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permalink This is already the third year of JpopAsia on the web! Three years sounds short but in terms of internet age it’s pretty long. Things can change quickly as we have noticed this year. Last year on 14th December 2008 we had exactly 15,521 visitors that day, this year the 14th it's 30,809! In a year we doubled it and that’s awesome! Do you think next year 60,000 will be possible? It sounds like so far and like a dream but during that time last year, we thought the same about even getting 25,000 visitors a day. In contrast to 2007 we had 4,954 visitors.

So all seems well and ok but as our longer members know, growth is actually making it more difficult for us to continue this site. Hosting a small website can be very cheap and easy if you choose the right hosting provider. It’s easy and simple, and all time can be focused on development of the site. But once you grow larger it becomes more complex, more expensive, and a lot of unexpected problems will arise which are time consuming and result in not so much time for development left. JpopAsia is by far not a small website anymore and we had so many headaches caused by server problems which even the smartest people at our hosting provider could only solve after months. And they are competent.

Last month we changed our slowly-killing-us unlimited Creme accounts to subscription based plans. We have difficulty paying up for the server because JPA is not like any other site. The social connecting system puts a huge load on the server and can’t be compared to a simple blog with the same amount of visitors. It was definitely not an easy decision for us but our community understood and supported us so much during this shift. We realized that we have to balance business and doing things for the sake for the community. We think that’s also expected from us, to make decisions for the greater good. We are proud to say that only 1 person asked his/her money back. We have to emphasize to keep supporting us, there was a week were we wouldn’t sell any Creme accounts and we were a little scared that time that end was coming if it continued like that. Nothing will sustain itself, don’t expect others to pay so you can enjoy JPA for free. That’s the general idea for so many people we think but that will definitely kill JPA. The income is low and every little contribution is a contribution we need in order to survive. Until we become a financial healthy site in the future we need your support now more than ever!

What kind of things happened to JPA throughout this year? In the beginning of this year we welcomed Twisted Flower in our video moderator team, followed by ZuteGach in August. Kumasan shifted it’s moderator duties from video to new artist moderator. He is now in charge of approving your requests for new artists to be added to JPA. A few months ago we did something we usually never do, look for an entire new moderator team for lyrics in public. We prefer choosing right candidates -in our opinion-, to help us moderating. The interest was huge and we received many messages from members who want to help us out. Great and thank you all for your responses! Among them we choosed Miki, aiiyka, KamuiEgawa, Karensmatik and KATTUNKAMExROX. They are manning the lyrics section to check all your added lyrics in the future. In the beginning of 2010 we will open the option to add lyrics again not linked to our videos on the site. Moreover we will add new features to this section but we will let you know more once the time is there.

The forums have now more than 300,000 posts thanks to the forum moderators who lead the forums now with the same team for over a year! Thanks to bluesweater, CharlesDefon and pichen. Let’s go for half a million for next year ^^ We’ve also heard that the trophies are coming back from their long vacation soon.

News became more and more popular this year for JPA. And we think it will become even more popular in the future. We are planning to revise the news section soon to make reading and following the latest Asian gossips even more fun and easy. The moderator team that exists only of xaosmx and dilaChan have put great effort this year to millions of readers and followers.

Last but not least the video team who checks every video that is submitted to JPA is just awesome. The organized videos was the reason to start JPA and we still offer the same information after 3 years and 23,253 promotional videos. We never degrade our quality of information no matter if we have 10 or 1,000,000 visitors. Thanks to the moderator team lilaznlori, flo2w, Twisted Flower and ZuteGach.

Every moderator makes it possible to millions of people to enjoy and discover Asian music in an easy way. They are the heroes of JPA!

So what’s left for this year? We have just introduced the Mnet K-Pop charts and we are sure it will make our K-Pop fans very happy but JPA is all about discovery. By offering an easy way to access the latest and hottest songs from Korea, many new visitors and also not so new visitors can easily discover new genres, music styles and new awesome artists in this way. Don't limit yourself to what you know, you'll miss a lot of good stuff in that way.

