Do you read? if so what is your favoritenovel/magazine/manga

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10yr ago
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permalink So I read sometimes. I'll read anything that strikes my fancy usually at night before I go to bed. I love the novel authors Charles De Lint, Meredith Ann Pierce, O.R. Melling, Steven King, Micheal Crighton, Orson Scott Card and some others. I also read the magazines Nylon, Elle, and any of the music mags like Rolling stone or Spin. I love any of the Japanese magazines that feature the Goth Lolli and Harajuku styles. I am currently reading the manga NANA. Please let me know what you like, if you are fans of the things I have listed, or if you know of something I would like but haven't listed so may not know about. Thanks.

10yr ago
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permalink I own 3 harry potter books. I have only finished one though

10yr ago
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permalink I love to read! But i don't always have the time, and can't always find the right book. I like suspence, action, romance, and comedy. With a hint of drama. You see what i mean? Yea. Not that easy to find. Oh well. But if i do find that book, i'll finish it in a couple of days.

10yr ago
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permalink I mostly read the Bleach manga ^.^

10yr ago
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permalink If anybody is interested in creating an original anime/manga please don't hesitate to contact me.

10yr ago
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permalink I like reading books about vampires. I think there very intersting. I have three harry potter books but i have only read one of them. I also like reading this book called ghost girl.

10yr ago
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permalink I read frequently, my favourite magazines National Geographic, New Scientist, Current Archaeology; though haven't read that since uni and that sort of thing. I have lots of books on history and mythology for other light reading and I love the classics; english language classics that is.

10yr ago
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permalink [i]Yes I like to read :) Why not? For me is a way to relax..xD I like the most fiction books but I also like books about real life..and sure I like to read mangas favorite manga writer is Ai Yazawa :) [/i]

10yr ago
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permalink Favorite manga: HANA YORI DANGO! (re-read countless times, everyone should read all the manga from Kamio Yoko)Oh! Immortal Rain too. :RBheart:
Favorite novel: Too many to count, I'll name one: Poison Study By Maria V. Snyder

10yr ago
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permalink I don't read novels, and I am not sure what manga is.. Sorry..! I read Times magazine weekly, and InStyle, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Elle Decore & Bon Apetite monthly..

10yr ago
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permalink actually my fav book is comicccc XD~~ but i also liked history, science , and geography book~~

i've read many books BUT there's one book i damn like XD~~

IT'S about the bombing of hiroshima~ :D~~ it's a good one^^ :otsu:

10yr ago
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permalink the only manga i'm being hooked into right now would be ouran high school host club.... that's because i really love the story of the manga... before i have been reading vampire knight side by side with detective conan and prince of tennis but when i started reading ouran high, i stopped reading those three and just focused with ouran high...

my favorite book would be the harry potter series... i'm really hooked with it's story and harry's magical world.. i would love to come to hogwarts one day, if that is possible.... walking inside its walls would be a dream come true for me...

i've already started collecting otakuzine here in or country...
a magazine with different anime and jpop/rock band features every issue...
i also got there my "skills" oinb drawing mangas...


:RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBhalo: :RBhalo:

10yr ago
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permalink Well my favourite books are:
- Harry Potter
- Eragon
- The Lord of the Rings
- Memoirs of a Geisha
- Anne of Green Gables
- The Chronicles of Narnia
- Die Chroniken der Nebelkriege (<- German books)
- Inkheart
- The Neverending Story
i could go on and on
i loooove books :)

10yr ago
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permalink I like to read.
My favorite book series are:
The Icemark Chronicles by Stuart Hill (war fantasy, it's funny at times and it's really cool in general)
The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson (nothing like an epic modern-times book about kids who are 2% avian, is there?)
Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber (romance vampire novels.)

