False Eyelashes & Eyelash Extensions Opinions?

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8yr ago
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permalink I'm a lazy girl when it comes to make up. I actually don't use it unless I'm going out to a bar/club or for a formal event. One thing that helps me stay lazy is false eyelashes or eyelash extensions. I'm Asian with straight short eyelashes. No amount of mascara can save them really...so eyelash extensions help out. I used to get them professionally done. ($100+) and then I realized that I can do them myself for less than $10.

What do you think about false eyelashes/eyelash extensions?


8yr ago
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permalink im not that much of a make up person, but i use normal mascara.. i have a favourite brand but if i were to choose, i would prefer the eyelash extensions because false eyelashes are easy to come off ~ sometimes when you dont even notice! haha

8yr ago
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permalink I've never used eyelash extensions nor make-up, but I've seen others I know use it. I say, when someone uses it, it really changes the way they look sometimes dramastically. :I

8yr ago
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permalink I rather false eyelashes than extensions i don't really know why i just do.

8yr ago
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permalink I don't like either

7yr ago
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permalink I don't need to wear them. I have super long eyelashes. (Even longer than they look, since the tips are naturally blonde. Hard to see the ends without mascara on them.) In fact, they used to scrape up against my glasses every time I blinked (when I had glasses). False eyelashes kind of scare me, though. I think if I were to use them, my eyelashes would slowly fall out.

7yr ago
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permalink i used false eyelashes once, and have a few more kept away, it helps bring out those eyes hehhehe, their fun to play with, but,im a disaster when it comes to it. One night partying, i found my fake eyelash stuck to my forehead,still wondering how did it get up there? :crazy:

7yr ago
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permalink False eyelash extensions make your eyes look beautiful. I too had used these eyelash extensions along with hair extensions for my prom night. No one was able to tell that I put on eyelash and hair extensions.

7yr ago
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permalink false lashes when I make up, it does make the eyes looked nicer and also to create a better double eyelids without putting on stickers

7yr ago
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permalink I don't need to use them so far.

7yr ago
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permalink I plan on buying some in the future!

7yr ago
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permalink I would be too scared to out them on, my eyes are sensitive q_q I don't think I need false eyelashes anyways. :P

7yr ago
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permalink I've tried using it once but I failed and got mad, never tried since then. XD But I'd like to give it a try again sometime. :P

7yr ago
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permalink I don't really need it and don't like it.

5yr ago
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permalink i don't think i'm pro enough to put in false eyelashes and i've heard that sometimes your real eyelashes can come out with the extensions, so i'll just stick to my natural eyelashes, an eyelash curler, and mascara lol

5yr ago
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permalink I have put some times false eyelashes it is not bad. ;) But I prefer just to use a mascara because I have pretty long eyelashes.

4yr ago
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permalink If you don't like it then don't wear it. Make up should be fun. I love how the Gyaru and Uzzlang make up makes the women of Asia turn out. Think it's fun and pretty but if you don't enjoy it then don't wear it.

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