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Jin Tian (Wang Likun) is a young woman who recently got dumped by her fiance and lost her grandmother, Chen Lanxin (Xu Jinglei). Feeling heartbroken, she travels to Prague, the place where her grandmother once spent years of her life. In her grandmother's belongings she finds a letter from 1970.

In Prague, Jin Tian meets Peng Zeyang (Kris Wu), a young single father who lives with his daughter and mother. The two develop a mutual attraction during their journey on searching for Josef Novak (Gordon Alexander), her grandmother's past lover.
- - - - -
Kris Wu as Peng Zeyang
Wang Likun as Jin Tian
Xu Jinglei as Chen Lanxin
Gordon Alexander as Josef Novak
Cong Shan as Zeyang's Mom
Sophia Cai Shuya as Ni Ni, Zeyang's daughter
Juck Zhang as Luo Ji
Re Yizha as Shanshan

credits: wiki

- - - - - -

I honestly LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! ASIDE that ofc my lovely Kris is in it (despite him kissing the girl haha) He did an amazing job!! The story line for both past and present is really good and seeing how the movies is based off true events too! I enjoyed watching it (just saw it a second time) and ofc both times I cried!! T_T T_T T_T ~ Also Ni Ni (Sophia) is sooooo cute and adorable! :moved:

If anyone is ready for a sad/cute love story, well this is the one for you! And if you like/love/support Kris ~ NO HATERS PLZ! :angry2:


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