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9yr ago
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permalink Hi all, the chat will be offline for an uncertain amount of time since the chat was causing connection problems with the JPA server and even managed to take are server down daily. We'll try to find a solution asap but since the complication of the problems it might take a little longer than usual. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience. Hope you'll still love us :giggle:

-- UPDATE --
Chat is working again, wasn't that hard lol[edit]Last edit by on Wednesday 12 Aug, 2009 at 11:42 +15.5%[/edit]

9yr ago
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permalink I will always love jpa since its the best plce online for jpop :RBheart: ... at the sametime please sort the chat out soon because we miss it ohhhh so much :sadc:

9yr ago
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permalink dont worry! I still LOVE you!! XD :RBkiss:
*sits and waits*

9yr ago
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permalink awwh~ its ok. we still love JPopAsia~ :D its like the awesome site ever!! I'll sit and wait with blueee too! xP I hope it will be fixed soon, i kind of miss chatting with the free accounts. :smilec:

9yr ago
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permalink siigh it's alright as long as you fix it immediately :) i still love JPA to death! :RBhalo: it's one of the best sites i have ever discovered :high5:

9yr ago
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permalink ah, thats to bad, hope it will be fixed soon :D
and i still love jpa

9yr ago
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Quote by JpopAsia
Hope you'll still love us :giggle:

Why wouldn't we? XD

Hmmm, I was wondering why the site had some connection issues. I thought it was just my computer. I hope it all gets solved soon. :]

9yr ago
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permalink That's ok, take your time.
I never use chat room anyways :D

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