Ever created your own website?

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9yr ago
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permalink Lets see what website you have designed, post links here or tell us about them

9yr ago
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permalink i have create a website sort of thing to promote my songwriting.


i write songs and i have a band, but i sort of want to spread to other places.
so thats my website.
ppl can send requests 4 the type of lyric they want and i send it back and they do what they want with it.

9yr ago
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permalink my friend and i created one about 2 years ago. it was dedicated to anime but we deleted when we found out our friend started one. so we supported his instead. :D but i think he deleted his now. :RBundecided: i'm not sure

9yr ago
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permalink I made zonefan.com as a gift to ZONE for introducing me to J-Pop! My first J-Pop band, and still the one I love most!

9yr ago
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permalink I do not really know what counts as it's own web site. I do have my own blog. I suppose that is like a website. Well if it is not someone could inform me that it is not. Well anyway this is my blog in blogger


I look a regulaqr layout and added a third column. i just turn the thing over from strait html to the new layout thing. Actually the layout thing in blogger is not new. it is something that I have not delt with until recently

9yr ago
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permalink I did make my own website
and also I made my own layout for my livejournal
My dream
Both layouts took a very long time to make. :tongue:

9yr ago
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permalink I've made thrr websites. I've made the layout and graphics, but the websites aren't up anymore so...
The first one was a personal one to represent me XD As well as the second one, they were supposed to be about me and contain my portfolio.
And the other was for a school project and I was gonna make a website about Dir En Grey.

9yr ago
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permalink Well I've made a lot of websites... I think I had about twenty o.O""" Well I can't help it ... I love creating Layouts ... Well I code like one layout a week xD But then I don't know what to do with it ... Then I put up a website for maybe ... 1 or 2 month and then delete it again xDDDD ...
Well I have a homepage about me ... Wich is quite old... Maybe 5 years or so... But it is currently underconstruction... Well I'll give you the link anyway just in case that you want to look (I've put up the enter layout allready ... But the content is still missing xD) nyahh anyway...

Well @xXcassisXx:
I love you livejournal page... It looks simple but still great *q*
Unfortunatly the header for Endless-Talent won't show up -.-""" I really would like to see it... ó.ò

9yr ago
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permalink You guys are amazing at making websites O_O

9yr ago
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permalink I have....
but no one's checked out my sites pretty much....
so they're either closed or I don't ever go on it or log in or anything....xD...I'm a failure at making websites. xP[edit]Last edit by FrozenRosePetal on Friday 18 Dec, 2009 at 22:19 +5.3%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink I used to make Michael Jackson websites all the time, and have made 3 new non-MJ sites during this past semester. It's a teeth-gnashing and hair pulling experience at times, but very gratifying once you get everything as you like. I work mostly in Dreamweaver, but truthfully I favor Fireworks overall. It offers a plethora of freedom and flexibility I think is absent from CSS and tables.

9yr ago
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permalink i did make a website on anime and manga, but right now it isn't finished yet.here's the link to it if anyone realllllllllly wants to see it.


9yr ago
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permalink nop yet..not enough time 2 do dat...but wanna do it someday

9yr ago
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I [i]used[/i] to own a site. It was actually a subdomain called nightcore.so-pink.org
I did a lot of graphic designing before, I still do but not as a hobby, just for fun. So that site was filled with pictures, codes, useful things, layouts for MYSPACE, I was addicted to that before. ^_^
My last layout for that is a picture of Tokyo, then I got bored and decided to leave the site because I was entering high school and I assumed I needed more time to study and form my future. The site was just killing my time.
The Tokyo layout: click to expand
So then later I was thinking of opening another site [of my own] after I got into anime. It was going to a site of anime info, graphics, and drama too. I already made the layout for it, but I am not really to make a site. It just wastes my time because I get nothing off it. The layout:
Now I just occasionally make random things. Icons for site avatars, funny pictures for friends, and just also people sometimes ask me things about it, I so get to teach then a few things. ^_^

If you want to see the rest of my nooby layouts for my Nightcore site [most of it is from when I first started PHotoshop] click here
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9yr ago
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permalink i created a manga/RPG website once... IT FAILED HORRIBLY. the site was good, but evryone hates me... so, yeah. :( DONT LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!!!