In 2010 we will launch the JpopAsia Music Awards (JMA) 2009. We skipped the JMA08 awards but this year, and also coming years we will host this award. It will be awesome!

You might wonder if this is the end of year message. Well it is, but it’s also JPAs b-day! Actually it’s 14th December but I made a mistake by thinking it was today... like last year lol.

We have some special things for you! First, entering the chat will not cost Jpops anymore. Second we will cut Creme account prices by 50% only this December! If you are thinking to upgrade, upgrade now! We need your support more than ever so let’s give this action a rocket boost ^^ If you have to convince your parents, read up the convince-parents-guide after the break. And we even have more, if you upgrade your Jpops we will double it, only for this December. So upgrade right now!

This will probably our last message for this year and therefore we wish everyone on JPA a Merry Christmas and a nice holiday for the visitors who don't celebrate this event. We truly hope you will have a prosperous 2010 full of awesome Asian music and that many wishes may be fulfilled! We love you! :RBheart:

The JpopAsia Team

P.S. For everyone who bougth their 12 months Creme account in December, will add an extra 3 months to your account :)

Convince your parents guide
# First say that you love them veeeery much (important)
# The lowest Creme account is already available for only $5, with the discount it’s only $2,50
# For a year subscription it’s only $10, could you have one year of fun with 2 happy meals?
# You know yourself what’s fun for you, how can your parents know that better than yourself. Isn’t your happiness what they wish for?
# We are not bad for your health, you will not gain weight, inhale toxics, 0% chances for accidents
# You are being social because this is the Social J-Pop & K-Pop revolution! You meet and connect with people with the same interests and this has been scientifically proven to make people happy
# No recurring payments, you decide in the end if you want to continue
# You will not harass them anymore about giving you a Creme account
# You will do your best at school
# EVERYONE in your class has already a Creme account except you (if you have already used this too much it will probably not work XD)
# We don’t make profit -__- but we need to pay our servers maybe that will sympathize them
# Payments are secure, if they don’t know PayPal then they will probably now E-bay. PayPal is owned by E-bay.
# We have never got even one complain about payments in our entire existence (that’s three years)
# Put your cute, watery, big eyed face on
# If you won’t get it, accept their reasons even if you don’t understand it. Just say that you are really disappointed and thank them for considering (even if they didn't consider). Don’t change that order. Don’t be mad at them, sooner or later you will be able to buy it yourself. And don't forget to put your smile back up ^^

Hope that will help, maybe you can ask it as X-mas gift? Good luck anyway!
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permalink All I can say is congratulations and BANZAI to JPA!!

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permalink Ho, for once I'm not late! *horray for that* *horray for JPA too*

Congratulations, merry Christmas, happy new year and hapy b-day! :boogie:

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permalink I so happy to be part of this unique place. Merry Xtimas to everyone, and a great new year. Let's pray to be a excellent year to JPA. To people continue to be happy here. After the storm always comes the sun, so many years in the future, JPA still will be here. :)

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permalink I hope everyone has a great christmas . . . I'm screwed over with no money so as for the past several years I'll be skipping christmas and only looking forward to the new year. Hopefully I'll get some peace and quite for a week and maybe a week of work.

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permalink [i]Happy Burrfyday!!! (Yes, this site is to awesome to have is spelled birthday!

A lot of changes indeed, but look at that meter down there; 54%! Optimism!! :boogie: This site is to great for us to just let it die and I know that those that can pitch in have been doing so in any way we can.

Happy Holidays to everyone. If you wanted something in particular, wish for it, image it in you brain, and pretend that's ME giving you that gift :RBhot:

Other than that, fighting JPA![/i]

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permalink XD half a million for next year? no problem! XD ganbatte!!!
thank you for everyone too for supporting JPA!

Happy Birthday JPA!!
hope JPA will grow bigger and bigger and biggerrrrrrrr, become everyone's fave site and your only Asian music source <3

blue loves you!

