without you.
What could I do without you?[/i]
Nul saranghe sewuli jinado.
Nul saranghe sesangi byunhandedo.
Daleun nugudo nul deshin halsoo ubtsuh
nuhdo algoitjana.
Ne sarangeun dan harudo mot shiwuh.
Nuh ubshi nan han soongando mot sala.
Niga issuhyahman nan soomeul shiwun.
Yungwonhi unjeggajina saranghe.
[i]I love you, even as time goes by.
I love you, even if the world changes.
No one can replace you, even you know that.
My love can’t rest a day.
I can’t live a moment without you.
I can breathe only if you’re with me.
I love you forever and ever.[/i]
Nul saranghe sewuli jinado.
Nul saranghe sesangi byunhandedo.
[i]I love you, even as time goes by.
I love you, even if the world changes.[/i]
Shimjangi mumchoolgut gatado, (x2)
ne sarang nuhwa idero. (x2)

Gomawuh nal saranghe jwosuh.
Gomawun nal ootgeh hehjwosuh.
[i]Even though my heart feels like it’s going to stop, (x2)
my love for you is still the same. (x2)

Thank you, for loving me.
Thank you, for making me laugh.[/i]
Naeh nooni anin neh gaseumeulo haneun mal
unjeggaji na nul saranghe
shibnyuni jinado
geudeh bameul bichooneun juh byulchulum
dashi hanbun teuhnaduhlado
geuluhkeh nan geuhdemaneul saranghe.~
[i]I say this not with my eyes, but with my heart.
I’ll love you forever, even if ten years pass by.
Like a star that lights up your night.
Even if I were to be born again,
I’ll only love you, like this. ~[/i]

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permalink yaay thanks for the lovely subject

my share:
If we can't be ourselves
Then happiness and sadness are both
just lies
Konayuki by Remioromen

And I,
Now I am stronger than ever.
Yeah I,
Now I am stronger without you...
We cannot return to that day anymore...
And I don't need you here with me anymore...
-Stronger without You by JJ Express

If you could have taught me anything
You would have found what love is
If you could have taught me what was on your mind
I could have shown you the way
Someday... I will be before you
Have you ever thought about that time?
I never imagined the pictures of that night
For now I will try to live for you
And for... I will try to live
Try to live the love, the dreams,
And finally, the tears
Tears X-Japan

guess there's no turning back,
so I'll go on, to a road without you.
Mr.Children - Kurumi

Like a river flowing to the sea
You'll be miles away, and I will know
I know I can deal with the pain
No reason to cry
Crucify my Love - X-Japan

when you scold me for the first time, i couldn't say anything and i looked down on the floor
you turned your back and left the room
and you made the same scar i made in your heart
Scar by Ayumi Hamasaki

If you want to fullfill a dream
Don't hang your head and cry
Gackt - Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume (The Dream That You Chased

Beginnings come at random,
but endings always have a reason.
ayumi hamasaki - M

“Change” is what we feared
But we have both changed
over.. by K

“Losing” hurts more
than giving up
But I have no regrets
...I’d rather be punched that regret
Tomorrow I’ll be stronger
than the person I am today
over.. by K

No matter how many times I touch your hand
you don’t grab mine
And in the future, you will disappear
without even saying goodbye
over.. by K

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Hello, hello, hello everyone. Thanks for sticking with me for so long. If you guys can get more people here than awesome!!

Satsuki-Kagrra: -"Shaking, I plunge into the memories."
-"My mere voice cannot reach you, slipping through you hands."
-"Hazing in the setting sun the day broke in splinters."
-"My tears Hasn't yet fallen, as I'm still looking for you."
-"Shaking, my heart is crying."

Cassis-Gazette: -"Always, I did nothing but made you sad."
-"Surely, the same things will repeat themselves because, I'm
scared I'll lose you."
-"YOu just held these hands without asking anything, didn't you?"
-"Counting the number of nights I can't see you my heart yearns for you."
-"No matter how far apart we are let's believe in each other."
-"Somehow, please don't let go of this hand."
-"I want to keep smiling like this no matter what, not being able to hurt you."

Crimson Tears-Sadie: -"I'm hurting from sorrow rather than a wound."
-"I'm wondering what is the sense of my existence."
-"With you smile combined with hypocrisy, I understand you follish lie."
-"I'm just crying...I still want to love you."
-"Who am I looking for, hating, and living for?"
-"Holding my despair from your unreachable voice, I don't hesitate anymore."
-"I can't live with strength, nobody can save me."
-"Even if I die in darkness, surrounded by my solitude, would you cry for me?"

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