Favorite Game Genre?

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1decennia ago
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permalink Does anyone have a favorite game genre (first-person shooters, puzzle/adventure, casual, RPG, MMORPG, strategy, etc.)?

I really love FPS's like Halo and Enemy Territory. :RBheart: They're sort of my babies--so intense! Strategy games are kind of awesome too, though: Warcraft and Starcraft and Age of Empires--grew up playing games like that, so although I'm no good, I find them unreasonably enjoyable. :)

8yr ago
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permalink I like RPG's Like Final Fantasy, most actions adventure games and fighting.
I'm a dork for games like Marvel Vs Capcom 3

1decennia ago
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permalink RTS - Warcraft Series, Starcraft :rock: , FPS - Counter-Strike :otsu: , MMORPG - World Of Warcraft :king: I'm a Blizzard freak :crazy:

3yr ago
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permalink i like starcraft too.. and diablo series too :D

1decennia ago
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permalink Hmm hard one to answer on :O
Well when i grew up it was probably 3 genres: platforms, RTS and FPS...

though in these days it will mostly be... hmm....fighting games.... and i prefer 2D fighting games ^^

1decennia ago
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permalink all first person shooting game.. i like it! :RBhalo: SWAT, CS, Max Paine, etc :laughing:

1decennia ago
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permalink Rpg with great stories and gameplay, FPS when multiplayer, fighting and racing games! :)

1decennia ago
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Quote by bluesweater
all first person shooting game.. i like it! :RBhalo: SWAT, CS, Max Paine, etc :laughing:

1decennia ago
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permalink Puzzle and strategy games.

1decennia ago
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permalink Action/adventure.

Like TR and stuff. :)

1decennia ago
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permalink Hmmm, lets see

FPS-Counter Strike: Source, RPG-Final Fantasy Series, Action/Fighting-Ninja Gaiden, Devil May Cry Series and that's about it.

1decennia ago
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permalink RPG's Like Devil May Cry 1 and 3 :lovec:

8yr ago
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permalink I like DMC too, if only they didn't keep changing the CV for dante.

1decennia ago
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permalink yeah dante's cool! :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie: :boogie:

1decennia ago
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permalink RPG- of course the Final Fantasy series and Breath of Fire, as well as Arc the Lad

Mystery Adventure- Silent Hill, Fatal Frame, Koudelka, and Resident Evil

question: how is mystery adventure different from RPG? isn't it just RPG with some horror and thrills in it?

1decennia ago
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permalink Me, I like games like Leisure Suit Larry, J/K :RBstickout:

I like pretty much every game genre, but I would have to say RPG's are my favorite, along with RTS games.

1decennia ago
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permalink Fighting (SF 3rd Strike, Smash Bros series, etc.), RPG (Tales, FF, GUST games), and some strategy stuff (Ogre battle, Tactics, Starcraft, etc.) are my big three. I play other stuff too, but most of my collection is in these groups.

1decennia ago
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Quote by blidus
Rpg with great stories and gameplay, FPS when multiplayer, fighting and racing games! :)

Yup Yup Me too!!!

1decennia ago
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permalink I like RPG's like Final Fantasy. I also like turn-based RPG's like Disgaea 2. (My favourite game at the moment!)

1decennia ago
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permalink RPGS for sure i also like the god of war series

1decennia ago
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permalink I like RPG games mostly, like Final Fantasy.

1decennia ago
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permalink :think: I'm a fan of every genre except sports. Not because I don't like em, it's just I always get killed online. :shifty:

1decennia ago
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permalink RPGs ftw! But then I love playing all types of games.. the only ones I don't really enjoy are sports games. I just can't get into it at all, sports never appealed to me.

Favorite games: Xenogears, Star Ocean, Brave Fencer Musashi.

1decennia ago
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permalink rpgs,fighting,action/adventure..certian shooting games(not my best type of genre)

i dont like sport games

1decennia ago
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permalink Personally, I think FFVII is it's own genre...

1decennia ago
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permalink my favorate game genre is first person shooter.

1decennia ago
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permalink rpgs and action/adventure :RBheart: :RBheart: :RBheart:

1decennia ago
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permalink i like rpgs cuz the storylines are more in depth and complicated than other genres...my favorite game at the moment is fire emblem path of radiance on gamecube...amazing><

1decennia ago
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permalink Fighters are my best, but, I like adventure games too. I play Marvel Vs. Capcom (1/ and 2) best of anything. I have lots of skill in Soul Calibur, and lots in Tekken. But, playing Soul Calibur makes me worse in Tekken because of the no gaurd button. Sometimes in Tekken, I'll push the X button to block.

Everyone says they can beat me in these three game series (never happens). But, if someone wants to play me in Soul Calibur IV, my XBOX Live account is "Burning Typhoon" exactly as it is here. lol. Looking forward to challengers. Astaroth For the Win!

I would say that action/adventure is my favorite genre (which it is) but, I play more fighting games, so, I'll just have to go with that.