9yr ago
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permalink Not really a website but a blog where i post my grpahics...it's new (:
and all made by me

Nana Designs

9yr ago
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permalink I've made two websites so far. I have an abandoned project that I hope to resume one day, and the one I have now is a simulated roleplaying site. Hopefully both are successful in their own avenues but that is up to luck and some good designs.

I would love to show them off but one is down and the other one is a secret. Will post if I ever like them enough to show off. :)

9yr ago
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permalink Yes. I created my own website back when I was in junior high.

I used Yahoo! to create an account and the web page itself because I can't afford to pay for my own domain name. Plus, it was just a project for our HTML class, I didn't want to spend money on that one...hehehe:p

I admit having a hard time in creating my site because I was too young back then, though I was one of the computer geeks in the class.

I guess one factor was that flash disks weren't that popular yet before. I had to use floppy disks which read, saved and uploaded files at a very slow time!Ugh!

Another reason I guess is that I had a very limited knowledge on computer viruses and malwares, we all had a very limited knowledge on such problems. Plus, anti viruses were very expensive back then and free downloads weren't as popular yet as they are now!

Anyway, students are luckier and more fortunate now compared to students before because of the innovation in the cyber world. It's a lot easier to do techie stuff now because almost everything is free and the resources are almost unlimited.

But I enjoyed my HTML class, I'm lucky to have been taught the internet language, although I admit that I forgot most of it already. I wish to have a refresher course on it one time!;)

8yr ago
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permalink for me..
I made a website for my girlfriend..

8yr ago
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permalink Yes! I am working on making my own graphic design site :D


^____________^ sign the guestbook! :D

6yr ago
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permalink I have tried make my own websites but then, I don't really know how to use it :P I should be serious and make a website again. I think, I will post more about music, arts and violin.

5yr ago
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permalink im still in the process of making mine

5yr ago
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permalink well not yet actually. .

5yr ago
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permalink yea, but dunno what should i do with it so

5yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

5yr ago
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permalink no not yet

5yr ago
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permalink nope. never~

5yr ago
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permalink Never yet. I don't know how to, and it'd take a lot of costs.

5yr ago
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permalink im still working on mine
but here it is
i know nothing is on a page or two been busy with school

5yr ago
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permalink not yet :)

5yr ago
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permalink nope... i've never done something like that~ haha i'm too stupid~ :)

5yr ago
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permalink I have, but only for school purposes. :)

5yr ago
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permalink Yeah but it was dodgy and for an assignment

5yr ago
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permalink yep, I used webs back then

5yr ago
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permalink I did once. It wasn't special. And then I got tired of trying to fix everything... :P

5yr ago
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permalink I already made a few websites but my actually one is my ONE OK ROCK Fansite I have an english and a german version of it. I have to admit, I love to make webdesign ♥

5yr ago
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permalink I created some websites in Dreamviewer, but never published them... I want to make some nice Tumblr themes, but I'm too lazy at the moment for that... :P

5yr ago
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permalink I had to for school. :D

5yr ago
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permalink Yep! It was for one of my classes last year and it was fun! Oh, I miss those days >.<

5yr ago
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permalink Yes, I've created a few basic ones, but it was for my Web Design class, and I really sucked at it. :P

5yr ago
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permalink NEVEER TRIED

5yr ago
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permalink Yeah, but I totally forgot what website it is.

5yr ago
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permalink yes both for school and privat but I havent had energy to keep them up running

5yr ago
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permalink no never tried

5yr ago
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permalink I made one for my computer class in 8th grade and i'm still working on another one :p

4yr ago
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permalink i made one but never been updated

4yr ago
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permalink yeah as a school project

4yr ago
28,092 jpops
permalink nope, im worst with codes HTML :(

4yr ago
379,732 jpops
permalink No I haven´t...

4yr ago
14,383 jpops
permalink I tried before.. But I forgot.. :P

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