10yr ago
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permalink if ur looking for a god mag the NEO mag is a good 1 i luv it me a pvc collect it

its a magzine about Anime, Manga, Video Games and Asian Cinema. it has other stuff in it 2 like a japanese fashion page and a page about life stely and randome jpanese things. over all its a good mag

10yr ago
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permalink i dedicate my life for reading especially Manga, i have my own library..and i call all of my book with "My Children" favorite novel/manga? no i don't wanna hurts MY Children feelings with "favoritism" things, i love all of them.. ;) ;)

9yr ago
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permalink i really love reading and books...i actually have too many books right now and i haven't read most of them too. I just can't stop myself from buying books especially when it's on sale... :D

i love paulo coelho, classics and manga!

9yr ago
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permalink Novel: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Magazine: Otakuzine - an anime magazine published in the Philippines

8yr ago
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permalink hahaha i like angels & demons too ^_^

9yr ago
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permalink I read a lot!! :giggle:
It is mainly manga-Naruto, bleach,Black Butler, Soul Eater,etc.
But I also read plenty of Fantasy, horror and supernatural stories too!
There are so many books I have read, I can't even list them all! :)

9yr ago
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permalink i read ALL the time ^^ i like romance, fantasy, and comedy. i also read mangas and fanfiction. im a lover of books. i currently own around 300 books in my bedroom, haha and running out of space. i sell and trade books too. my dream is to own a bookstore someday. i dont like writing though....

9yr ago
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permalink My favorite series of books is the Necroscope series by Brian Lumley. There are 13 rather large novels in the series but the story is so twisted you can't stop reading. It'll turn all your ideas about vampires and vampirism upside down. It's really sick. My favorite manga is probably Death Note. I like the manga much better than the anime or movies but those are still good too. I just bought volume 12 of the manga not too long ago. :otsu:

9yr ago
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permalink favourite manga is XXXHolic by Clamp. like the artwork and the mysterious storyline, the characters.

favourite novel is Life Auction House part 1 and 2 by Zita Law. it is about auctioning away a person life , in order to get a better life, and live it on with better prospect. like most of Zita Law's novels, cuz there is the twist and turns unexpected, and the mysterious storyplot.

9yr ago
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permalink OMG! Yes I usually only read manga! I think novels are really complicating and sometimes hard. I love reading manga because it always make me burst into tears when I come upon a funny or sad comment. I'll give you a few of my favorite manga books!

Lists of manga books:
Absolute Boyfriend
Angel Sanctuary
Battle Vixens
Black Cat
Boys Over Flowers
Broken Angels
Chibi Vampire
Comic Party
Crescent Moon
Death Note
Descendants of Darkness
Fruits Basket
Her Majesty’s Dog
Kare Kano
Kare First Love
Never Give Up
Red River
Tokyo Mew Mew
Vampire Knight
Bloody Kiss
Bloody Monday
Captive Hearts
Chocolate Cosmos
Detroit Metal City
Fairy Tail
Final Fantasy XII
Full House Kiss
Full Moon o Sagashite
Highschool Debut
Himekei Doll
Honey Hunt
Kamisama Dolls
Kingdom Hearts
Koi Kaze
Love Letter
Meru Puri
My Girl
Ouran High School Host Club
Peach Girl
Pretty Face
Prince of Tennis
Real Fake Princess
Shinigami Lovers
Shounan Junai Gumi
Shounen Dolls
Skip Beat
Spice and Wolf
Ultra Maniac
Valkyrie Profile
You're My Girlfriend

9yr ago
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permalink i like reading novels especially if it is nonfiction.....
but i also want to read manga!!!!

8yr ago
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permalink YuYu Hakusho was my favorite manga when I was little!