Challengers welcome, and good luck.

1decennia ago
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permalink RPG , fighting , strategy and adventure. Is my favourite genres.

Best games in RPG:
Final Fantasy
Eternsl Sonata
Dead or alive
Virtua Fighter
Command and Counqer 3
Ninja Gaiden 2

1decennia ago
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permalink I like and play RPGs the most, but i dont mind shooters. :)

1decennia ago
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permalink I love RPGS!!! :RBheart:
Like the Legend of Zelda and the Tales Series!
Oh and platform games like Mario <3
and maybe some random others.....I like Animal Crossing and Pokemon!
I really dont like film games like...Harry Potter or the disney ones >< so bad xD
I really want Guitar Hero and Okami...and maybe Super Smash Bros Brawl! <3
Oh wow, i want so many games yet I only have a few pounds :RBcrying:

1decennia ago
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permalink RPG fighting and Adventure

1decennia ago
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permalink I love turn-based rpg!! I also like some hack&slash games too, but personally I prefer old school turn-based fighting (like FFVII)... Aww I miss those kind of games so much. :RBcrying:

Now I'm playing old PS2 game called Dark Cloud (Zelda: Ocarina of time ripoff xD) and I actually like that kind of hack & slash, but for example I've never liked the figting styles in Tales series.. So.. I'm difficult. :D

I also looooooooove fighting games.. My ultimate favourite is Soul Calibur serie. Omg I'd marry Tira anytime (and my boyfriend totally accepts that)!! :RBheart:
I've been playing SC4 (daily) in my ps3 like 3 months now and I'm still not bored with it!

Well anyhoo.. I also like to play FPS (CS, Unreal Tournament) and lifesimulation (The Sims2!!). And I'll probably play any kind of game if the story is good and worth of my time. :RBstickout:

1decennia ago
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permalink I would've listed all the genres, as I like at least one game in each genre, the only exception is the Civilization series, I seriously do not understand the appeal of that game.

However, one of my most-liked genres would be First-Person Shooters[FPS, don't get confused with another meaning of this word as it has two different meanings.]. There is a certain intensity in such games which I crave. Which is why I can't wait for Left 4 Dead, the fact that it has an 'AI Director' that adjusts the difficulty is great.

That means, I'm gonna get completely owned by massive numbers of Zombies... you would understand why.

I also do like Real-Time Strategy[RTS] games such as Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, which is too awesome too describe. Can't wait for the second game.

1decennia ago
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permalink I prefer RPGs (Final Fantasy, Ragnarok Online) and Fighting (Soul Calibur, King of Fighters). I don't really have a PS3 yet so right now that's what I'll go with.

1decennia ago
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permalink I'm a wicked RPG player! Love the style of it and mostly the stories. I like stories a lot however its tough for a book to really grab someone all the time that's why i like rpgs its a story you control :)
other then that it goes like this:
2)Action/adventure (jak and daxter for example)
3)Strategy (Command and conquer things like that)

1decennia ago
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permalink RPG and a little blend of RTS would do. :tongue:

1decennia ago
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permalink My favorite is RPG.... but lately I've been into FPS's like Fallout 3.
What I'm playing right now is Lost Odyssey, Fallout 3, Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary, and some mahjong game I picked up out in town.

1decennia ago
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permalink I love RPG and FPS. Currently I haven't had time to play any though :RBcrying:

1decennia ago
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permalink Fighting, football and RPG

1decennia ago
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permalink RPG and Fighting!! ^^

(Tekken is the best... Bloody Roar is not bad tho :STwink: )

1decennia ago
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permalink RPGs FTW :RBheart: :rock: :pray: They're the best games out there to me! Stuff like FF series, Kingdom Hearts series, Star Ocean, love em all!

Simulators too like Harvest Moon and Cooking Mama.

Fighting games are SO much fun to me but i'm not too good at them. I've grown up around Tekken and Soul Caliber and Dead or Alive so i'm used to watching people get beat up not actually doing it myself :RBblush:

I don't really like FPS. The only one i'll play is Resident Evil. FPS just really isn't my type of gaming.

1decennia ago
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permalink Ah I used to play Harvest Moon as well... loved it :RBhalo: But then it got boring and yeah... no time to play games since I'm in uni now :RBcrying:

1decennia ago
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permalink Survival horror: Resident Evil
Simulation: Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing
Action/Adventure: Legend of Zelda

1decennia ago
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permalink FPS > RPG > RTS :)

1decennia ago
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permalink For me its Gotta be Counter Strike!! I have been totally brought up on that game, since i was about 10 XD Haha! Mind you i can seriously kick ass :) :otsu:

If any one fancies a game you can find me under Hey I Sux =]

1decennia ago
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permalink MMORPG - World of Warcraft :RBheart:
simulation- the sims 2 :laughing: :otsu:

1decennia ago
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permalink I like Japanese RPG's and the Phoenix Wright games.

1decennia ago
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permalink JRPG all the way,Final Fantasy!!!!!! :RBheart:

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