Do you hang out with your friends often?

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7yr ago
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permalink I hang out with my friends alot,but sometimes I can't cause they can't T.T. It's fun cause everytime you hang out with your friends new things happends and when you get older, you remember the old things :D

7yr ago
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permalink Over the summer yes. We do something nearly every day. Plus its our last summer together before we go away for school :(

7yr ago
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permalink just once or twice a month,,,,but we usually exchaging mails everyday,,,

7yr ago
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permalink We hang out as much as we can. :D The frequency of our meetings depends on how busy we are our daily life. And I have friends who live far from me, so kms can hinder us from meeting more often...

7yr ago
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permalink my friends are scattered to the we talk alot on fb or email. almost every weekend i travel to them or they come to me....hence the always traveling on my wall :P

7yr ago
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permalink Last year when we all went to the same school we hung out everyday.. and 3 of us lived together... then we graduated moved to different cities... different parts of the state... and saw each other.. MAYBE once every month or two...>> thats how often I saw my friends living in the same city as me too T_T. Now I'm in a different state... so I haven't seen my friends in a while and probably won't until Christmas when I go home. :( T_T

7yr ago
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permalink I love doing things with my friends...
Sometimes we have things like picnics and we just chat and eat way to much cake for hours :)
Or we watch a movie together and all cry like babies :P
I'm scared that next year, when highschool's over, we won't see ech other often...
We all go to different universities... Other cities... even other counties... When I think about it, I feel so sad T_T
I love my friends and I don't want to loose them :( Because they're so amazing!!! :D

7yr ago
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permalink nnaaahhhh i dont talk to my old friends anymore LOL huuuuge problems!!!!! so im making new ones lol, therefore im just starting to hang out with them

7yr ago
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permalink wellllll, yes!!! i hang out with friends when i have free time!!!!! but that is not really very often!!!!!! :)
i think our last hangout was to a movie house!!!!
i really enjoyed it!!!!

7yr ago
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permalink Oh, yes.:) I like to hang out with my friends.:) I can't say that I hang out with them often though.:/ I know that everyone gets busy, so only once in a while.:)

7yr ago
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permalink Occassionally, but not too often. I usually stay at home on my computer (_ _). My friends never want to do the same things that I do XD

7yr ago
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permalink My parents are very strict. They won't let me hang out with them at all!!

7yr ago
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permalink not that much because we're in the state of "adulthood" already, and most of them are busy with work =/

7yr ago
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permalink I usually went to my friends house, and do my friends came to my house

7yr ago
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permalink i think i am.... because i'm living with them now... :D

7yr ago
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permalink Lately because of exams no.
after i'm done we'll all fall back into our pattern of never leaving each others houses.

7yr ago
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permalink not so often, we didn't share the same feelling for places :(

7yr ago
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permalink unfortunately no....I only hang out with them for like a week every year..I moved to another state when I was 18 so most of my friends are still down where I use to live. I've got friends up here but its not the buddy buddy hang out type, just school mates and coworkers.

7yr ago
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permalink Nope, they don't like my music and don't understand why I love japanese music... ^^ and they don't have many freetime, so we met only one or two times in month, but they are the best friends I have :3

7yr ago
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permalink Well, since I only consider few people as my friend, yeah, we hang out often. Not too often like what other group of friends do though XD

7yr ago
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permalink Every other day. Our clown office is in my house so there are folks there frequently

7yr ago
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permalink Lately, I hang out with this two close friends of mine a lot.

7yr ago
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permalink yeahh, coz i live in dormitory, so we often hang out together since we live in same building..

7yr ago
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permalink yeah i like spend time with my friends and I try doing it very often but not always they can and have free time, you know studies and work....

7yr ago
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permalink I hang out with my friends AKA my dance crew and cover band at least five times a week. We have fun with the Japanese music I love to death. :) [Yes I can sing Japanese. <3 me!]

7yr ago
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permalink Not as much as I use when I was in high school but we always tried to get together and hang out when every we could.

7yr ago
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permalink yup as often as i can
but sometimes money is the problem
not only that the studies also
but still love to hang out with them

7yr ago
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permalink Yeah... just whenever we don't have too much homework. We're all in most of the same classes so we see each other everyday and we all know when each other is busy because we have almost the same homework... But then, we're all in advanced classes... >.<
And even when we don't have too much to do at least one of us doesn't have the money (to take a train, see a movie, or pitch in for food)
So homework and money is a problem. :(

7yr ago
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permalink During school, I hang out with my friends alot. But since I live further away then everyone else, I don't really hang out with them at home.

7yr ago
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permalink I used to hang out with them a lot last month but now one of my friends is being a lil distanced and is hanging out more with my other friend so I feel left out:/

7yr ago
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permalink Not really besides at school. I don't get out much... xP But we have been starting to do stuff after school together more often...

7yr ago
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permalink I'm not allowed to go out a lot so I only get to hang out with some friends at school. I mostly chat with them online though. I kind of want to get out more though...

7yr ago
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permalink No, tbh as good as my friends are most of the time I'd rather be alone than hangout with them. I guess you could say I'm a true introvert.

7yr ago
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permalink I try to, but most of the time it's my friends who blow me off -_-
So my point to even try is useless...

7yr ago
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permalink It's the same with my friends >.< So I stopped even trying to hang out with them...

7yr ago
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permalink Nope. . .

7yr ago
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permalink I have decided to call the voices in my head my friends. That way I am always having a party

7yr ago
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permalink Lol don't have too many friends, but yea when I hang out with them it is fun

6yr ago
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permalink no, not at all

6yr ago
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permalink Well, not as much as I used to. I have quite a heavy workload nowadays, so I'm stuck indoors hitting the books

6yr ago
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permalink i see my irl friends every thursday, but that gonna change soon due to university. and i also talk to them alot on facebook

i hang out with my JPA Family on facebook and every night on chat... constant talking lol

6yr ago
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permalink REMOVED - SPAM

6yr ago
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permalink If I can ever get some friends I will hang out with them a lot

6yr ago
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permalink we've all been pretty busy lately

6yr ago
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permalink No.... =/ not often at all.

6yr ago
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permalink I wish I had friends to hang out with. My best friend moved away last summer...and she was like the only TRUE friend I have/had.
I have a few friends I hang out with at school...but they aren't the type of people you want to hang out with out side of school. The only reason I hang out with them in school is because my school is so damn small...and like NO ONE goes there. My town is also really small and hardly has anyone there.

6yr ago
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permalink well i love to do that but only 2 of my friends are kpop lovers so i have more fun with them and unfortunately they are most of the time busy :(

6yr ago
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permalink I like to hang out with them at school and over the holidays but sometimes... alone time feels awesome. ^.^

6yr ago
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permalink As much as I can. Even if it's just walking my friend's dogs with them (which I tend to do a lot lately), or we sit in each other's houses just chatting or watching films etc.

6yr ago
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permalink No. Because I haven't friends to hang out with. It's just boring for me

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