8yr ago
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permalink these are my list for each category
-Fairy Tail
-Meitantei Conan/Case Closed/Detective Conan
-Kaichou wa Maid-Sama!
-Fullmetal Alchemist
-Black Butler

[b]Novel by Tera Lynn Childs
-Goddess Boot Camp (the sequel of by the same author)
-Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan
-Princess of the midnight ball by Jessica Day George
-Avalon High by Meg Cabot
-Moonlight by Rachel Hawthorne

8yr ago
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permalink I haven't really found a favorite novel (yet) nor do I have a favorite author XD It's pretty difficult to decide which one among all those great books XD
For manga, my favorites will probably be Sakisaka Io's works :D
Magazine, that'll be the Time and Newsweek XD

8yr ago
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permalink Check this out:
<3 <3 <3 <3

8yr ago
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permalink i love read. but i prefer something like a novel, because they have too much things about magic, worlds, people, mythical creatures but the differen with the manga (that also has all of these)
It is that in some way, the novel makes it more real. in narnia, I really believed that one day was going to open my closet and veria narnia ^^
so, i prefer the novels, but i love the mangas to.

8yr ago
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permalink My favorite Manga:
~Ouran Highschool Host Club
~Full Metal Alchemist

8yr ago
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permalink I will read anything as long as it's interesting. My favorite magazine is Vogue. Yes the photos are nice but the articles are just as good. Anne Rice is my favorite author and I'll read anything of her vampire Chronicles series. As for manga,I do like Naono Bohra's work. I take a pass on Bleach,Naruto,the long running manga surprisingly irk me. :)

8yr ago
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permalink i like reading books and articles in magazines, especially geography books and guides to various countries :) Sometimes I read some stories (fanfiction) :)

8yr ago
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permalink my favourite magazine about travel is Traveller :)

8yr ago
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permalink Hmmm I love to read <3 I read like nonstop! Mostly novels (nonfiction) but I do read manga ^^
Right now I'm reading the hunger games trilogy but books about vampires,werewolves, and stuff like that is also very interesting :) my favorite manga's would have to be bleach,full metal alchemist, shamans king, fruits basket, and others :)

8yr ago
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permalink I love to read, but I like so many books, I can't list them all!

8yr ago
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permalink There's way too many to list but I read A LOT. I read about one book every 2 days or so... :D

8yr ago
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permalink I love to read... ^^ i make it all the time.. :D My favorite book is a Latin book...names " Cronica de una muerte anunciada" de Gabriel Garcia Marquez... i love that novel and it makes me cry every time... :D

8yr ago
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permalink I love Naruto and Bleach! <3

8yr ago
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permalink My faorite magazines are those with Johnny's entertainment (JE) stuff in it like:
-wink up
and I also buy 'Seventeen' every month :)

my favorite manga would be.. hm... Ouran High school host club or Strobe Edge.
Strobe edg is the most adorable manga <3

8yr ago
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permalink I havent read in a long time!! the computer takes up my time!! but I am reading The Chronicles of Vladmir Todd! its really good!... and I have read MeriPuri about 4 times cuz its super short.. only 4 books O:)

7yr ago
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permalink src, hp, khr, vampire knights...........

7yr ago
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permalink My favourite magazine would be Science Illustrated and my favourite manga - Night Head Genesis.

7yr ago
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permalink Bad girl don't die. Love this story. Good and educate.

7yr ago
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permalink i would say born at midnight. It's make me feel i'm in other world.

7yr ago
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permalink I like "Science & Vie" - a French magazine geared towards science, Kodomo no Jikan - my favorite manga and Loop by Koji Suzuki - one of my favorite novels.

7yr ago
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permalink my favorite now is Scarlet palace (manga)

7yr ago
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permalink My Favourite:
Novel - "Bronze Bird" by A. Rybakov
Magazine - Russian magazines "Biography" and "World Ranger" or "Vsemirniy Sledopyt" - this is Russian name
Manga - Fullmetal Alchemist

7yr ago
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permalink Bokura ga Ita manga T_T sad..

7yr ago
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permalink to read is one of my favorite activities so i love to read everything of Anne Rice, manga just a lot of shojo and my favorite book is the clockwork orage *u* its so cool bcuz to understand some parts of the book you have to know the vocabulary of the guys of the story. i love it

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