Merry Christmas , Happy New Year, and Happy Holiday for JPA people!
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permalink AWwww the end 2009 is coming! :RBfrown: :RBcrying: :RBcrying: :RBcrying:
anywayz alot of great things happened ^_^ :) Merry Chistmas! :D

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permalink :D : Wow alot has changed last year and next. I have a feeling Jpa is going to be big as Youtube,Facebook, or etc. :RBhot: . When i first randomly joined this site i know this is a place for me. Its fun to find people around the world that loves the same music you love to listen to. :RBhalo: . 2009 has been a up and down year but let us all just hope for a great new year of 2010 :)


Thank you for your great idea of creating this fun site. I have a feeling JPA will last for a long time and hopefully forever. I believe this site is going to make a huge change. I know i read a quote and it said: Music is a universal language of mankind. In other words, Music is Music. It doesnt have meaning of what music should be. :)

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permalink happy birthday JPA! :) fighting! it just gets better and better, i love it even more :D especially now that there are more features for KPop fans :D thaanks! thanks for all your hard work, mods.. please keep it ^^

happy new year and merry christmas for all! :)

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permalink Congrads,JPA! :king:
I love it here. :RBhalo: Everybody, have a nice Christmas(may your turkey be huge) and a happy New Year (may you not be hungover for two days).
^^ ^^ ^^

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[i]Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! ;D[/i]

10yr ago
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permalink Wow. Maybe later on I'll buy a creme account to support JPA. Haha =D

Congratulations and Happy Holidays!

7yr ago
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permalink Yo, thanks a lot... yea, I will and hopefully we can talk :)... lol :D

10yr ago
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permalink I really really really really want to buy a creme account to help Jpopasia. If there where no Jpopasia, I might die!! And we don't want that... :RBfrown:

so I'll try to convincing my parents to let me have one. ;)

Oh, and if there is ever any other ways to make contributions to Jpopasia (like another moderator for something...) I'm here! and I get on at [i]least[/i] 3 hours everyday. :STbigSmile:

10yr ago
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permalink aawww i would be happy to help but, i can't sorry jpa, but when i can i will.
MERRY CHIRSTMAS!!!! everyone

10yr ago
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permalink AWWwww That's Just Greaat To See How JPA Has Grown Through The Years :) In Less Than A Month It Will Mark The End Of My First Year In Here And The Beginning Of An Even More AWWesomeee Second One :smilec:

I Swear I've Loved This Place Since The First Time I've Seen It (What A Greaat Luck :D ) And I Come Everydayy :boogie: Everything Here Makes Me So HAppy And The People Are So Nice To Talk With :lovec: I Love Everyone :)

And For Those Who Are Not Sure About Getting A Creme ,, It's Definitely Worth Especially If You're Used To Come Often And As JPA Wrote It's The Best Chance To Get One :boogie: Honestly I'm Almost Anxious For Mine To Expire So I Can Subscribe Again :giggle:

And Lastlyy Thanks So Much To JPA-sama For Creating This AWWesomee Place Where Us Asian Music Lovers Can Meet And Enjoy So Many Greaat Things Together :) Kamsahamnidaaa :D And I Want To Say Congrats To Everyone Helping To Make This Place Even Better Everydayy ,, So Thank Youu To The Moderators For Their Extremely Appreciated Hard Work :lovec:

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permalink Happy B-Day JPA ^^
and always FIGHTING

also MERRY X-Mas and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all JPA members :wink:

I hope 2010 could be better then 2009 :smilec:

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permalink Indeed, Three Cheers are in order for JPA! Happy everything and THANKS for everything!

Also, kids - another bargaining chip you could use is JPA's multi-cultured, multi-national influenc - I mean, "C'mon Mom and Dad, you wouldn't want me turning out to be IGNORANT, would you?"

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permalink Congratulations to JPA! ^_^
I just signed up a month ago and it's an awesome site. :)
Uh I want a creme account but we don't have a paypal.
That's so sad. :(
But anyway good work to the mods too!
I haven't gotten into chat yet.
Wonder what it's like.
JPA's b-day was on the 14th?
Belated happy birthday!!
Still, good work and keep it up!

