Creepers (Shoe Brand/Type)

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7yr ago
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permalink has anyone seen heard of creepers (has a large heel and look amazing!) becasue i live in australia QLD and i dont know where to buy them from except online and thats a no go zone :c

7yr ago
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permalink Yush, I have a pair, Creepers are amazing. :)
I thought about buying them online too, but then I found out you could easily find them at stores that specialize in rockabilly items, or rock related items in general, or even some store selling 70's clothing inspired stuff. At least that's where I found mine. :) But I'm from Brazil, so I'm not able to tell you a specific store to look for them, since it was a local one, sorry.
Good luck.

Oh, and Ryuuji

5yr ago
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permalink Anyone knows a good side to buy creepers? I really could need new ones D: I couldn't find them in any stores so far and to randomly look thru google don't help much -.-

3yr ago
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permalink I got mine from Asos ^^

2yr ago
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permalink HAI

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