10yr ago
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permalink What I can say...?

Its is really nice to know that you suffered so much just us to be happy.I really appreciate that... :)

But I feel something sad because we couldn't get that special offer for creme account we pay it first before I knew that...but its ok...i really hope every free account is upgrade their acc.

Lastly... :high5: HAPPY BIRTH DAY :high5:


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permalink HAPPY NEW YEAR

10yr ago
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permalink HAPPY BIRTH DAY JPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I really love jpa, i want it to live long more.

I appreciate what you done for us..that I personally say i just upgrade my account bcause i know sooner or later jpa will not live more, and i dont it happend.

I convience my friend to to upgrade their acc.

Now i have a creme account i really happy to it..

thanks JPA-sama.. :D

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permalink i can rember when my sis (pvc6366) showed me this site not long after she sinned up and i fell in luv with it and if it wernt for her i wouldnt of made some really good friends like ranchan and loads of other users.

but thank you to jpa for makeing the best site ever.
happy bday jpopasiaandhappy x-mus and new year to all you jpop users out there

10yr ago
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permalink Waaaaa!!!!!!! Happy Birthday (a bit late) and Happy Xmas!!!!!

(cat4caitlin will try her hardest to get the creme she has always wanted and will use all of the Top Tips that JPA-sama has provided, arigato!, to get it!!! MWAHAHA!)
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10yr ago
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**Happy Holidays**

10yr ago
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permalink HUZZAH AND GOOD LUCK, BANZAII AND YAY TO JPA-SAMA!! Without JPA, I would never know of any other artist other than Gackt-sama!! MANY THANKS, ARIGATO GOZAIMAS!!

10yr ago
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Happy New Year everyone!! :high5:

10yr ago
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permalink Yay for JPA!!
I hope that i can buy a creme for a year with some extra christmas money!!! ^_^
I will try to get my friends (who have money) to join and buy a creme account too!!!


Lots of love!!


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permalink Now begins the push to 60K! Gfaith BANZAI!

10yr ago
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permalink Merry Christmas! Too help JPA, JPop, and myself I'm going to be upgrading to a Creme account withing the next few days. My mom is going to make me do chores before I use her credit card :RBohNo:

I just found and joined JPA like a week ago but I love this site! JPop is my life, and I think it's just awesome to find other people with the same interests as me. The people here seem to be the nicest I have ever met on the internet (and just as nice as my real-life friends).

So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :boogie:

10yr ago
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permalink Merry Christmas minnasan~
JPA has made my life so much happier this year ^_^
Fingers crossed for that cream account XD

10yr ago
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10yr ago
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permalink yippee~for JPA :RBhot: Merry Christmas,Happy New Year and Happy Birthday and Im always glad to see the site I love growing its truly unmatched :RBheart: and sure the best is yet to come :lovec:

10yr ago
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permalink Thank you so much, JPA-sama! Merry Christmas (or happy any other holiday you celebrate) and Happy New Year :D

Just another fabulous year at JPA :)

Oh yes! And happy birthdayyy!!![edit]Last edit by JOYJOY on Tuesday 22 Dec, 2009 at 22:04 +22.3%[/edit]

10yr ago
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permalink Merry X-Mas and Happy New Year to all JPA members (before I forget to say it)!

10yr ago
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permalink JPA~

Merry Christmas!
Happy New Year!

You guys rock, and thanks for making mine too :boogie:

10yr ago
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permalink Merry Christmas to all my JPA friends!!

I love love LOVE ya all!! <3<3<3

Be good!! ^^


10yr ago
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permalink Merry X-mas Jpa and everyone else^.^
I can't wait to add lyrics again, that's really a great x-mas present :RBhalo: :RBhalo:
I wish I could send some money or simply donate but I'm still too young :RBundecided:
Wish ya all a great x-mas and wonderful vacations^___________^

10yr ago
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permalink i dun celebrate christmast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7yr ago
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permalink Thank you! n.n

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